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Whitley Strieber interviews the legendary JZ Knight, channeler of Ramtha, for the first time. Instead of the usual interview where the interviewer gets caught up in the validity of the channel, Whitley, who understands what channeling is and why it works, lets JZ really open up and tell us about the inner truth of creating one’s own reality, and how it is something that can be learned.

You will probably never have heard JZ on the radio sounding quite like this, when she is being interviewed by somebody with long experience of the numinous world and respect for her own forty years of experience.

Anne Strieber begins the exchange by telling JZ about how her brain tumor has shut down her left brain, but given her creative right brain new freedom. JZ responds with insights into the life significance and potential of what has happened to Anne, and re-envisions it as a blessing rather than a curse.

Later, Whitley brings up the fact that the Ramtha School regularly has lottery winners, and JZ explains why this is so. Then they go on into an intimate discussion of JZ’s early encounters with Ramtha, and how the use of pyramid power—and the presence of joy—facilitated their first meeting.

JZ opens her heart and mind because she doesn’t have to defend herself. Great listening!

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    FABULOUS INTERVIEW!!!!! I might want to post more later after listening to the subscriber interview (in the next few days). I have not read any of the Ramtha books/material BUT…..JZ Knight what I am hearing in this interview feels sooo right.

    Dr. Greg Little, what a cliff-hanger…..

  2. Greg Little information…Oh,
    Greg Little information…Oh, my God. I attended and graduated from David Starr Jordan High School in Long Beach, California. I am picking my jaw up off the floor…One more interesting little synchronicity in my somewhat odd life.

  3. I enjoyed the interviews with
    I enjoyed the interviews with JZ Knight but am concerned that people will not notice that she insists that Ramtha was the first one to bring up a lot of things that actually were talked about by Madam Blavatsky and Edgar Casey. It makes me doubt her real source of information. (she protests too much)

    I am looking forward to next weeks interview with Greg Little.

    Thank you Whitley and Ann for always being such great interviewers.

  4. Greg Little is very
    Greg Little is very interesting! Found some other mp3 podcast interviews with Google. Looking forward to Whitley’s interviews next week.

  5. My first experienced with
    My first experienced with “you create your own reality” was through Jane Roberts/Seth. No doubt it was said before that. And “channeling” I first heard from Shirley MacLaine/Kevin Ryerson, and undoubtedly said before that, as well. And some of those other “Ramtha firsts” I recall hearing in EST circles in 1981. It’s a dicey thing to claim “firsts” for yourself. Otherwise, JZ Knight/Ramtha is interesting.

  6. Don’t forget channeling from
    Don’t forget channeling from Ruth Montgomery.

  7. Just extraordinary and
    Just extraordinary and remarkable! Ramtha’s School of Elightenment offers a wonderful opportunity to create a remarkable life!

  8. I would not trust JZ Knight
    I would not trust JZ Knight because I have read and seen too many things that make me question her veracity…including Ramtha being drunk (wine ceremony)slurring his words, and acting aggressive and boastful. She certainly lives a high lifestyle. I admit I was very disappointed with all of it. Before one makes a commitment to RSE, I would thoroughly explore this website: Nothing new is taught at that school. One just has to do the research. I prefer Esther Hicks(Abraham) as a channel. Personally, I think “Ramtha has left the building.”

    1. One would be wise to form
      One would be wise to form one’s own opinion from personal experience, and even then keep an open mind, lest they find themselves in a swathe of consensus judgements.

      Thank you Whitley, Anne, and JZ. I could listen to your wisdom for so much longer! I’m very grateful to each of you for your time, effort, and love in sharing your personal truths.

  9. My fellow-Dreamland fans are
    My fellow-Dreamland fans are very informative. We are here to share with each other, as we aspire to the same result: ascension, light body; but, each path is unique. So we share to save one another from unnecessary hurt that false information could bring. I appreciate you so much. Thank you. JZ’s interview was enlightening and very confirming for my journey, but I too pause at those who lay claim to unveiling ‘firsts’.

  10. 1 Cor 10:14 (NIV) Therefore,
    1 Cor 10:14 (NIV) Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  11. Humberto, I think you may
    Humberto, I think you may have swallowed one too many bibles 😉

  12. Humberto, I make that 10
    Humberto, I make that 10 cents, although the last 8 were wasted 🙂

  13. We deleted all but one of
    We deleted all but one of Humberto’s identical posts.

  14. I was interested to see what
    I was interested to see what sort of response this program would get. JZ is obviously very controversial, and often people assume that the presence of a guest on Dreamland is an endorsement of some kind, especially because the format of the show is designed to allow guests to speak their mind without challenge. This is why we choose guests who generally get challenged everywhere they go, and spend most of their time defending themselves rather than telling their story.

    I try to be a neutral, inquiring and gently supportive interviewer, and in that way enable the guest to relax and tell us what they really think and feel. This has been the Dreamland format since I took over the show 15 years ago.

  15. Whitley,
    That is the thing I


    That is the thing I appreciate most about you, is your interview style. No one else comes close to the way you interview. Thank you again.

  16. I’m a student at RSE and
    I’m a student at RSE and speaking from personal experience I can tell you that Ramtha pushes the students prejudices buttons – how else are we going to own the limited aspects of our personality if they stay unchallenged? Ramtha teaches ‘the power is in you’ and in my opinion that’s the reason both he and JZ are controversial – for if we all took total personal responsibility for our lives, people then must step out of blame and into their own power… how does that Marianne Williamson poem go? And who really owns that fact?

    Whenever people make judgements based on another’s view and not their own experience, ignorance is destined to be recycled and nothing new is being created. I cannot recommend the school more highly. I am so profoundly grateful to both Ramtha and JZ for teaching me such wonderful and empowering knowledge and disciplines that have shown me the truth of the statement “Behold God” (referring to that which is in us all), and “the power is in you”. I know of no medium or teachings anywhere that teach the common person how to get right to the application of such truths.

    RSE is the greatest blessing in my life. I’ve learned how to rewrite my programming and how to do and become the wonderful, but as it’s said, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. There is no Idol worshiping – that would go against the everything taught there! I also admonish people to consider how their own conversations might appear when taken out of context and to stop looking to others for their opinions. Who cares about opinions? Who really wants those neural nets of limitation? Go for it, it’s nothing new. I want extraordinary experiences! I want an amazing future and I’m there.

    We’re all responsible for what we allow and don’t allow ourselves to experience. There are no limits…except those we place upon ourselves. Just make certain that you’re expanding your own mind and so experience, and not settling for someone else’s box.

    Linda (from Australia)

  17. I believe in a strong
    I believe in a strong personal spirituality and that enlightenment is within our grasp, in fact, it is our right. I have always been curious but could never commit myself to a single path because I knew I had to find my own road. Now, for someone else, that may not be the way.When I encountered RSE, I approached it with an open mind. I found that nothing was particularly new or inventive….certainly not as rigorous as the exercises taught by Franz Bardon, among others. I passed the tapes on. Then my acquaintance sent me a more recent tape. This was the one where Ramtha(JZ) was visibly drunk and obnoxious. I’m sorry…this does not “fly!” I don’t care who your are or what you think you are. It is what it is…..40 years of “channeling ” or not. I researched the subject on the net. One expects criticisms when one puts forth such an experience, however “Enlighten Me Free” is an eye opener. I would never attend RSE.

    I must say that I love The Unknown Country and Dreamland. I have come to learn so much valuable information. It is a great show!

  18. She was outed as a fraud over
    She was outed as a fraud over a decade ago. For example, one of her close associates, the novelist Taylor Cauldwell, wrote in her book “Dialogues With The Devil” about how Lucifer bragged of corrupting the denizens of a fabulous planet called Melina. It just so happens that Ramtha, in one of his lectures (I listened to a number of the tapes years ago) spoke of a fabulous planet called Melina. Additionally, when actress Shirley Maclean consulted Ramtha as to whether or not a thoroughbred she was considering buying from JZ was healthy and should she buy it, Ramtha told her the animal was healthy and advised for the purchase. Shirley bought the horse and it dropped dead about a week later. For this patent fraud to be given time on this show is an insult to the money I paid for the subscription. I am appalled.

  19. Yksinäinen Varis I agree
    Yksinäinen Varis I agree with your statement. JZ created a real mess with the horses. They were Arabians. I had an Arabian and remember Jeff Knight as a trainer. On the subject at hand….one of the traits of enlightenment is compassion. Ms. Knight lives quite “large.” I have read heartbreaking accounts of people who have had financial hardship, families torn apart, even deaths that were the result of involvement wit RSE. Yes, we are all responsible for our lives. Some people are just not wise enough to work their way through situations. It is sad that the “thirst for knowledge and power in one’s life should lead down such a path. One of these days her team of lawyers are going to make a mistake and the flood gates will open.
    Whitley and Ann do present some very special people and they do so with a fair and open style. They show us what and who is out there and for that I am so grateful, however, I’ll stick to Jim Mars, Starfire Tor, John Hogue and the fab Linda Moulton Howe et. al. One receives real information from them…not some razzle-dazzle B.S.

  20. It is puzzling as to what was
    It is puzzling as to what was Whitley thinking.

  21. In my quest to explore all
    In my quest to explore all aspects of enlightenment and truth from many sources, I ran across Knight and Ramtha, watched some interviews and read her first book. I can’t help but think there is some truth to her channeling, and her message of what has come to be called the Law of Attraction. But oh my goodness, her personal ego is such a distraction! Why should she need to fill a huge hall with the trappings of a pep rally, flaunt herself in her flowing robes, with Las Vegas-type show lighting and sound effects? And why must she insist that she and Ramtha are the only legitimate channeling team? As others here have pointed out, there are Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts/Seth, Esther ‘Abraham’ Hicks and many others who have successfully shared messages from beyond our dimension without the need for flashy exhibitions and the collection of expensive fees. Many of her students insist that they have experienced positive changes in their lives following her/his instruction, but that can also be accomplished in a much more modest, humble environment that does not possess this cultish adoration of the teacher.

  22. I’m actually glad that
    I’m actually glad that Whitley had JZ on and we all heard what she had to say without being subject to instant argument and ridicule.

    That said, JZ is the Liberace of the New Age movement and I personally believe that she sometimes channels some entity but WHO and WHAT is the question (and it isn’t some Lemurian warrior who seems to know everything).

    To find the truth always look at someone’s actions and not their words. JZ talks a good game, but she and her organization seem to be very akin to Scientology where her aim is to separate followers from their money so she can live super extravagantly. She lives in a 13,000 sq foot house and lives like the King of Siam—where does that money come from ?? How can a person so “enlightened” be such an extreme materialist which is the exact OPPOSITE of what all of the great masters have taught ??

  23. From 1985 until the end of
    From 1985 until the end of the 80’s, I listened to loads of Ramtha tapes and watched many videos of the seminars. At some point in one of these, Ramtha said he would not be channeling much longer. After a period of studying other channelers, I was extremely surprised to learn that not only was JZ still channeling, but also that she had established the School of Enlightenment, which seemed to me to go against all that Ramtha had taught during the early years. When I learned more about what went on at the school, I was sure that Ramtha had stopped channeling, as he said he would do, and that she was faking it. However, I believe the original Ramtha material was legitimate, and in fact was far beyond any spiritual material I’ve encountered since then. I would highly recommend finding his original teachings, through the 80’s. They’re fabulous, unique, and life-changing!

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