Yorkshireman Paul Sinclair is back with us on Dreamland, fresh from more adventures in the extreme high strangeness regions of east and north Yorkshire. Join us on a journey along foggy cliffs and down into haunted tunnels beneath an “abandoned” RAF base where Satanic symbols cover the walls. UFOs biggerread more

UK UFO researcher Paul Sinclair returns to Dreamland with a group of truly remarkable stories, most notably a recent incident in the small community of Wiltsthorpe. This extraordinary incident started just last May and is continuing. You will not often have heard a story like this, covering a complex new incident so thoroughly. Paul concentrates on just a small part of the UK, primarily part of Yorkshire. What is so interesting about Paul’s work and this show is that there appears to be a connection between his interest and the fact that the events keep developing.read more

One of the very rarest things that we see in the close encounter experience is a witness who actually has verifiable evidence of his claims. Such a witness is Paul Sinclair, this week visiting Dreamland for the first time, and talking not only about his own experiences, but about the extensive research he has done into some very eerie and disturbing events in the region of England where he lives. This is unique, absolutely fresh and new programming. You will never have heard anything like it before. And when, in the second half of the show, he gets into what his research has uncovered, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for one very, very memorable journey into some deeply hidden information.
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