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Greg Little has unlocked an ancient secret of immense power: the journey of souls as it was understood by the enigmatic Mound Builder people whose civilization predates that of the people we know today as Native Americans. Greg’s work appears on Listen as Greg describes the journey of the soul after death as they understood it–a journey, like that described by so many other ancient peoples, westward and into the stars. But they weren’t supposed to understand what stars were. And why did they imagine we have a soul? Provocative, enlightening and wonderful interview!

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  1. if only people were more
    if only people were more concerned about their souls. what a wonderful world we would live in. thanks to louis armstrong. great show, whitley.

  2. Congratulations on Hunter…I
    Congratulations on Hunter…I know it will be great.

  3. A good rule of thumb…
    A good rule of thumb… ‘don’t let the sneaks make you like them’.

    I’ve lived by this code all my life and though at times I can be a SOB, I never forget this rule and use it to re-balance and learn from the experience.

    Just imagine, a whole planet, light years away, projecting it’s conscious plasma based beings/souls to another world to filter/process their disharmonies, only returning home when they are filtered and pure again.

    Planetary antibody system/immune response? Another civilisation’s logical progression?

    Fascinating to consider, especially when, to a reasonable eye, it appears likely to be true.!

    When I’m doing the laundrette trip later, I’ll be full of ideas as I watch my clothes tumble around and around, getting cleaner with every rotation.

    The driers sheets will look like wings of release as I sit enjoying the driers, later…

  4. A few comments.…..

    A few comments.…..

    GREAT NEWS Anne and Whitley…..
    Syfy Orders Scripted Alien Series ‘Hunters’ from ‘Walking Dead’s’ Gale Anne Hurd

    Whitley and Greg Little, I love this interview, especially the subscriber interview. Back in the 1970’s I discovered a book in my library written by Edgar Cayce’s secretary Gladys Davis. ‘My Years with Edgar Cayce: The Personal Story of Gladys Davis Turner.’ It was a turbulent time in my life and this book brought much needed clarity and understanding to my life purpose. I am still a member of the A.R.E. today.

    October is an odd month, or so I have noticed in my lifetime. It feels like this October could be the time or month for discovery…..I can hardly wait for the interview on Dreamland with Greg Little and Andrew Collins.

    So, is this what the giants would have looked like compared to the average man?

  5. I am in the process of
    I am in the process of finishing up Andrew Collins’ book about Gobekli Tepi, so Greg’s new information is very intriguing to me. I am listening to this interview with Greg Little, and now I just feel strange.

    Without revealing too much about where this is, there are some very ancient ‘Native American’ graves right here in my average suburban neighborhood. These graves are hidden in plain sight, less than a mile away from my home, and I walk past and commune with them frequently. (Trust me on this—where they are located is safe, undisturbed, except for the laughter of children very close by. Very few people know of this location) One of the oldest human remains (11,000 years old) found here in the USA were also found nearby.

    I have some very vivid ‘past life’ memories that I began recalling almost 30 years ago. One of these lives involve a personality that worked closely with Imhotep to research and recreate the ‘technology’ of the Great Pyramid. Oddly enough, another life that I remember is as someone assisting with the design and building of Serpent Mound in Ohio. Of course, I have always known that those two lives are closely connected. I also remember another life in ancient America of wandering among native peoples and teaching them skills and philosophies to aid in their survival and spiritual growth.

    This time of year, I enjoy the very early morning hours when I step outside to retrieve my daily newspaper. It is still dark outside, and my little joy is looking up while standing in my driveway and just observing Sirius and Orion and saying a simple prayer of thanks.

    Wonderful interviews with Greg Little!

    While we may be “…wandering in eternal darkness”, some of us are seeing a light in the distance that calls and guides us. ‘Path of Souls’ is now on my reading list!

    1. I was looking at Orion
      I was looking at Orion yesterday Mr Cosmic, (I naturally assume that you are a guy, 6′ 2”, beard, ginger hair, pointy ears like Mr Spock, one leg, six fingers, big feet, six fingers, big hands, six fingers, etc) as I cycled to work in the dark.

      You point out something that seems very likely, (which is a ‘known’ character trait of ‘men’ with ginger beards, one leg, big feet/foot, big hands and six fingers), that some souls reincarnate at similar fulcrum points in Human planetary experience to assist the survivors of the cyclic disaters that Earth suffers on its orbit through denser points of this arm of the milky way galaxy (G)(reversed?!!).

      Washington TC is a fine city and I personally hail all ginger bearded, one legged, six fingered men in that town to prepare for the hope and expect the (submerged) Scharnhorst.

  6. There truly is no show as
    There truly is no show as important as Dreamland. Whitley and his great guests explore in rich detail the great questions of this mysterious world we live in. Please support them.

    1. YES!! I do support them Mr
      YES!! I do support them Mr Morrison!!

      I really do…

      I simply have to ask though, are you related to the owners of the UK based ‘supermarket’ chain from which I have purchased so many wonderful and reasonably priced products including and not inclusive of the Morrisons’ value range of consumer based purchasable consumables?

    2. Thank you Whitley and Anne,
      Thank you Whitley and Anne, and best wishes to you both. I encourage people to support this website. It provides essential alternate perspective.

  7. Von Hausenberg,
    I am

    Von Hausenberg,

    I am insulted. I do NOT have a big foot. I’ll excuse the remark, assuming that you have a bias of some sort, due to no fault of your own, and that horn growing out of the middle of your forehead.

    Regarding souls that reincarnate “…at similar fulcrum points in Human planetary experience…”: All I can say is that the family that plays together, stays together.

  8. Mr. Gates,
    Laugh, and “Have

    Mr. Gates,

    Laugh, and “Have joy.” It may prevent you from going insane. Truly, and from the heart, all the best to you on your chosen path.

  9. I might not agree with
    I might not agree with everything posted here by subscribers but I am sure they do not agree with some of the things I post either. Nevertheless, I do respect each of you and your opinions. (At least most of the time).

  10. “For what is a man profited
    “For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

  11. Wonderful !!
    Wonderful !!

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