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Matthew Fox, one of the great spiritual leaders of our time, discusses his new book Meister Eckhart: A Mystic-Warrior for Our Times, as well as his own transcendent vision of Christianity. This interview explores faith and his stunning vision of the Christian experience. Whitley and Matthew begin with a stunner of a discussion of Meister Eckhart’s great sermon, “God Laughs and Plays.” This sets the tone for a joyous exchange about deep matters of faith and the true meaning of Jesus’ message. There is a reason it was called ‘good news!’

In the book, Matthew Fox imagines meetings between great modern thinkers such as Carl Jung, Black Elk, Rumi and many others. Dr. Larry Dossey says “In this book, Matthew Fox, one of the gigantic Christians of this century, present Meister Eckhart, one of the gigantic Christians of the ages, in dialogue with some of today’s best minds. The result is a stunning new vision of Christianity.”

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Next week on Dreamland: Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Dr. Strassman returns with a ‘general theory’ of what is happening to his test subjects!

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  1. The three of you were just
    The three of you were just wonderful! A timely topic one of Whitley’s best interviews. I have to listen a third time now on the speakers. I wish all phones would be of good audio quality! Are we sure that the recording circuitry of the input and output for the phone signal of the guests can’t be improved at some point? I have thought about it and I realized that a show originating from the UK that Whitley has been a guest on before always has a consistently high audio quality podcast/mp3 for the guests who are interviewed by phone as well. The Unexplained with Howard Hughes who also works for the BBC. Howard recently mentioned that he uses a microphone which costs 69 pounds Sterling, so I think whatever he interfaces the phone calls with is probably not expensive either.

    1. The Unexplained is a much
      The Unexplained is a much higher quality of audio recording and takes up much more space as an MP3 file. Whitley has always used inferior recording frequency, I suppose to save file space. It is a matter of more than just a microphone. It takes a knowledge or recording as well.

  2. I like this…..(Edgar
    I like this…..(Edgar Cayce)…..

    TEXT OF READING 3003-1

    36. For if ye lose that ability to laugh, ye lose that ability to be joyous. And the religion, the principle of the Christ-life is joyous!

    37. For, remember – He laughed even on the way to Calvary; not as pictured so oft, but laughed even at those that tormented Him. This is what angered them the most.

  3. I don’t think Whitley has
    I don’t think Whitley has ever acquainted himself with The Urantia Book and the truth of Christ’s life. even the so called “missing years”.

  4. md -The Urantia book was a
    md -The Urantia book was a HUGE read, but the 750 pages on the life of Jesus was like food to a starving man…I savoured all of it…time to reread…

  5. Md, who are you to decide
    Md, who are you to decide whether or not Whitley has acquainted himself with anything? You arrogantly assume that the Urantia book is the end-all-be-all of existence while at the same time you insinuate that you yourself hold the truth of Christ’s life. If you happen to know the truth of Christ’s life, please do educate all of us on the matter.

  6. Also make sure the guests do
    Also make sure the guests do not use their speakerphones. Matthew sounds like he is on a speakerphone. Whitley’s side of the conversation always sounds good. So we don’t need a larger file size. It is the guest’s side of the conversation that needs more attention.

  7. It could be the software used
    It could be the software used to record these interviews, which causes the lopsided nature of the sound quality. If Whitley is interviewing through Skype, the software might have a better sound quality (AAC) on the side of the software-owner/interviewer. I have the same issues when recording with the software I use on Skype.

  8. These discussions were
    These discussions were compelling. My serious, even stern, Lutheran upbringing did not leave much room for laughter. Because of that, I was startled the first time I heard Tibetan monks “giggle.” Since then, I have thought about the relationship of joy with the spiritual and realize (and keep learning) that joy and love are important parts of the spirit (along with compassion.)

    Lessons, lessons, lessons… 🙂

    Thank you Whitley and Anne for such thoughtful discussions.

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