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People are going missing all over the United States and the world, and far too many of the cases, especially when adults are involved, are barely investigated. Last April 10, David Paulides came on Dreamland to discuss this phenomenon with Whitley Strieber. They covered only the western United States. Now Dave is back, this time bringing even more chilling cases from the eastern US. People are, in fact, vanishing without a trace and yet our government agencies say nothing. Most of these cases take place in wilderness areas and there is now no question that something very strange is happening.

Don’t miss one word of this important show. It goes far beyond where we were in April. You will learn some startling secrets about this disturbing phenomenon.

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  1. The Richard Shaver case comes
    The Richard Shaver case comes to mind every time I hear about cases like these. Shaver’s case dating from the 1930s correlates in many ways with mysterious disappearances. In 1942, Shaver accurately described craft like Kenneth Arnold reported in 1947 as well as behaviors we now call Men in Black. Shaver’s report was embraced by many who reported similar events and dismissed as lunacy by others. During the 1930s he was hospitalized with catatonia for 8 years, so severe he was not able to even feed himself. He was able to recover and return to a semblance of normal life, but his account of events was never taken seriously by the mainstream or the UFO community. I suggest Shaver’s case needs to be evaluated in light of what we now know about “others” which are known to reside in subterranean areas, such as below Mt. Olympus where the Greek pantheon was anciently reported. Shaver actually compared those he encountered to the Greek gods.

  2. 11 year gap between
    11 year gap between disappearances… could this be linked to 11 year solar cycles..?

    Could it be easier at certain periodicities to enter parallel worlds/dimensions?

    Could this entire quandary revolve around the inability of some beings to see or interact with other beings who share the same space, yet, at certain times, times connected to solar cycles, at least one of the species of being is able to see the other species and take advantage of it.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, one species is perfectly well aware of our general inability to see them and takes full and unabashed advantage of the situation.

    Is the Sun a Star-Gate..?

    We live in interesting times.

    What a fascinating mystery. Good Lord, can’t get enough of this.

  3. Which came first the
    Which came first the disapearances or the National Forests??? Perhaps these areas were set aside (by the Gov’t) for a certain reason…

  4. These scratches are a major
    These scratches are a major clue in these instances. They need to be intensively documented. I am not any sort of forensic expert (I rarely watched CSI, etc.) but there has to be a monumental amount of information here.

    Are the scratches in patterns like any sort of parallelism on the bodies – or are they completely random in direction or distribution? How deep are they, any residue discovered in the wounds, how deep or shallow. Are any parts of the body that are excluded or particuarly focused on? Did they heal normally?
    Perhaps there were marks caused by being dragged indicating the person was alive or after they were deceased. Any scratches or damage discovered on the clothes after they were discovered. Were the clothes inside-out when found?

  5. I think that so many things
    I think that so many things could be involved in these disappearances, and we could speculate and speculate and not come to any one cause.

    First off, I feel that when one is in a wilderness setting, bearings can be thrown off more quickly than we know, even for seasoned hikers and outdoorsmen. Trails can be ‘well-marked’ but if people aren’t really paying attention, getting ‘lost’ can come in the blink of an eye. With small children, it is particularly heartbreaking, but for parents who have experienced losing sight of a child, even for a moment, the feeling is one of almost instant terror. I recall one of my own children disappearing in a department store (Just think of all the places to hide while you are looking right at them. Clothing racks might as well be a forest…) As soon as I realized that I had no clue where where my 3 year-old son had gone, I immediately ran to the front of the store and got the personnel and manager to lock things down until we found my son. Within moments, a clerk was heading to the front of the store with Sam in tow, and Sam acting like “What’s all the fuss?”. He had slipped away underneath all those racks of clothes (trees) and quietly made his way over to the electronics department where he was standing on tip-toes attempting to play a video game. My point is, in a wilderness setting, there are no boundaries as there are in a department store, so I feel certain that a very young child could go totally missing in no time at all. Children do not always cry out either, especially if they are just wandering as children will do—you might even call out the child’s name and he could ignore you if he was enthralled in his little adventure.

    An excellent movie about a missing hiker, 127 Hours, was released about 2 years ago. This movie (based on actual events) documents a seasoned hiker, a young man who was used to taking off on his own for adventures in the wilderness areas of Utah. He ended up stranded in the bottom of an exceptionally narrow canyon, his arm stuck between rocks. A true survivalist, the young man did what many would dare not do by amputating his own arm, setting himself free, and finding his way back to people and assistance. He most certainly would have disappeared without trace if he had not been so fearless and resourceful (He is most certainly the exception to the rule). Rocks? Oh, yeah, easy places to get lost and go missing—they all look alike.

    There is a reason why so many native peoples do not wear colorful clothing in the wild. It’s called camouflage and it prevents you from bringing undo attention to yourself from your prey or, the flip-side, other predators. Now, if you want to speculate about who or what those other predators are, give it a go…

    I do think there are enough ‘unexplained’ missing person cases to warrant alarm, however, and the fact that our National Parks System does not feel that keeping records of these events should even be on the radar is the most disturbing aspect of all. I do a lot of hiking myself, and have hiked into some particularly rugged areas, including those with LOTS of rocks, but while I enjoy Nature a great deal, I never lose my respect for her and never lose sight of the fact that she is totally in charge, not me.

  6. just ordered these 2 books. A
    just ordered these 2 books. A few weeks ago I bought a PLB (personal location beacon) which has gps and satellite emergency signal by the press of a button. I bought the Fastfind 210 PLB which gets good reviews. I hike a lot. I’ve always been puzzled by missing people stories. A few weeks ago a young guy vanished in northern Sweden and they can’t find him despite multiple search parties. Easy terrain and short rute but he’s gone. The Alan Lamers interview is truly fascinating:

  7. eBooks… one EM-Pulse and
    eBooks… one EM-Pulse and all those so-called ‘books’ disappear. I appreciate that there is a credible, though limited, market for eBooks but, to be fair, every person I’ve spoken to about eBooks that ‘claims’ to be ‘an eBook reader’ bears a demonstrable lack of attention span, jumps from fad to fad and has, at some point, sported some kind of pony-tail. I don’t like eBooks. Fidget fidget…

    As a subscriber, I am happily going to pay for ‘The Secret of Orenda’ to be flash printed by a local printer for personal reading. I have no intention of sitting in front of my monitor to read a 300+ page book. My gut tells me that the ‘The Secret of Orenda’ is dynamite. I’m sorry Mr Strieber, but I oppose eBooks, (no surprise there). No good can come from something so easily erased by little more than the pulsed power of a car battery. eBooks are a fad; the domain of beach combers; hoarders, who almost never interact with their varied and heavily peppered gatherings.

    Just being blunt.

    I’ll happily pay £20/$30 for an official version of ‘The Secret of Orenda’. If 500 people paid for the download, then you must be onto something Mr Strieber. Please publish it through W+C. You’ll sell out overnight.

    You know, I would also happily pay in advance for it to be P.O.D’d. Give me something I can hold in my hand and smell the paper, for goodness’ sake.

    ‘The Secret of Orenda’ IS dynamite, I feel it, that is why I am paying for it to be printed for personal reading. Please don’t shoot me down in flames for speaking out against eBooks. I mean, in entirety, every carefully chosen word. God bless you all.

  8. I just want to recommend
    I just want to recommend listening to the Alan Lamers interview that an earlier commenter Frek linked if you haven’t listened to it and their recommendation wasn’t motivation enough.

    One of the best Dreamland interviews ever.

    Here is a link to the Insight piece written by Lamers:


    “He said something had bitten him on his right legs calf and then his thigh. He showed us the marks. They were huge scratches. He said he could not see what was attacking him. He said he did not want to tell us what happened because he was embarrassed. The villagers stood around us with these knowing looks while we looked at the marks.

    I asked them what it was. They did want to say, but they said he was very lucky. Usually people disappear. I was stunned. It was not a taboo. It was a serious threat.”

    “I found out he kept seeing what the Bugis call Jin Kurcaci. It means little demon people. These things do what is called “penculikan” or abduction. No one knows why they do this. But sometimes the people come back after a bit. The people or creatures who do this have a small nose and their eyes are small and black, but their mouths are very broad and when they smile it is very large compared to the rest of their face. He could not remember the color of their skin. I asked for a picture to be drawn. He managed a crude happy face with a nose consisting of a single line and a huge grimace.”

    “I keep getting told it happens a lot. I mean a lot. I did a search “Orang Hilang” or “disappearing person” and a lot of stories showed up. But the stories are in Bahasa.”

  9. Re: ebook The Secret of
    Re: ebook The Secret of Orenda
    I have to agree with Von Hausenberg and his reluctance to buy a purely digital book. Poor Whitley sounds so disappointed and puzzled about the low sales, but perhaps there are many people out there who feel as I do. The subject matter sounds fascinating, and I would certainly buy and read it if it were in print. Having worked over 30 years in a major academic library, I am privy to the pros and cons of such publishing methods. The problem lies in not having the actual item for posterity’s sake, solely “in the cloud” where it could disappear in a flash if one of these solar flares erupt! There exists the archaic but very human aspect of collecting a library of physical works to be passed along for the future generations to enjoy once this particular technology is (often very quickly!) outmoded.

  10. Hey, I’ve experienced
    Hey, I’ve experienced something. Maybe this is significant, but I haven’t heard the show yet. I’ve just downloaded it and read some comments. I walk my dog in the woods down the street from my house and a few times, I’ve got turned around and unable to find my way back. Even by using basic dead reckonning (the sun is at my back when I go out, it should be in my face when I come back), I’ve gotten lost. I’ve found that there were places that mirror other places like rock formations. Then I find strange rocks but am unable to find my way back until I drop the strange rocks. I checked Google and Mapquest for the area. Most of it is on their satellite images but in the wild areas, it looks like something is either missing or has been combined to make a coherent picture. There are random “No Trespassing” signs in some places, but they look like they were put their long ago–just to prevent lawsuits in case some relative of a lost person wants to sue. The area itself belongs to three (?) overlapping entities, mainly because nobody can establish property lines and because (or so the news says) the properties are in the estates of owners who have died and nobody’s sorted it out yet.–personally I think it has to do with random rotating magnetic fields, but who am I besides an experiencer.

  11. Picnic at Hanging rock is
    Picnic at Hanging rock is available to watch on youtube. The trailer and some interesting comments in the thread can be seen here:

    Plus_Ultra…..I borrowed …..Picnic at Hanging Rock….. from my library then viewed it last night. What a mysterious place with watches stopping at 12 noon. Did you also notice the god Osiris painted on a screen in one of the scenes. It was in a living room. Thanks for the movie tip.

    Posted by Plus_Ultra on 20 Aug 2012 at 18:49

  12. Mr Striebers’s book ‘ The
    Mr Striebers’s book ‘ The Secret of Orenda’ is brilliant. This chap needs, though, a kick up the a$$ for not even trying to self publish this book through W+C. I detest eBooks and, OK, that’s me all over, but why on Earth wouldn’t Mr Strieber even try to publish-on-demand (the future of physical book publishing). For God;s sake Mr Strieber, speak to ‘Publish America’. They’ll POD ‘Orenda’ at 8% royalties. Just try to find that deal from major publishers. Argghhh, I detest eBooks. Mr Strieber can easily sell 80,000 copies of Orenda in physical book form. I’m so mad about this shortsightedness that I could scream.

    Is no one listening to me?

  13. Who are you.?

    Who are you.?

    Blue Magic.

    What do you want.?

    To be heard and to pass on a fighting chance for survival. LIFE!

  14. I just returned from a trip
    I just returned from a trip to Iceland. I was told repeatedly that it was believed there that certain large boulders are the homes of Elves and the “Hidden People”, which are different from the Elves, and must be treated with great respect. There are stories of people being invited into the homes of the Hiddden People, and traveling inside of the boulders. Perhaps these North American experiences have some connection to what they are experiencing.

  15. I was just listening to this
    I was just listening to this information regarding missing people, especially children, and found it VERY ironic in light of all the recent news regarding Hantavirus in Yellowstone Park… it just reminds me of the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin stealing children away.

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