Kathleen Marden, the neice of famed abductee Betty Hill is not only a close encounter witness herself with numerous multiple-witness experiences, she is also among the world’s leading researchers into the field. As director of experiencer research for MUFON and a member of the board of CE3 research group FREE’s board, she has her finger on all the latest findings about this most complex and mysterious of all human experiences.

Here, she tells the haunting story of “Matt,” who sought contact and got it to the point that he was able to take pictures of unusual craft, one of which is reprinted in the book.But he was not prepared for the overwhelming power and intensity of the experience, and his tragic story illustrates why it is so important to be prepared for contact, and be ready to face it with every ounce of strength, insight and understanding that we possess.

In the third half hour, she tells her own amazing story of lifelong multiple witness contacts, including experiences with her friend and co-author Denise Stoner. Then she drops a real bombshell. Think that the research at the NIDS ranch Utah was funded by billionaire Robert Bigelow? That’s what we all thought. Get ready for a BIG surprise!

To listen to Kathleen’s totally incredible previous Dreamland, “The Most Startling Abduction Cases Ever Reported”, click here.

To get Extraterrestrial Contact, click here. Visit Kathleen at her website, Kathleen-Marden.com. To find out more about MUFON’s programs for close encounter witnesses, click here.

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  1. Wonderful interview. Her voice has a very soothing, loving, exceptional healing quality. A gift for us all.

  2. That was one of the most important interviews I’ve ever heard. …..Time to tune in our minds for real ‘communion’ with positive entities._TC

  3. Just when the second crackling on the line started (15:27) and Kathleen said “Someone doesn’t want me to…”, my streaming of the interview stopped and wouldn’t start again!

    1. Author

      If you’re on an Apple mobile device, there could be an ordinary explanation for this, which is that you don’t have enough available memory for the stream. To get around this, get the free File Manager app, go to Unknowncountry through the app, log in, and stream from within the app.

  4. 1st___ All the 70,000 listeners who ride on the backs of the subscribers should know that they do not know what they miss by not subscribing.
    They miss a lot of important info.
    Unless you cannot afford it, shame on you. This site needs you monetary backing.
    Secondly a lot was refered to about dimensions.
    Mathematically each dimension is 90 degrees to the previous dimension. They all inhabit the same space.
    Our visitors may not be visiting. They already occupy the same space.
    One way of looking at it is time and reality is at the first dimension. A point. An anchor to the rest.
    Let us represent that with a radio. Getting to all the other dimensions is merely tuning the radio dial. Simplistic but the best way of explaining it in a 3rd dimensional reality.

  5. yeah.help out witty and his staff before it gets shut down. stop being freeloaders like our politictions.cmon.5.00 bucks month.really!

  6. What a great interview this was! Kathleen was a guest on a popular radio show not too long ago but between the commercials and interviewing style it barely scratched the surface content-wise.
    Listening to her here was a much different experience…It was far more in-depth and allowed us to hear Kathleen’s own background and experience.

    I would love to hear her more often here… thanks for a great show,Whitley!

  7. Very disappointed. Next to nothing about her book or what someone abducted should do. And do you really need to reintroduce her so many times to subscribers?

    1. Have you thought about buying the book anyway, or has the interview put you off that?

  8. Without a doubt one of the best shows on Dreamland in some time. Thank you very much for this one. I’ve ordered FREE’s book and look forward to reading it this winter. The sample reading on the website indicates it’s very clearly written and will be a good read.

    Re: how many free listeners there are compared to subscribers…this is sad and disappointing. But the takeaway may be, with so many listening, why give it away? Perhaps you can limit how many free listens a person can get a year. Like the NYT or Wa Post or other major online papers, it’s possible to say “No more free shows for you.” Clearly there’s interest, but clearly, they’re getting too much free to justify paying for more. They don’t know what they are missing, but that’s the problem…they don’t know. So they won’t pay. See the conundrum?

  9. Such a good show! Solid, thoughtful interviewing is why I come here. Whitley is so in-depth knowledgeable, and so is Kathleen Marden. I also don’t understand why he gives so much away free. But I guess he wants to spread the word.

  10. Maybe as an experiment, the interview could be split 50/50 (non/sub), or even 25/75, rather the current 66/33 split.

    Also more Subscriber Specials might help… the last one of those we had, was nearly six months ago.

    I also like the idea of it being a video interview, as suggested. Also how about offering a promo code for any books that are being discussed… Is that possible on Amazon? Or a limited number of signed bookplates by the guests, that can be bought by subscribers for a small fee, or even given away, first-come-first-served?

    Or how about getting the UC store up and running, where subscribers can buy awesomely cool Dreamland related stuff, that non-subcribers can only dream of… unless they subscribe 😉

  11. I’m not sure whether this is the best place to ask this… but regarding the new book ‘A New World’, does it address why we would even want to initiate contact, or does it assume that is somehow self evident… as in, ‘if you need to ask, then…’?

    It sounds to me that it might need a ‘reader beware’ warning… as once that door is open, closing it might be harder than they realise.

  12. Author

    It does address this issue but in the sense that we are already in contact. Millions of people are. The question is what to do with it? How can we respond in a way that makes it valuable and useful to us?

  13. There is no other show like Dreamland. I wish all listeners would subscribe and support this important and extraordinary podcast. This was another great one.

  14. I recall the Stoner/Marden interview some years ago.
    “Hit the nail on the head” for me. about 15 years ago, i had a dream that was a bit disturbing. I got up and walked into the living room. There were several “small grey” types moving around like they were working dashboards. I was SO happy to see them simply because as a teenager I read the books. I started saying, “I see you!” while emphatically pointing at them.
    Then one scurried over to me. He was wearing a blue turtleneck(go figure) and he hit me with what was like high beams from a tractor trailer. BANG. I woke up in the bed again. Heres the deal, they appeared like your reflection when you look into a pane of glass. Transparent as Whitley said. So amazing. I assumed that they were “between realities.”
    gawd knows how many times Ive told that one.
    I liked the interview, well done.

  15. I put my arm around one and touched its clothing and “face” or mask. It was as physical and solid as a person is able to discern. And then it faded away after a time. During the fade out there was a period of time during which it was translucent.

    So fade in and out rings true for me.

  16. I had a hyper vivid dream once, where half a dozen hooded figures were stood in a line, watching what I would do with a landed disk shaped UFO in the back garden. I instinctively knew the figures were projections… I thought holographic at the time but maybe the source was another dimension, rather than a close-by ship. Who knows. Then another vivid dream I saw three greys ‘beam’ down outside the front of the house. They had previously invited me onto a UFO that was hovering in the darkness over the house… but after being initially excited, there came a wave of fear… the offer was immediately retracted. I mentioned to someone in the dream that I still secretly wanted to go… which is when they surprised me and started materialising. I was actually pretty angry, as I took this as invading my dream, uninvited and shouted at them in rather colourful language to erm… ‘go away’. Which they did. The interesting thing was, that had they completed their materialisation, their feet would not have been touching the ground.

  17. as a follow up, I had a “what if” moment this morning concerning supernatural AND ufo incidents.
    What if:
    When they pass thru that “veil” or barrier, as stated, molecules/atoms are aligned in a certain pattern. given that, a doorway is created with this reality. ok, once they leave do they close the door? (its only courtesy) Heres the rub: what if they dont and (for a lack of a better term) the veil or barrier has enough open for an energy being to pass in and out like say…. a ghost or other “paranormal” being. if they are passing thru it as an energy being, why not others? NIDS ranch stuff… the dire wolf literally vanishes without a trace.
    Just a thought.

  18. Author

    I could not agree more! Why not us? There MUST be a way.

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