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Nick Redfern makes his case that the Roswell crash did not involve an alien spacecraft but a secret test vehicle piloted by deformed and altered children.

But, as Whitley asks in this pointed interview, can that really be true in view of evidence that, for example, materials that came either from Roswell or another site have recently been discovered by Dr. Jacques Vallee to contain “impossible” isotopic ratios? (Dr. Vallee revealed these findings at the 2017 Contact in the Desert Conference.)

Or does this go even deeper? After all, the notorious Finders Case, covered up by the CIA, certainly involves some very strange things being done with children.

One thing remains true about Roswell: it is extremely controversial. Could secret government programs have been hidden behind a veil of claims about an alien presence? Or is something even stranger going on?

Dreamland at its provocative and challenging best!

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  1. Seems very fantastical,
    Seems very fantastical, though in all honesty, almost everything in this field does. I cannot believe children of any sort of deformity would be thought to be “aliens”. It all just sounded so very far fetched…but who knows?

  2. Who knows what could be done
    Who knows what could be done by stimulating young minds into a hyper-evolutionary state under certain conditions (mainly pressure, both physical and psychological).?

    There seem to be evolutionary processes lying dormant in most lifeforms. What frightening accelerations, bordering on abomination, could be manipulated by using young minds and bodies.?

    Terrible, though also magical, events were witnessed in the death camps. Many have heard the stories. What extra qualities might DNA demonstrate under combined pressure.?

    I wonder…


  3. Hi Whitley, Charles Hall of
    Hi Whitley, Charles Hall of Tall Whites fame, who U had on back in 2005, has two other books out. Milinnian Hospitality 1V and V. The latter one about the Greys and the real circumstances surrounding the crashes at Roswell. Most people are only aware of MH 1, 11 and 111. Given the the topic of your latest chat with Nick Redford, I recommend U have Charles on again, and talk to him about those two e books, and in particular MH V, and given your complex life history, who knows what new info might come into the Light.

  4. So, Roswell has gone from
    So, Roswell has gone from being a Balloon story used to cover-up a crashed UFO,
    –to a UFO story to cover-up a crashed Balloon???

  5. Enjoyed the discussion and
    Enjoyed the discussion and the spirited back and forth between Whitley and Nick Redfern. Came away more convinced than ever that the Roswell incident involved a non-human element. I was a little floored to learn from Whitley about the materials analysis resulting from the Roswell crash, especially the suggestion that the materials will be shared with non-classified labs for further study. Aren’t the results to date, including the questions that these materials raise regarding their composition, etc., the hard evidence we’ve been waiting for? If so, I have to ask, is there a plan to make these findings public?

    1. They are already public.
      They are already public. Jacques Vallee presented them at Contact in the Desert. Bear in mind that the media has spent 70 years sneering at this subject. It is going to take more than passive evidence like this to force them to face facts.

  6. Not only is the balloon story
    Not only is the balloon story full of hot air; it has so many holes in it that it doesn’t even get off the ground.

  7. The idea that they would use
    The idea that they would use children with progeria (or any other significant genetic abnormality) to test the effects of high altitude is ludicrous. These unfortunate people are incredibly fragile and weak, so they would be utterly useless in providing data about the effects of such exposure on normal humans. Progeria is also incredibly rare – it effects only one in every 4 million births – so the chance that any of the children abducted for this program had this condition is infinitesimally small.

    The only reason to mention progeria in the story is to suggest that these children would look unusual, and could be mistaken for aliens. And then of course, the implication is that some of the victims were little Japanese prisoners of war and others were children suffering from progeria. Children with progeria do not look oriental in any way shape or form.Give me a break!

    The fact that Nick’s contacts told him this tale, is evidence to me that they are full of shit. Personally, I don;t think Nick subscribes t this theory at all.

    1. I don’t know where he’s
      I don’t know where he’s coming from. As I said on the show, seems pretty hard to believe this claim.

  8. Excuse me, yes I see Dr.
    Excuse me, yes I see Dr. Vallee’s presentation mentioned above. A sad testament then to our free press that findings like that from someone like Dr. Vallee goes virtually unnoticed.

  9. There is no file on the link?
    There is no file on the link?

  10. Cant play or download
    Cant play or download

  11. Both files disappeared from

    Both files disappeared from our audio server overnight. The subscriber file has been restored and the free file will be restored later today.

    Unknowncountry has a lot of security, but creeps always find their way in.

  12. Interesting theory Nick. You
    Interesting theory Nick. You mention that the story has legs. Indeed it does. They are teeny tiny legs and the feet are pointing backwards.
    Rick Man

  13. Joseph P. Farrell in “Roswell
    Joseph P. Farrell in “Roswell And The Reich” lays out a compelling case for the post-war Nazi International being behind behind the saucer crash, and that the government was pleased with the E.T. story because it wouldn’t go anywhere and would take everyone’s eyes off of the Nazis. There are certain features in common with Mr. Redfern’s story, and there may be some crossover in their research and dots to be connected between them.

  14. I have read 2 books by Nick
    I have read 2 books by Nick Redfern & thought he was a very poor writer. Frankly, with this preposterous interview, I will be wasting no further energy on him.

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