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Stock markets around the world, including ours, are going crazy. It appears that China may be on the brink of a financial meltdown. The media is screaming and people are panicking. But should they?

Catherine Austin Fitts is back on Dreamland to explain to us what’s really happening. Should we prepare for a worldwide collapse? Are things going to stabilize? As always, Catherine’s perspective is deep and filled with useful insight.

And, as always, Whitley and Catherine go beyond the news and deep into the hidden realities, and the hidden powers, that govern our world.

In the second half of the show, Catherine and Whitley go far deeper, into the hidden realities of power in our world.

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  1. As always, Catherine excels.
    As always, Catherine excels. The last half was riveting. Thank you Whitley.

  2. Im sorry Whitley and
    Im sorry Whitley and Catherine but when you have Muslim fanatics calling for the destruction of Israel and the USA you probably should believe them and govern yourself accordingly! Giving Iran the nuclear bomb and acquiescing on every one of their demands is capitulation not negotiation! This deal if it is approved will guarantee that every country in the Middle East many of which are run by lunatics will be rushing to get their own nuclear bombs and it will make the whole world very dangerous. Israel having the bomb does not alarm me – a lot of crazy Muslim countries having the bomb does!

  3. It has never been confirmed
    It has never been confirmed or admitted the IsraELITES have “the bomb”, and I doubt any of the Middle Eastern Arab countries would ever be allowed to acquire them. This could make the whole world very dangerous. I am so filled with joy that this whole world is not very dangerous.

  4. This program felt like it
    This program felt like it lasted only 15 minutes. Please bring her back for more.

  5. Dear Whitley,
    I have to agree

    Dear Whitley,
    I have to agree with Kirkland and not so much dreamer – Katherine Austin Fitts is always one of your most amazing and informative guests, and the rapport that you two have is highly enlightening. Please be sure to have her on Dreamland as often as possible!
    Your interview helped to bring about a bit of calm in the current widespread panic and speculation about world economy. It’s refreshing to hear a calm voice in the tumult of hyperbole and mass panic.
    Thank you again. All the very best!

  6. Never enough time for the
    Never enough time for the lovely CAF. With the way things are going and the rumors for September 2015, please have Catherine back in October/November along with Joseph Farrell.

  7. Just thought I would comment
    Just thought I would comment that I am progressing with my reading of “The Third Way”. It is packed with information! I was also able to get it on my Kindle as well, finally!

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