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Changed in a Flash is one of the most extraordinary human stories we have ever featured on Dreamland.  A young mother struck by lightning. She ends up out of her body with no idea that she’s dead. Then it becomes clear: I am DEAD. 

That is the beginning of as powerful—and empowering—a human story as you are ever going to hear.

Listen as Elizabeth Krohn tells he phenomenal story and her—and Whitley’s—close friend Jeffrey Kripal explains just why it is so important and so empowering. (You will never forget her description of being in a plane crash while out-of-body and interacting with some of the doomed passengers.)

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  1. Sounds remarkably similar to
    Sounds remarkably similar to the story of “Saved by the Light” by Dannion Brinkley.

  2. What a wonderful show..

    What a wonderful show..

    Mr Strieber is the first person in 500 years to offer a credible perspective of the truth of the beauty of our lives and the hidden structure within.

    It is structure, purposefully engineered and maintained by architects of wisdom. They harness conscious, living math and transform it into birds of paradise, free to sing, to fly.

    The way ahead is overflowing with love, kindness, patience and magical design, standing quietly amongst million year old Seqoias, witnessing the great house of wisdom and its free and open vistas.


  3. Great show, thanks everyone
    Great show, thanks everyone for sharing.

    Also, a recent show that I never commented on had drumming at the end. I really appreciated that. I always appreciated anything practical.

  4. This is the most coherent
    This is the most coherent near death experience I have ever heard. Thank you Whitley and Elizabeth for an amazing, informative, uplifting program.

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