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Joseph Farrell tells the chilling story of his research into a vast underground of advanced aerospace technologies and hidden psychological operations. Nazi scientists, rogue elements within the intelligence community and drug cartels all figure in a nightmarish web that is pursuing an unholy agenda of world domination and the destruction of human freedom. What is weltanshauungskrieg and how does it affect your life right now?

Better listen.

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  1. As always, Whitley
    As always, Whitley contributed some interesting factual accounts and thoughtful comments. But I did not hear much of a coherent argument by the guest in either part of his presentation. All I heard were wild allusions without or with only very sparse factual references. Maybe these are reserved to readers of the book. But it would have been nice to hear in some detail about some of them. There is nothing more convincing than facts, especially if someone wants others to entertain far-out claims.

    I don’t get why it should be so telling that some SS-officer stated that it would be a good idea to undertake psychological warfare. And what’s up with the Muslim brotherhood apart from the claim that the Nazis and others we allied with them? And what are the unexlained references to Wall Street about? And why should it be ominous that Germany is the dominant power in Europe. How can it be anything else considering its population size and economic capacity?

    Nothing in the guest’s presentation makes me invest further thoughts into his claims. Nothing makes sense or fits together. But that does not seem to be a problem because the blame for this is also put on these ominous powers. They want us to be confused. Mission accomplished! Typically human. Let’s blame everybody else for the mess we are in, just not ourselves.

  2. Both of these are completely
    Both of these are completely amazing …

  3. gdwarner put up this address
    gdwarner put up this address a couple months back on the Revelations page:

    These are pretty long interviews, and one can get a lot more of the why and how of Joseph Farrell’s ideas. One has to hear quite a bit more of the man to really get where he’s coming from and why than a Dreamland or subscriber interview can possibly provide. Just a limitation of the format. Also, look past his particular politics if you disagree with some of it. It’s worthwhile, in my opinion anyway.

    1. Thanks for the shout-out,
      Thanks for the shout-out, ScorpH!

      That said, I have a playlist of paranormal podcasts with about 800 interviews, and for the past couple of days, I’ve been (re-)listening to some of the Byte Show interviews with Dr. Farrell. No commercials, ~two hours per interview … and a *LOT* of amazing info! I was listening to the “Dirty Secrets” series, and Dr. Farrell began speaking about his thoughts about the nature of the human soul. Basically, it’s a non-local field of some sort, which somehow interacts with the body, he says.

      Interesting …!

      Ms. Hughes has been interviewing Peter Levenda as well:

      The latest (and one I just downloaded, along with two of Dr. Farrell’s new ones) is about his (Peter’s) new book, “Rat Lines.”

      This one will be interesting, I’m sure …

      Finally, I have a playlist JUST for Peter Levenda and another for Dr. Farrell. One day (though “week” is more like it), I’ll listen to them all, one after the other ….

  4. Combining.

  5. Had to use the low bandwidth
    Had to use the low bandwidth version for the subscriber interview. The regular one kept causing me to get a message that a codec was needed, whether I downloaded it from the This page or the subscriber interview page. The Dreamland file worked fine. By the end of both Dreamland and the subscriber’s interview, it’s like I’m sending out an SOS to someone, hopefully a friend: “Chained down and being raped. Please advise.” That’s kind of how I feel after listening to this. Whether the Joseph P. Farrell viewpoint pans out in the end or not (he does make quite the conceivable case), I still feel like that. Personally I’m pretty sick and tired of the vast majority of humanity being chained down and raped. I suppose anger and rage are not the answers, probably indeed part of the trap, but truth be told, I am angry.

    I am constantly reminded by these scenarios of Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles where the Martians are psychologically captured by the humans (unintentional) ability to project their own fears and expectations on to them.

    The martians are compelled to become whatever the humans project – be it good or bad.

    To me this explains the weird reactions of the so-called Intelligensia. The human race is on the brink of a new paradigm but I am afraid that we will not be spiritually capable of functioning in this new realm with all the abilities that may be awakened at any moment in each of us.

    True, we are not helpless. In fact, most likely we are actually causing all of these phenomena, but does anyone know how to control it? Take for instance the universal need of humans to have in place some sort of God or parental figure. If I create my own God how do you know you will like it?

    We ourselves are the Ancient Ones…


  7. @ScorpH. If that’s the case
    @ScorpH. If that’s the case and there is more in other interviews, we are back to the question why Dreamland’s interviews do not explore guests’ positions in more depth and why we should pay for such short interviews.

    Also, it occurs to me that maybe it might be a good idea to ask guests some critical questions once in a while that put them on the spot to support their – in most cases – extravagant claims.

  8. “why Dreamland’s interviews
    “why Dreamland’s interviews do not explore guests’ positions in more depth…?”

    Evo, you have to remember that part of the purpose of the program is to entice you to buy the interviewee’s book. If this were not so, there would likely be fewer guests willing to spend any “free” time with Whitley Streiber, William Henry, etc.

  9. So, I thought about the
    So, I thought about the question below…..

    @ScorpH. If that’s the case and there is more in other interviews, we are back to the question why Dreamland’s interviews do not explore guests’ positions in more depth and why we should pay for such short interviews.

    Also, it occurs to me that maybe it might be a good idea to ask guests some critical questions once in a while that put them on the spot to support their – in most cases – extravagant claims.

    Posted by evo on 25 Aug 2012 at 17:40

    The quesation was asked of why to subscribe to UNKNOWN COUNTRY, Dreamland interviews. Here are a few of my own reasons and will probably think of many more later.

    Being a subscriber keeps this website ALIVE so others that are not subscribers might have the opportunity to hear researchers they might not otherwise be aware of. SUBSCRIBER OR NOT.

    It gives the listener a chance to hear the person being interviewed and subject matter. INTERESTED in what is being discussed and need to know more? Motivate yourself, go deeper, go online, the bookstore or local library.

    I like the interaction between subscribers and have checked into many a website or article being recommended.

    I like the idea of having a place to express my own ideas along with others from all around the planet who are also subscribers.

    It is about allowing this website to continue in spite of the fact there are those that could subscribe but do not. (Also, for those who for reasons cannot).

    It is about the many other things that do not include current interviews; for example, one perk being able to access the fountain of information from the archives.

    “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure-which is: “Try to please everybody”
    Herbert Bayard

  10. I know there is much to like
    I know there is much to like on the website and I like Whitley and Anne. But it must still be possible to state – and consider- some constructive criticisms.

    There must be a reason why so few listeners to the public portion subscribe. Remember, you don’t hear from them in this comment section.

    I think one and maybe the central way to increase subscribership is to offer interviews in the subscriber section that make casual listeners regard these additional interviews as indispensable. If other shows such as the one cited above or Coast to Coast can get guests to talk about their research for hours and in more detail, why should this not be possible for Dreamland? Most of the effort is already made. Whitley and Anne have skills and knowledge that could make these interviews the best. All it takes is some more time and incisive questioning. Why not do that?

  11. That brings us to the
    That brings us to the question:

    Why do the Comments section on this website have such LONG comments with very little pertinent content…

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