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Eric Wargo is an expert on time loops—those mysterious events we call precognition, retro causation and time slips. The depth of his knowledge is astonishing, and this great show more than fulfills Dreamland’s mission of empowerment. There are very real reasons in physics that the future might influence the present, and Eric offers us a clear explanation of the theories and then tells us stories that might reflect actual time loop events.

This show is a real adventure. There’s a reason that Whitley’s Super Natural co-author Jeff Kripal calls Eric’s book “the most significant intellectual work on a paranormal topic in the last 50 years.” 

Eric’s eerily wonderful blog is TheNightshirt 

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  1. Blessed be!
    I was getting

    Blessed be!

    I was getting worried.


  2. My God, I’ve just read the
    My God, I’ve just read the appeal.


    Dig a protective pit at least 3 feet in depth and recover. Soil or sand only. No wood atop or metal sheets.



  3. Please take care of yourself,
    Please take care of yourself, Whitley. These fires are terrifyingly swift. Holding you in the light.

  4. Whitley – the glyphs you
    Whitley – the glyphs you mentioned are in Seti I’s Temple in Abydos, not Dendera. It is my opinion that those glyphs are palimpsests. I have seen where they are situated in that temple and the location suggests to me that my theory is correct.

    The Dendera crypt that contains images of what looks like a light globe however speak much to what you were discussing with Eric in this show. These are located in a hard to reach hidden corridor that was apparently used for storage.

  5. FYI- I was unable to post on
    FYI- I was unable to post on the main site.

  6. An ancient philosopher once
    An ancient philosopher once said,and I paraphrase, the universe is a passing thought of God
    I consider this the best definition of the quantum world we exist in.
    While in college, in 1970, my physics friends and I would get into deep ideas of the universe.
    They mostly came to the conclusion after studying quarks with names like charm and mystery that they were ideas.

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