When Whitley Strieber read the newly revised version of David Paulides’ Missing 411, he was profoundly concerned to discover that one of the most mysterious of the cases not only took place within a few miles of his upstate New York cabin, but possibly on the same morning that the visitors asked him to go with them, and he refused.

Of course, it may not have been the same morning and it may not even have been related, but listen as Whitley and David Paulides discuss the case in detail, and draw your own conclusions about one of the most provocative stories ever told on Unknowncountry.com.

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David Paulides has published a new version of his book Missing 411 that extends his research beyond North America, to reveal that mysterious disappearances are a worldwide phenomenon. In this riveting interview, Dave tells us about some new cases he has found, including one from Iceland that is eerily similar to the Indonesian case Alan Lamers described on Dreamland in June of 2010. Together, the two cases, as well as many others, suggests that there could be another species on Earth that periodically takes human beings.read more

Whitley and Dave Paulides go deeper into the mystery of missing people. They talk about the mystery of why there was an 11 year gap in Pennsylvania when nobody went missing–and when the process resumed, children were no longer disappearing, from then on, it was adults. At once point Whitley asks the question, "is somebody building a colony somewhere?"

And yet, people, in particular children, DO reappear from time to time, and what they say about what happened to them is really very strange.

This is a riveting, incredibly provocative interview filled with totally unique information. Unforgettable.
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People are going missing all over the United States and the world, and far too many of the cases, especially when adults are involved, are barely investigated. Last April 10, David Paulides came on Dreamland to discuss this phenomenon with Whitley Strieber. They covered only the western United States. Now Dave is back, this time bringing even more chilling cases from the eastern US. People are, in fact, vanishing without a trace and yet our government agencies say nothing. Most of these cases take place in wilderness areas and there is now no question that something very strange is happening.
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