Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday June 5, 2010

Indonesia Abductions

Alan Lamers is a specialist in creating local radio stations in isolated areas, and has been working in Indonesia where he has come upon the most extraordinary abduction story that has ever been discovered. Listen as he tells us of his truly incredible findings, speaking to Whitley Strieber from Bali.

Alan is an accomplished linguist and speaks the languages of the peoples of Sulawesi fluently enough to communicate with them very clearly. He tells not only the story of the long-standing disappearances that take place on Sulawesi, but also the stunning story of a recent abduction of a group of people, the manhunt that followed, and the eventual recovery of one of them.

And then this important story goes beyond that, as it seems possible that an intentional communication could have traveled from visitors operating in one of the most isolated areas on earth right to Whitley Strieber and his Dreamland listeners.

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Read his Unknowncountry.com report from Indonesia in our "Insight" section by clicking here.

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The guy from missing 411 Puadine, I think his name is, also mentioned that a disproportiante amount of missing people were wearing bright clothing too; makes u think.

There is also a Walla Walla in NSW Australia. Home to the Wiradjuri aboriginals who inhabited this area for many thousands of years prior to European settlement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walla_Walla,_New_South_Wales

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