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Nancy du Tertre asks, can aliens speak our languages, can we understand them? We need new discoveries
about communication between us and this provocative unknown.

Could it be that there is a single, powerful message being communicated across the whole experience? If so, what is it? And what role does telepathy play? Mind control? What are ‘downloads’ and who gets them?

There is far too little discussion of this most basic of all contact issues: is there communication, and what does it mean?
Nancy du Tertre is a Princeton graduate, a securities litigation attorney and a remote viewer trained in military CRV methods. She has thought deeply about the problem of alien human communication, and how we can approach it. She has some answers, and they are provocative and urgent.

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  1. Great show. 961196
    Great show. 961196 Thishtor ta neesh ah. Have no idea what that is but came to me during show.

  2. Highly entertaining. Plus
    Highly entertaining. Plus learned a bit, which I expect was your underlying intention. You are a superb writer.

  3. Wow! Exciting and lush trip
    Wow! Exciting and lush trip through the horrors of passion and greed, in Love.
    Thanks, Whitley!
    ~Merry All Hallow’s Eve~

  4. hi Whitley,
    Your guest hit

    hi Whitley,
    Your guest hit the nail on the head when she suggested asking you a question. Ms du Tertre was on Coast recently and I couldn’t get to the end of it. You drew the best out of her. How about a show with no guest, just you? I would enjoy coffee and a chat about telepathic communication, which has been a big part of my life; a topic that has been difficult for me to discuss as there is no one in my circle of friends who experiences it. Researchers do play an important role in our learning but research doesn’t trump experience.

  5. This was one of your best
    This was one of your best guests. Please have her on many more times.
    One observation to be explored.
    We communicate with pronunciation of consonants and vowels. We have developed letters to represent those sounds.
    The Egyptians, Chinese, Koreans, and many other cultures use pictograms.
    Explore this. For example. When I use Tune In Radio, I do not look for the name of the station I desire. I look for it’s logo. That logo transmits wuite a bit of info and is easier to recognize than reading.

  6. Eugene is right about
    Eugene is right about pictograms, as well as symbolism. I think a few thousand years from now, no one will be able to decipher our western culture of written language!

    Ms. du Terrier was on point, but I did feel there must be more than she revealed in the interview, but it may simply be a matter of style and presentation. My own bias may be at play, since I often feel I should be at arm’s length when people have been trained in military-style CRV. I KNOW it works, but…?

    Other suggested reading on this topic:

    ‘Learning Their Language’ by Marta Williams (Yes, this book is about communicating with animals, but it is about communicating with other species)

    ‘Listening to Extraterrestrials’ by Lisette Larkins

    Whitley interviewed both the above referenced authors in the past, so you may also want to find these Dreamland shows in the archives and give them a listen for other points of view and aspects of communication.

    On the fictional side, the ‘Area 51’ series of books from the 90’s by Robert Doherty are interesting, and there are not too many myths, legends, or symbols that are not addressed in this series. While Doherty spends an inordinate amount of time and detail on weaponry, history, and the military, and overall is not near as interesting or compelling a writer as Whitley, he does makes some fascinating connections between human cultures and ‘alien’ influence on those cultures, including religious symbols world-wide. Plus, the synchronicities that I have been experiencing while reading this series have been in, in a word, ‘weird’!

  7. Thanks, Whitley, for having
    Thanks, Whitley, for having this guest on. I was thoroughly enjoying the interview until she mentioned David Jacobs–uh oh– citing him as ANY kind of authority on anything destroys credibility, even if she was disagreeing with him. Her thoughts on different modes of communication were very interesting. As a visual a visual artist, I would also like to hear more on images as communication. Also, Whitley, I would echo the above post that we hear a program just by you. Perhaps we could send in questions…Your profound life journey and continual spiritual growth are wonderful examples of believing your own truth and exploring your own experiences without having to rely on “experts” to interpret for you. Your website and that of Jeremy Vaeni have helped me understand my high strangeness experiences more than any other. Thank you

  8. Cosmic Librarian, I’ve read
    Cosmic Librarian, I’ve read the Robert Doherty books as well and found them most compelling for the highly probable (as related) relationship between myth and reality in regard to military, humans, watchers, and ET. Highly recommended…

  9. I think I remember a time
    I think I remember a time when Whitley said “I can’t answer questions unless you ask them”. I think we should have Jeremy ask Whitley his and our questions. Last time the two were together was fascinating.

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