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Are significant numbers of humanity the product of an ancient and advanced alien civilization? Have we, across the millennia, been periodically modified and refined as a species? In short, has our genetic make-up been manipulated by otherworldly beings that view human civilization as one big lab experiment?

This week, Nick Redfern makes a fascinating case for the strangeness of our DNA. What happened to cause the enormous leap from Neanderthal to Cro Magnon man 45,000 years ago? In contrast to what had happened in human development in the past, they were a long evolutionary leap ahead of all that had come before. That gap has not yet been explained.
Or has it? Listen as Nick makes his case!

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  1. Whitley you say Anne has told
    Whitley you say Anne has told you the planet is a source for harvesting souls? Is that in the sense the Master of the Key described it to you?

  2. I am listening to this week’s
    I am listening to this week’s Dreamland and was disappointed to find the same sound issue as last week’s show. Its the sound that is made when recording levels are too high or a sound gets too close to the microphone. Its not as bad as last week. and, in the case, the voices periodically distort into a kind of buzz. The guest’s voice here distorts more often than Whitley’s voice. If its the original recording level, it isn’t an easy fix — if one can fix it at all. But if its a secondary one — perhaps it can be fixed easily. I cldn’t even listen to last week’s show but luckily this one isn’t nearly as bad. Anyone else having this problem?

    Interesting show so far . . . I am happy I am able to listen so far. Even with turning down my sound levels the distortion is still jarring to me, tho. Maybe just turn the levels down a tad more (a very little bit). and try to watch those highly aspirated sounds and if you get excited — maybe pull away from the phone/mike a bit.

    I wonder what RH factor Bigfoot has. Maybe CroMagnum man is/was a purer, more advanced form of human (perhaps from Atlantis). Why do people tend to think more advanced is alien — and not the natives.

  3. The DNA study Melba Ketchum
    The DNA study Melba Ketchum did on Bigfoot, released in 2013, may have Bigfoot’s Rh factor in it. She found that Bigfoot’s mitochondrial DNA is identical to modern human, which is exactly what the Arcturians told Ida Kannenberg in 1998-2000. Much that Ketchum found in 2013 confirmed what the Arcturian Maez told Kannenberg and nothing Ketchum found conflicted with what Kannenberg published in her Bigfoot book, “My Brother Is a Hairy Man.” By the way, Cro Magnon WAS the first Homo sapiens sapiens (modern human) species in Europe, but many scientists argue that Neanderthal was Homo sapiens. Neanderthal did fantastic art, organized their living space, buried their dead and many other practices considered “advanced.” Neanderthal was the first ground-breaker for modern human’s appearance.

    Bigfoot was Arcturian and Atlantis was Aldebaran-Pleiadian, the great Aryan master race. Hitler’s aide Heinrich Himmler claimed he was a reincarnated king from Atlantis, the Master Race. The Pleiadian contact with Billy Meier in Switzerland claimed Pleiadians founded Atlantis. Aldebaran and the Pleiades, both in the Taurus Constellation, claim to be progenitors of the Germanic race. Atlantis was Aryan Germanic.

    Native Americans are Bigfoot’s closest relative on this planet, according to Maez. Some Native American tribes viewed Bigfoot as a tribe and even traded with them.

    So much for the Master Race Atlanteans with dominant Rh positive blood. In contrast Native Americans have a high Rh negative factor among many tribes. Native Americans are most similar to the Arcturians, according to Maez.

    Neanderthal interbred 50,000 to 60,000 years ago to contribute to modern humans. I need to read Redfern’s book to see how he articulates Cro Magnon’s sudden appearance in Europe. So many new species have been discovered in the last decade, it’s getting more and more difficult to find a surprise appearance within the last 50,000 years.* The Denisova species discovered in Siberia in 2008, who contributed to Chinese and Native American lineages 40,000 years ago, is an example. There’s probably a fascinating history for Cro Magnon’s appearance in the European heartland of Atlantis 45,000 years ago. It’s possible that Cro Magnon’s appearance answers, at least in part, Linda Moulton Howe’s question about why modern humans are so violent. According to Derrel Sims, a preference for Native American and Celtic lines is shown in abductions connected with UFOs. The Atlantean-Cro Magnon might not be as great as European scientists crack it up to be, but the species continues to evolve. Tomorrow is another day. The quest is to evolve the human species for maximum benefit in soul evolution.

    Plato described Atlanteans scattering into Europe and Asia after Atlantis sank.** Europe’s Germanic bloodlines are Atlantean. Survivors of Atlantis migrated into Asia too, where we find the Hittites. Look at Europe. See Atlantis heading into the fourth (possibly final) destruction. The EU’s involvement with Ukraine is very interesting, as an historical footnote.

    *Callaway, Ewen. “Mystery humans spiced up ancients’ sex life.” Nature international weekly journal of science. 19 November 2013. doi:10.1038/nature.2013.14196

    **”Timaeus.” Plato, edited by Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns. 1980. Plato, the Collected Works, including the Letters. Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ pp 1151-1211

    (I am writing about this subject and had my references handy. No Wikipedia pages for me. I apologize about the italics. This editor does not offer italics for the title.)

  4. Thanks blue for mentioning
    Thanks blue for mentioning the sound issue. I thought it was my Mac. It may be due to Whitley’s equipment being fried a few months ago? I imagine replacing sound equipment could be expensive. In the meantime I’ll happily keep listening.

  5. 0 negative here… but no one
    0 negative here… but no one else in the family is/was… odd….

  6. Blood typing and what it
    Blood typing and what it means is much more complex than simply A, B, O, AB, positive, negative, etc. I started researching this topic several years ago, and it is still a huge mystery to me and even most researchers.

    I’ll give a big ‘for instance’. My own family tree is full of Scots, Irish, and also Native American ancestry. My maiden name is Scots and from one of the ancient Dalriada (Celtic) Clans that ended up settling in the Scottish Highlands: Ireland>Scotland. When the British drove out the clans from the Highlands, many of them ended up in Northern Ireland, then later to other countries, including Canada, Australia, and the USA. Both sides of my family tree are heavy on Scots and Irish, and Native American on both sides and in the last 4 generations. My parents ARE my parents, although one can never be sure when you start following that family tree back in time, no?

    My dad was AB+. My mother was O+. I am B+, so my blood type, while not rare, is a pretty small percentage compared to the general population just about anywhere in the world, and type B tends to be found more in Asian populations. My boyfriend is Jewish on both sides of his family tree and he is also B+.

    Anyway, with all that Scots, Irish, and Native American blood, you would think that I would be type O, but I am not.

    I think that saying the Basques are descended from Cro-Magnon is a stretch, especially since there are others researching this same topic that have decided that the Basques are descended from Neanderthals!

    I do think that evidence of genetic manipulation can be found in our DNA, I just don’t feel that we should hang our hats on blood typing.

    As for me, I am curious about my true genetic heritage and have considered DNA testing, although I’m not sure it is truly important for me to know in terms of my odd experiences in life. I am no more special than anyone else on the planet, but my experiences are unique to me and FOR me, even if some of them are shared by others, such as the denizens of UnknownCountry.

    1. interesting, thanks
      interesting, thanks

  7. I’m listening to this show
    I’m listening to this show and can’t help thinking about the film Highlander. Set in Scotland, about an immortal Celt. Very interesting connections.

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