Brilliant and innovative researcher Laurence Galian returns with a stunning new vision of Aleister Crowley,
known in his time as "the most evil man in the world." But was he really? Maybe that was just media hype and Crowley’s own attempt to draw interest to himself by creating sensation. And just maybe, behind it all, was a very different man,, a real magician, one of the most powerful and provocative ever known.

Aleister Crowley was a showman, a show-off and, as he often claimed, the most evil man in the world. Or was somebody very different hiding behind a public mask designed to put off all except other adepts experienced in deep magic? And, if so, what can we learn from him? Next year, Laurence Galian will be publishing a groundbreaking book on Crowley, and here he gives us a preview of his breakthrough discoveries.