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Did you know that many people have spontaneous memories of their lives before birth, and of coming into the womb? Elizabeth and Neil Carman didn’t know that either, until they began meeting such people. Join them as they tell Whitley Strieber the wonderful story of before-life memory, and describe some cases with surprising validation. For example, there are people who have accurately described where their parents were during the moment of conception.

Others, like Whitley Strieber, have memories of entering the womb, and in the second half of the show, he asks the Carmans about what such memories may mean, and whether or not those who don’t have them could recover them.

This interview with two deeply spiritual and yet rigorous researchers opens a door into an almost unknown aspect of human experience: memories of the mysterious world from which we came.

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  1. Some children contact/connect
    Some children contact/connect with parent(s) telling her/him/them the child is coming.

    These “meetings” between a parent alive in this life and a child/ren coming to the parent, may occur during dreams which are so vivid they are not forgotten. Sometimes the child tells the parent what the child’s name is. Sometimes it is to see the child’s/ baby’s face and know it’s gender.

  2. Ah, the complexities of human
    Ah, the complexities of human existence. Just give me my mansion’s in heaven and all well be well
    ( I think).

  3. It’s a need for knowledge,
    It’s a need for knowledge, yes but mostly EXPERIENCE.

  4. This reminds me of an
    This reminds me of an astonishing book, ‘Soul Survivor’ in which a child was born who had been a fighter pilot during WWII. The child’s mother bought him a toy airplane and he corrected his mother when she said it had a bomb under the fuselage and he said “No, Mommy it’s not a bomb, it’s a ‘dwop tank’ “. And then he went on to explain how the Corsair plane he flew (in a past life) was tricky to take-off because the pilot had to use a lot of left rudder to keep the plane straight on the runway due to the large engine torque. The kid was two or three years old at the time!

  5. The link for this show does
    The link for this show does not work for me. I have tried it over a dozen times yesterday and today.

  6. Really great Whitley.
    Really great Whitley. Thanks!

  7. For more in depth information
    For more in depth information on this subject read Robert Schwartz. “Your Soul’s Plan” really fleshes out what these people are talking about.
    Also, Dr. Michael Newton is the godfather of this Life Between Life research. Read “Journey of Souls”.

  8. My religion teaches me about
    My religion teaches me about what is called a “pre-mortal” existence,which i9s exactly what this is describing.
    Earth is only Act 2 of a 3- Act play.

  9. I loved this show….have
    I loved this show….have read Michael Newton’s books, other writings on this subject, including Edgar Cayce’s, had past life readings and although I don’t have actual memories (at least not that I can recall) prior to about age two, I have long had a strong sense that we come back here and perhaps live other places as well. I find this earth journey limiting and I have been seeking my reason for being here since I was a young child, which no doubt is my “karma” and to some degree part of the purpose of this particular life. I am now 77 and still seeking. I look forward to exploring more of the Carman’s work.

    Thank you, Whitley and the Carman’s for this interview….I hope you explore this subject further.

  10. Has anyone ever heard of a
    Has anyone ever heard of a past life memory from the future? Assuming that past lives are previous, and that our reality is seperate from where ever souls may be from, why does it seem like our timeline is something our souls have to adhere to? It just always seems to be in chronological order to me. Could there be so many levels to this game were all playing that even on the soul level they have no control of time?

  11. Sorry, no. They don’t say how
    Sorry, no. They don’t say how many of the so called “memories” they have studied were from hypnosis, but I suspect a great many, and we should have learned by now how unreliable that is. Certainly reincarnation is a fact, and perhaps some of these memories are accurate, but they seem to be looking for evidence that confirms their own spiritual new age based beliefs. Checking out their web site does not fill me with confidence. They seem too easily impressionable, and prejudiced towards their personal beliefs about the afterlife.

    Furthermore, TMOTK said “you die into your beliefs”. Bingo. Whatever is responsible for that phenomenon works in other ways too, and esp. applies to these two researchers. They found evidence to support their preconceived notions, and interpret what good evidence they do have to shoe-horn it into their ideas. What they claim is not axiomatic for all of us, even if it is true for some.

  12. Hmm, interesting stuff for
    Hmm, interesting stuff for sure. There were some new aspects to the observations made of ‘watching’ oneself being conceived that I hadn’t heard before and that was interesting.

    Life between lives.. having just gone through an illness and recovered I have had thoughts of my own mortality zeroed into focus quite frequently and, through it all, one of Mr Strieber’s expressions stuck with me and helped me along, “I choose life..!”

    Thus, as silent eyes observe the manifest world, and all of us complaining or experiencing mortal woes, they still choose to come in and return again and again.

    Hi Cosmic!

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