Yorkshireman Paul Sinclair is back with us on Dreamland, fresh from more adventures in the extreme high strangeness regions of east and north Yorkshire. Join us on a journey along foggy cliffs and down into haunted tunnels beneath an “abandoned” RAF base where Satanic symbols cover the walls. UFOs bigger than battleships, terrifying creatures haunting the moors–it’s all here in this show AND in Paul’s expertly researched Truth Proof 3.

Paul is the kind of researcher we love on Dreamland. He doesn’t just sit in a room reading, he gets out and walks the paths of strangeness and interviews the witnesses…and on the way has some extraordinary adventures himself.

Visit Paul at TruthProof. Go to his YouTube Channel.

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  1. Great show! You get a lot of information from Paul Sinclair, as he talks fast and nonstop, and is always interesting. I was struck by the many correspondences with the fairy faith. For example, the lights were “herding the deer”, an activity attributed to the Good People. It also reminds me of Andrew Collins’s book “Lightquest”. What do you think of his thesis that the lights are intelligent plasmas?

    1. Hi Phil, it is interesting that you talk about Andrew Collins. He has visited me a few times this year and we plan on working on a few things later in the year.
      Thank you for the kind words.

      1. Fantastic show, always look forward to hearing Paul speak. A fantastic researcher and an even better author and narrator. Helps that he is a fellow Northerner as well lol

    2. Met Paul while visiting Bempton this year. The area around the cliffs is so atmospheric and strange. We saw two owls (apparently significant, though hardly unusual I guess) and my son said it didn’t feel quite right there, either.

    3. or intelligently controlled. this plasma could also represent a kind of technology. like we use drones whatever is involved here may be able to create complex multi function plasma probes. and they may have a psi component like a thought form as their programming. after all more advanced beings or more spiritually advanced would know its all i information and energy and that matter is an illusion of our perceptions.

  2. I like listening to Paul Sinclair. I enjoyed the interview. The cryptids you guys touched on sounded like gnolls, a large humanoid canine. You can find them in adventure stories and D&D type of games. This returns to a post I left earlier about having an “open door” situation. But these “cryptids” seem to be lower vibration. AND….. if we revisit the manifest biz, I wonder if these things are being created by energy forming at a different level. (just train of thought)
    Good stuff.

    1. To add to this… another thought.
      What if ….
      So many times Ive heard of “screen memories” and the like. What if those sightings were a different entity disguising itself as a gnoll for protection; as in broadcasting an image that one picks up. It could have pulled the image from someone previously and used it. Wouldn’t something that big leave tracks behind?
      I dont want to muddy the waters, but its the “possibilities” that we might miss.

      1. Hi HG, your thoughts on this are just as valued as my own. It is hard to imagine how these things are managing to avoid detection. Or the science that allows it to work. All i know is that people keep reporting that they are seeing creatures that should not exist. People from all walks of life, people with no connection to each other. For that reason alone I accept their reality.

        1. Author

          This is one of the most fascinating parts of the whole experience, and, in fact, of human life. There is literally a gigantic tradition of this sort of manifestation, going back across our history.

          I think that what is happening now is that we are getting past the mythologizing of the phenomenon simply because we don’t understand it, and attempting to look at it more rationally. And what to do we see?

          Guys like Paul on the cliffs in the night, and the unexplained lights, that’s what we see. Maybe not unexplained forever, though.

          1. That is a great way of looking at what is happening Whitley.
            The ancient peoples of the world also saw and experienced these unexplained phenomena. They accepted its reality, without understanding how or why it was possible. Perhaps we have become over qualified in our belief that science can answer everything

  3. very interesting… the “intelligent light” reminds me of John Keel’s worked. Shared on FB…

  4. So how do the underground bunkers that have Satanic symbols relate to a UFO? I guess I missed it in interview which was indeed interesting, I don’t think there are multiple universes or parallel worlds. Just one reality that we as humans only get to see and use a part of because of frequency selection. The Short Lane is an example of a place where other parts of reality down shift and we have access to them. The aliens and spirits of pretty much told us this is how it works.

    And thank you so much for not wasting time reintroducing the guest over and over though saying Truth Proof was a little much – I think I got it by the ninth time!

  5. Paul, have you ever been hypnotized? It might be an avenue that could help explain the holes in your back.
    Also a lot of your experiences have happened to Linda Moultan Howe. You two should get together.

    1. Hi Eugene, no never been hypnotised. I would like to remember more.
      I spent some time with Linda Moultan Howe last year when she came over to talk at the awakening conference. However i do not think working together is an option due to the distances involved.

  6. Fascinating show, good to hear a Yorkshire man on Unknown Country again.

    In September here in Richmond, North Yorkshire, at around 4.35 am I was out walking and stopped to look up at two extremely bright white lights in the sky, both were not moving then over the course of about 15 seconds still motionless they faded to the size of the distant stars in the night sky.

    I’ve also read a report that back in 1965 one of the first flying triangles sighted in the UK was seen flying low over the moors just outside of Richmond. The triangle then lifted up very high to join, 9 or 10 other objects flying in a v formation. It was reported that the triangle was about 100 feet long.

    Definitely going to get Pauls books and watch his films.

    1. Hi Stephen, feel free to contact me, I would love to hear more about your sighting.

  7. Hi Stephen, feel free to contact me, I would love to hear more about your sighting.

  8. For some reason, I thought it might be interesting to see if I could find a map of ley lines in England,connecting ancient sites. Interestingly, I found one that included the Rudston Monolith (the tallest standing stone in the UK) that Paul mentioned , which appears to have five lines radiating from it. I wonder whether the ancient stone was placed there because that place has been known throughout the ages as a source of energy or unexplained phenomena. I also found it curious that there is a military base close by, that has been known for experimental radar transmissions. I wonder if there was some kind of clandestine attempt to use the radar to re-open a portal, or stimulate the ancient energies in that location….or perhaps to further investigate the orbs that have been seen in the area… probably for longer than we realise.

  9. Really interesting. Seems the description of the crouching creature is very close to a classical werewolf. After all, where do we get these ideas from? Do we totally imagine them, or do we see something that fires our imagination?

  10. Hi Paul, great show! I was wondering, did the three holes on your back appear arranged in any particular configuration?

    1. Hello Vinny, I have to say no. Although i suppose 3 of anything, unless in a line forms a triangle of sorts.
      But one thing i did not say when I spoke with Whitley was that their was traces of ash on my back. My wife Mary saw it when i was sat in the edge of the bed.
      Please be sure that no one smokes in our home.
      Hope that helps.

  11. Author

    My experience of one apparent hybrid was that he smoked constantly, like a person with schizophrenia might. There is also a long tradition in the Americas of contacting the spirit world with tobacco, the smoke of which is supposedly the only thing they can detect from our reality, and which they hunger to experience.

    I go into this issue in depth in A New World. My thought is that the ash on your back is further evidence that you really did experience an unusual visitation that night.

    Nobody ever said that this stuff wasn’t going to be darned strange!

  12. Great show great guest.

    I kept falling asleep at the exact same moment in the show, right before the gray creature story. Finally, my 3rd or 4th time listening I stayed awake. The gray creature story was tantalizing and I’m not sure it was just a coincidence that I kept falling asleep before it. Like I was trying to block it out on some level.


  13. i wonder if the locals have been warned to shut up about it. i also wonder if there are guards for the area who look to dissuade the wandering curious from entering. if this is an area with a powerful vortex then for sure the military would not really disengage but constantly monitor.

    i had an experience once where after a night of camping me and a few friends walked out of this national park and almost at our cars, this man comes out of the trail we didnt see before, this was in fall, get this, with an electric leaf blower, and starts warning us about peoples cars being damaged by people making drugs in the park slashing tires etc. now as he was talking i was staring at him intently.

    my first thought was, whats with the silly electric leaf blower, no structures for miles, and its fall and the trails would never be clear-able with that and why bother. he also came out of no where. we didnt see him on the trail. and this bull story about why we shouldn’t park there. this is in MD. not arizona the durg corridors are real but it was a stretch in our area. it just didnt compute.

    as we were walking out though i did notice this fire road with lots of very fresh truck tracks going into a fenced of area on the top of the mountain. and it looked like alot of trucks were using the road, heavy ones, not pickups.

    so sometimes these areas can seem abandoned but really are anything but. and some times seeming locals can be more than that. you get super creep-ed out when you come across this kind of thing. something just smells wrong.

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