Dreamland favorites Andrew Collins and Greg Little have teamed up to create an epochal book about the mysterious pre-hominid people known as the Denisovans. We travel from Siberia through a fantastic cataclysm that brought the last ice age to it violent end, to Gobekeli Tepe and the mysterious, fantastically fortifiedread more

We reprise a vintage Dreamland from 2002, explorer Greg Little’s first visit to Dreamland! He reports on discoveries made in South America that support the predictions of Edgar Cayce. This remains one of our most fascinating lost history shows.

Find out more about Greg and his work at the AREFoundation website. Click here. To get Ancient South America, click here.
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Was there ever a science of the soul, and even a craft or art of purifying the soul and making it ready for its post-life journey? Greg Little believes that this is exactly what he’s found in his decoding of the soul knowledge of the Mound Builders. Listen as he explains his findings to us, and points us on a stunning new path of the soul.
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Greg Little has unlocked an ancient secret of immense power: the journey of souls as it was understood by the enigmatic Mound Builder people whose civilization predates that of the people we know today as Native Americans. Greg’s work appears on APMagazine.info. Listen as Greg describes the journey of the soul after death as they understood it–a journey, like that described by so many other ancient peoples, westward and into the stars. But they weren’t supposed to understand what stars were. And why did they imagine we have a soul? Provocative, enlightening and wonderful interview!read more