Join Rob for a special Halloween episode as he reads from Trish and Rob’s short story collection “The Outliers”… “The Devil’s Chair is a story based on an urban legend about a brick chair that faces two gravestones in a cemetery in central Florida, north of Orlando. The cemetery isread more

Get set for our annual Halloween special: An eerie journey through the world of phantom messages. Bill Hall and Jimmy Petonito (Mr. Haunted) guide us down some strange paths indeed, into the world of such experiences as:

—A man picks up the phone and hears himself struggling. Shortly after, he dies.

—You pick up messages on your computer that all come true.

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Whitley Strieber reads his funny, eerie and wonderfully creepy story Mr. and Mrs Werewolf as a special Halloween treat for Unknowncountry subscribers! Settle back and listen as some very expensive Halloween costumes turn out to be more than expected. A LOT more! (Get ready to run!!)

Mr. and Mrs Werewolf first appeared in October Dreams II, A Celebration of more

Just in time for Halloween….

It’s a ghost lore cliche: an old covered bridge. The ghost of a woman who committed suicide there shows up at midnight to unsuspecting travelers. Now imagine that you go there to see if it’s true and instead of finding a ghost, you find yourself on the human end of a completely different high strangeness experience. And then you realize… you’re at the wrong bridge on the other side of town. Meet Kellen….

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