Famed near death researcher PMH Atwater joins us for an in-depth discussion of what happens when children have near-death experiences. This incredible topic had been virtually unknown until PMH completed the research that led to this book. She found that childhood near-death experiences are fundamentally different from those of adults,read more

Anne Strieber joins Robbie Holz and Whitley Strieber for a candid discussion about facing serious illness and how living a healing lifestyle is important not only to the possibility of cure, but also to the other possibility, which is entering another level of life on good terms with all that has happened in this one.

In part, this profound discussion is about dying, but when you listen, you find that it is also about a state that is intimately connected with that experience, which Whitley Strieber calls "surfing the sea of joy."

Do not miss this loving, emotionally abundant and deeply healing discussion between three people who are not afraid of death, and are living toward it in joy.
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Researchers who say they have scientific proof for life after death and for psychic transmission of information presented their evidence at a recent meeting of the British Assoc. for the Advancement of Science in the UK, causing great controversy.

Mark Henderson writes in the London Times that most of this research from biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who has appeared on Dreamland. He says his research has shown that some people know who is calling them before they answer the phone. Other research into psi has been done by Dr. Peter Fenwick, who studies people’s deathbed visions and says this shows that consciousness survives death. Deborah Delanoy has found evidence that people can affect other people?s bodies with their thoughts.

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Scientists, including medical doctors, are meeting in France for the first international conference about near-death experiences. The conference will also contain delegates who have themselves had a near-death experience.
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