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Dr. Marjorie Hines Woollacott is a leading neuroscientist with many important papers to her name. She has also had an experience of awakening when touched between the eyes by Siddah Yoga founder Swami Mukdananda. 

In this inspiring edition of Dreamland, she explains why she does not accept the mainstream belief among neuroscientists that the brain generates consciousness, but rather feels that consciousness is a much larger, older reality that lies outside of our bodies, in which we participate through the transceiver of the brain.

She and Whitley share their experiences of subtle body in a frank and open way, and she reveals her reasons why she thinks that the conventional paradigm is flawed.

Because most of us, in our deepest selves, doubt what we cannot see, we feel uneasy about the existence of a soul. But when a neuroscientist, intimately familiar with all the reasons why her discipline argues that consciousness is only physical, says that it is, in fact, something more, a new awareness and a new freedom is on offer. This liberating discussion is not to be missed.

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  1. Fascinating show, in the
    Fascinating show, in the deeper section you guys touched on Anne coming back and saying I can come back to you as Anne, reminds me when my now deceased ex-wife came back to me in a dream and said “I can’t be with you like that anymore” when I was focusing on her with sex magic before I knew she died, of course the next day I called her step dad and he told me she had passed away of suicide. So I know this is real.

  2. My meditation is rather
    My meditation is rather boring and uneventful. The magic that you and Dr. Woollacott describe is where I would like my meditation practice to go. But, how to get there? You all mention teachers, but there isn’t anyone like that where I live. I might be able to drive somewhere for a seminar or a retreat. However, it was unclear as to what sort of teacher I should look for. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. In our society we are

      In our society we are conditioned to look for results. We do this even while engaged in something. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s perfectly natural–that is until it becomes so ingrained in us that it’s all we can see in anything we do.

      We become too resuit-directed in the modern world because we are completely surrounded not only by material objects but by constant messages that evoke desire for more.

      Real meditation has nothing to do with results at all. It is about being, not doing. Use the sensing exercise I have often discussed on the site, then sit with your attention on your body. Let your thoughts go on by themselves. You will return to them again and again, but whenever you remember, go back to your body.

      This generally will not cause results, but it will strengthen parts of oneself that one is not in touch with consciously, that are involved in the deep journey of the soul.

  3. The total length is 01:01:11.
    The total length is 01:01:11. . . 1111

    1. Good spot Andy.
      When I

      Good spot Andy.
      When I started seeing 11:11 on clocks, I also started to see 11:10 quite a lot, which I used to think was possibly even better 🙂 as it was 1 away from 11:11….the more ones the better, right?! On my machine the time comes out as 01:01:10, which might be just just me and which kind of ties in with me often seeing the one before.

      I have just noticed that when streaming, it says 01:01:11 and after downloading it is 01:01:10, so I guess both are true.

      Playing around with the numbers, 010110 in decimal is 22…obviously a multiple of 11…and I originally posted this on the 22nd…LOL…time to stop, I think and do something far more interesting, like listening to the show!…

  4. Amazing show thank you. It
    Amazing show thank you. It was meant to be

  5. Those cruel words, just let
    Those cruel words, just let them pass.

    At times, the visitors will encourage us to hone our powers of discernment.

    They’re just cruel words, placed there for us to find value in the process of discernment.

    Some time ago, a woman visitor appeared to me in the middle of the night. She wore a wig and her head was tilted to one side. She can travel through time, back and forth.

    I think that she has become a very accomplished soul and is very active in nurturing growth.


  6. Good Lord.!
    Just after

    Good Lord.!

    Just after listening to the subscriber broadcast, I walked into my kitchen and saw a young boy dressed in brown staring through my window. In a heartbeat he was gone.

    Wow did that startle me.! I then consciously composed myself and apologised for my reaction and wished him well.

    You know, you never know… Life, eh?

  7. That was an excellent show,
    That was an excellent show, thank you very much. I would love to hear more.

    I looked at buying “Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind” but it was either buy the hardback edition for £22+, wait until the paperback edition is out in April 2018, or get the audiobook…luckily I had a credit left, so I went for the Audible version, which has the bonus of being read by Dr. Marjorie Hines Woollacott…so I will get to hear more after all!

  8. I havent listened to the
    I havent listened to the interview, but I will. I read the comments ..1111 ..etc. SO… i went to 1111 to see WHAT this was pointing to. “meditation” was the keyword at 1111.
    WTG Andy =)
    Im sure theres more.

  9. Okay, I’m going to make some
    Okay, I’m going to make some conjectures about the flow experience.

    Differentials exist in chakra energies, which correspond to varying vibrations. These
    differentials, when used in concert, create flow. The dance is one of negotiation between energies of varying density. The contrasts between varying energies create distance, and distance can be converted to energy. For example, light is produced when electrons that were driven into higher orbit fall back into their ground state, releasing photons of energy. The differential between higher state and lower state is what creates potential energy, which becomes actualized as photons after the electrons fall. Similarly, the differential between the highest chakra and the lowest chakra creates large amounts of potential energy.

    When reconciled, high and low chakra can connect. The difference can thus be erased. But, previous to the reconciliation, energy can be propagated. The knitting together of energy, and the processing this requires, creates energy. In the male brain, the hemispheres are more separated, this differential creates distance and thus lots of potential energy. Reconciliation occurs, but not as frequently as in the female brain (generally). The female brain is more concerned with additional reconciliation. The corpus callosum in the female brain is more highly developed, it represents the point where reconciliations transpire. Both brains utilize differentials from the brain hemispheres and chakras in order to create energy in their consciousness, only in different manners. The amount of cross connection between differentials determines the amount of flow in the moment.

    This also explains bi-polar disease, those people have a greater distance between high and lower states of being (mania and it’s opposite, depression). Billy Joel uses his condition (“he doesn’t know why he goes to extremes”) as an engine to produce Rock songs. Oftentimes those with bi-polar conditions end up in theatre, because they are pre-conditioned to experience rapid flow episodes.

    I believe that the connection of these differentials extends to the greater Universe and reality. It is a casual connection, so it is not easily measured. These differentials exist within the silence and the Yin and Yang. In our Universe, some have observed that reality flickers, turning on and off. This is another example of differentials in action, an expression of Yang and Yin, 1’s and 0’s.

    When we sleep we go into a differential state compared to our waking life. Dreams may also be an expression of a cascading of differential energies. Energy from our waking moments accrue, then manifest as a stream of consciousness when they encounter Yin energies during sleep (Sleep brings us closer to the Earth energies of the Yin, as anyone who has experienced a heavy feeling before bedtime may realize). When the energies from the day meld with Earth energy, the differentials release energy, which regenerates the body and refreshes the mind.

    My final point is this: differentials are necessary in order to create flow. We are supposed to explore both the light and the dark. Reconciling the two is a dance, a process, a negotiation which releases energy and creates flow. Siddhartha saw that sadness, happiness, envy, depression, (the whole spectrum of emotions) existed in the sound of the same river. All emotions are required in order to create meaning. Contrasts. Colors. Feelings. When we experience new things and they affect us, differentials are produced. Each thought and feeling represents a new differential. When we unite these differentials, energy is produced and released. The distances between differentials is potential energy, which can be harnessed to create flow.

  10. Here’s my experience with
    Here’s my experience with Kundalini energy.

    When I was 14 years of age I entered a shower in my home and let the water run over me. I was under the impression that something significant was going to happen, and that I was on schedule for an appointment of some type. I turned off the shower, laid down on my back and relaxed in the tub as the water began to drain. I began to hear a whispering sound of many voices, and I began to feel energy sensations move from the bottom of my spine, up my middle section, and into the higher crown chakra regions. I was seeing threads of energy which blossomed into gorgeous colors and images, I observed strings of energy that sparked up and played out, the phantasmagoria that erupted was full of liquid light and strong emotions. At one point, I witnessed the impression of two faces looking at me, but I did not discontinue my emotional and mental journey, I delved further into the feelings that were materializing. About halfway into the experience, the poles of right and left energy seemed to reverse, although this seemed natural and familiar to me. I simply noted it and headed deeper into the energy waves and spatial realities that were flooding through my brain. I was inside a tunnel, it appeared, and this tunnel defined my visual scope. As I really started to run the energy, I noticed that the energies were becoming more and more intense. I could feel Earth energy bubbling up inside of me, which then progressed to Sky energy at the top of my crown chakra. I noted that energy from these two ports influenced each other, and that one responded in accordance to the actions of the other. One energy arose out of the other, and I generally continued my “up, middle, down, middle, up” sequence constantly. Sometimes I went from up to down, middle to up, so the sequence of directions got shifted at times. The energies seemed to be wrapped around each other in principle, much like The staff of Asclepius, or Hippocratic Oath symbol. Threads of energy extended with great dispatch, becoming more elongated in each passing instant. Intensity of vibration continued to burgeon, flow advanced, and suddenly I was rushing down a tunnel at an incredible speed, perhaps light speed or greater. I was reaching the uppermost limits of my crown chakra energy. I reached down into the Earth energy one last time, feeling the dense viscosity of it, then I observed a very tight string of energy racing to the absolute top, to the cap of my head. For an instance, I paused, then I focused the total accumulation of the energy that I remembered from the entire experience on the base of my spine. A pin prick of focused light exploded (or perhaps imploded) at that moment, seeming to ricochet off of something. Concurrently, I inhaled deeply, and the breath seemed to permeate my entire being. I then let out an ecstatic exhalation. Time appeared to stop, and I could see and feel the essence of everything within the apparent “singularity”. I could see a invisible road leading to the singularity, I was aware that it was the energy road I had just traveled. I observed a golden yellow dot portion of the singularity, superimposed upon a brownish dot. The feelings I experienced were greater than any feelings I have ever had in my entire lifetime. Everything was interconnected and mingled in the singularity, which evidently persisted for a few seconds then faded. It seemed like an inordinately long amount of time had elapsed. I looked at my eyes a few minutes later in the mirror, and they were brighter than I have ever seen my eyes appear.
    I later learned this was a Kundalini experience, and that running energy like this could be learned as a technique. During the experience I felt that I could stop anytime, but the actual energies I experienced were not fully under my conscious control.

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