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Some years ago, Dr. Jacques Vallee published a book called Passport to Magonia which argued that the old fairy faith of northern Europe and the modern UFO/Close encounter experience involved the same beings. And indeed, there are many similarities between the old stories and modern encounter narratives.

This week, Dreamland presents Orion Foxwood, a faery seer in the old tradition, who describes his experience of and work with what are essentially the same beings that close encounter witnesses see, but through the fairy tradition of his native Appalachia, which was brought by Scots-Irish immigrants from whom he is descended.

To our knowledge, this is the first time anybody has actually sat down with a practicing member of the fairy-faith and asked them what they experience, and analyze how it is related to the close encounter experience.

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  1. Another great show of depth
    Another great show of depth and insight. This site has been moving along a path which seems to have undergone a “quickening.” Whitley, has it occurred to you, that after the “assault on you and your work (The Key)” something has opened? Folks of this community embraced the reality of what “community” means no longer in the flat, distant, separateness online… but as a group of beings who are there for each other. I have seen, read, and felt that all along. However, it is so palpable and enters my room/space when i listen and/or read what is here.

    (Maybe i am just catching up with the rest of you…)

    “A door has opened” i swear you said or wrote that recently. There is “oneness” and depth in all of this … undoubtedly Anne’s input combined with all your work these many years, and Jeremy’s as well. A comfortableness with “being who you are” by each of you as well as the many who post here.

    (Or maybe it is just me… i am growing and learning. Being who i am … is also discovering who i am. A gift received is always a gift given/shared. )

    This was another terrific show. Loved it. Went so well with the last message from Anne… which so moved me. Truth known within, is filled with power at every level. It is part and parcel on who one is. When that Truth is shared, doors open letting the light out and in. The one who opens doors for others, cannot help but bask in the Light as well. Each with it’s own hue and warmth.

    Thank you Anne, Whitley, and Jeremy.

  2. This was probably the best
    This was probably the best Unknown Country show yet. A lot of strings were tied together, some big answers are very close at hand. More like this, please! If I won the lottery, in other words, in my fantasy, I would like to arrange a retreat with you, Orion, the other person you referred to, Dr. Kripal, Dr. Vallee, and Andrew Collins (with his “Lightquest” work) to further discuss and tie together understandings and ideas. I might include Kurt Leland, who you had on the show years ago, and R.J. Stewart. Such is my fantasy, but in the meantime, I will definitely investigate more of Orion’s work. Thank you so much.

  3. In my usual intellectual
    In my usual intellectual manner…Orion Foxwood is a cool dude. Well done!!
    Excellent stuff.

  4. Whitley. This has been a
    Whitley. This has been a thought-provoking interview with Orion Foxwood and I thank both of you BUT I want to make a comment in regard to the ‘Blast from the Past for Our Subscribers interview with Linda Moulton Howe.’

    “Unexplained Explosions Rocked the World in 2012.”

    “Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe discuss a worldwide outbreak of unexplained explosions in this ultra-high strangeness edition of Dreamland from April of 2012.”

    I want to share a synchronicity. During the interview Linda mentions bones in the (feet) and legs that felt like they were vibrating. She mentions it more then once and said many people were reporting the same sensation. Well, two nights ago I fell asleep on my couch around 10:30pm and must have gone directly into this dream. I woke up not more then 45 minutes later. Here it is.

    DREAM…07/13/2017…..I see myself standing inside a room and next to a door. I am looking through what looks like a mail slot in the upper part. Directly across the hallway from my room/door is another room/door with the same type of mail slot that I can see through as well. My vision is very limited however, all I can see is two (feet). This person is wearing light brown Native American Moccasins with fringe around the top. I KNOW WHO THIS PERSON IS BUT CANNOT SEE HER FACE.

    It is ‘Cosmic Librarian.’ (A subscriber of Unknown Country BUT in reality we have never met). I am aware of an Indian male energy standing next to her but cannot see him because of this small slot. He is teaching her to dance. After she learns the dance she is supposed to teach it to me. Oh, no! She has turned/twisted her ankle. Wait, no, she did not! It is all part of the dance.

    I cannot be with them at this time to learn the movements since I MUST finish a project assigned to me. Will I be able to catch up to them, learn, then dance in confidence?

    The last thing I can remember from this dream experience is a voice that wakes me up by saying, “you are your own rhythm, dance with it.”

    So, Cosmic, can you relate to this at all or did the dream borrow your name ‘Cosmic Librarian’ to bring home a point of something being cosmic in nature?

    1. Carrollee,
      Actually, yes! It


      Actually, yes! It all resonates and if I told you ALL of it, I’d be writing a book-length comment right now! Suffice to say, it dovetails with (more than one) other ‘lives’, and also a dream that I relayed to Jeremy Vaeni after the Hawaii Origins Roundtable. Kind of flabbergasted right now!
      One more thing to keep this short: If you have never read ‘Black Elk Speaks’ get a copy, as well as the book ‘The Sacred Pipe.’ That’s all I’m saying for now…:-)

      Regarding this interview with Orion Foxwood, I would really like to speak to him sometime. We are on the same ‘page’…

      1. Cosmic, thank you so much for
        Cosmic, thank you so much for this reply/post.

        1. You’re welcome! Much to
          You’re welcome! Much to process right now…

  5. I really enjoyed this, it was
    I really enjoyed this, it was one of my favourites by a long way. Orion was wonderfully interesting and I would love to hear more from him.

    I may have commented about this before but the first time I tried to consciously induce an OBE, I had a vivid vision (for want of a better word) of a woman, standinding in the doorway, who was wearing the most beautifully intricate dress, that somehow shone with its own light, or that was somehow made of light…and when I looked up, I could not see her face…just a void…I have never understood why but I just thought I would mention it, as it seems to parallel some of the things that were discussed.

  6. Please have this faery seer
    Please have this faery seer on again. He has helped me make sense of the things I “see-feel” in this short interview. Wow. What a powerful interview. Thank you Whitley and Orion.

  7. Hi. On Friday, June 2nd,
    Hi. On Friday, June 2nd, 2017 it was said, “Dreamland will be on hiatus next week while Whitley explores the castle and work of an alchemist in Italy. He’ll return with a full report!” When will this episode be released, please? Thank you.

    1. Hey Mark I was wondering the

      Hey Mark I was wondering the same thing. I an sure that the idea of a castle and alchemy sparked all of our imagination!

      Meanwhile, what a treat to listen to Mr. Strieber and Orion Foxwood.
      Mr. Foxwood’s good heart comes through time and again in this interview.

      I so agree that there is this quickening in the air.
      In Ted talks, where the elite come to play Ben Mezrich talks about “Why I Believe in Ufos and you should too.”
      Worth watching:

      I hope that Whitley interviews him on his book:
      “The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway.”

      On another completely unrelated note. I find that if i post under “Post new comment” sometimes I get the error code ” ajax. ” However, if I choose the reply key it works. In case anyone else is trying to post and getting same issue.

      1. The java-script problem on
        The java-script problem on the comments pages whilst annoying is easily corrected. In order to post your own comment, look up at the URL and delete ‘nomob=1’ from the URL. The last symbol will then be ‘?’.

        Double click the modified URL to highlight it and then press ENTER to reload the page.

        When the page reloads, you can add your own separate comment without returning an ‘ajax’/java-script error or having to resort to clicking reply to throw in a comment.


        1. Thanks. That’s a weird
          Thanks. That’s a weird glitch and an odd-seeming fix, but it does seem to work. Whitley’s I.T./webmaster folks need to fix the problem.

      2. Hi, Lily. Thanks for your
        Hi, Lily. Thanks for your reply and the link, etc. I might watch the YouTube vid.

        I, too, had problems posting my comment. I tried 3 or 4 times in a row and it kept telling me there was an error. I tried later the same day, with the same result. I tried again the next day and it worked properly, so maybe it was a temporary glitch.

        Here’s hoping we get that castle/alchemy episode of Dreamland soon!

        Thanks again.

  8. Good Lord I enjoyed this
    Good Lord I enjoyed this show…

  9. Excellent show!
    Excellent show!

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