Following last week’s mind-opening interview with Andrew Collins, on this week’s episode of Dreamland with his co-author Greg Little, we go deep into the issue of how transdimensional intellligences have operated to change human civilization in the past, and how they are still at work. Greg is an experienced psychologist,read more

Andrew Collins joins us on Dreamland to discuss recent findings relating to the evolution and history of shamanic practices, as depicted in his new book Origins of the Gods (written with Greg Little). He sheds light on the discovery that shamanic practice dates back over 200,000 years instead of theread more

Dreamland favorites Andrew Collins and Greg Little have teamed up to create an epochal book about the mysterious pre-hominid people known as the Denisovans. We travel from Siberia through a fantastic cataclysm that brought the last ice age to it violent end, to Gobekeli Tepe and the mysterious, fantastically fortifiedread more

We reprise a vintage Dreamland from 2002, explorer Greg Little’s first visit to Dreamland! He reports on discoveries made in South America that support the predictions of Edgar Cayce. This remains one of our most fascinating lost history shows.

Find out more about Greg and his work at the AREFoundation website. Click here. To get Ancient South America, click here.
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