Famed near death researcher PMH Atwater joins us for an in-depth discussion of what happens when children have near-death experiences. This incredible topic had been virtually unknown until PMH completed the research that led to this book. She found that childhood near-death experiences are fundamentally different from those of adults, and that the media-generated cliche of the tunnel into the light applies even less to them than it does to adults.

So take this enlightening and moving journey into the world of childhood NDEs with PMH and Whitley, and be amazed by the discovery of things like the beautiful power of dark light, how time slips figure into the process, what soul merge is and much, much more. Subscribers go deeper into the changes in personality, intelligence and health, and listen as PMH describes how she once ended up counseling what turned out to be the ghost of a child who had died!

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  1. This is a tough one to listen to . My family moved house shortly after I was born and I have memories from before we moved. They’re not good memories. I was not happy. I remember doing nothing but sneeze and cry – my parents remember that too. I was allergic to everything. I also remember trying to ask questions about life, and the sense of frustration and humiliation when they laughed because they thought I had a speech impediment. Our doctor tried to explain to them that I was too young to be even attempting to speak, and my eagerness wasn’t a disability. We all laugh about it now.

    They said I was like a little preacher – overly concerned with the fate of people and the world. But they just didn’t know what to do with me. Over time they learned to just let me stay at home and read more books than my school could supply. Ain’t life strange?

    1. Wow! I wonder how many of us have similar, suppressed memories. Fascinating. Wldnt it be wonderful to meet at Jeffrey’s, the restaurant Whitney referenced ~44:42min?

  2. An interesting show.
    The Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was part of our soul anatomy, and that we thought from the heart rather than the brain.
    I have come across some esoteric traditions that reference a black flame as a central tenet to what they believe.

  3. Hard to get by her delivery of constantly laughing but none the less far more interesting then last week’s guest. wish she would have gone more into the time lines thing which was fuzzy at best. hoping next week we kick up another notch.

  4. My boyfriend died on the solstice of last year; the darkest day of the year and the time of the year where we reflect and go within ourselves. As I sat by his bedside, I saw both the light and dark come together and though I perceived them as separate, they were one and the same. It was a wondrous gift to be witness to this experience. It was a beautiful, peace moment and I shall cherish it forever, remember him in forever

  5. Sigh, I was really hoping I would hear exactly what these children experienced during their NDE. You know, if it si true that:

    “the media-generated cliche of the tunnel into the light applies even less to them than it does to adults”

    Please tell me what DO they experience when they have an NDE…. Do they go to another planet? Wander around Earth confused? Etc. etc. I was hoping this podcast would reveal that. Isn’t that the key question here, that would revel the most useful info?

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