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Before it was actually unearthed, the incredible 14,000 year old structure at Gobekli Tepi in Turkey would have been considered impossible by archaeologists. Similarly, to this day some Egyptologists dispute the true age of the Sphinx, which has been confirmed by geologists.

There are many mysteries about Gobekli Tepi, chief among them the fact that its creators expended even more effort to bury it than they did to build it.

Now, something even more extraordinary, even more impossible and even more incredible has been discovered: a pyramid twice the size of Cheops–buried near Mount McKinley in Alaska. Listen to the eerie cloak-and-dagger story that emerges as Linda interviews a US Army counterintelligence agent who has a remarkable reason for believing it. as he tells of its brief public announcement on a radio program, and the years-long coverup that has haunted him for the rest of his life.


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  1. I frequently had night
    I frequently had night terrors as a child. The most intense were when I was in high school. They tapered off but contiuned into adulthood. One that happened often was of spiders walking on my bed. I would sit up in bed and see them crawling all over my bed. I also had frequent cat dreams. They ususally were biting my ankles or hands. Are cats part of abduction symbology? I also used to wake up screaming. I have never thought that I had any visitor experiences. Could these dreams indicate any connection?

  2. There’s no actual rule as to
    There’s no actual rule as to what animals constitute abduction symbology. While owls are common, I tend to get mice, I think primarily as a joke. Any symbology you get is primarily dependant on your own psychology., and what needs to be conveyed to you personally.

    While night terrors can be an indication of potential contact experiences, you have to bear in mind that that’s not the only known cause of the dreams. Look for other potential signs as possible indicators–missing time, mysterious scars, etc.

    Either way, the nightmares might be indicitive of something. Sometimes in retrospect, dreams involving fear take on a different meaning when one sets aside the fear, and looks at it’s contents objectively. Were the cats biting you for a purpose? And did the spiders’ presence also have a purpose?

  3. Anne went too far this time
    Anne went too far this time with a terrible interview. She interjected far too often her own thoughts and ideas via interruption. The interviewee cannot even complete communicating a thought. Please get her help by getting her an education or take a course in proper interview procedure. PLEASE

  4. Like MD, I found this a
    Like MD, I found this a terrible interview. Anne typically repeats all her own experiences for the interviewee as if she’s the one with the story, and after each remark she goes on and on about other people’s experiences. She needs to understand that this is an interview and not a conversation over coffee. I grit my teeth every time she interrupts and then says, “But go on” – in my head I hear, “But go on with your little story.” And knowing that she’ll just do it again 10 seconds later. By the end of half an hour we barely know what the guest had to say because Anne has talked half the time. I’m sorry if I sound mean, but obviously I’m not the only one who is annoyed because these comments have been made before and it still happens like this.

  5. I disagree. Anne is merely
    I disagree. Anne is merely enthusiastic about the subject, which causes her to almost talk over Camille in the beginning of the interview.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I legitimately feel that you are not trying to be mean, but conducting these interviews is not as easy as it seems. I speak from experience, having done a lot of radio. I like the fact that Anne goes with the flow and keeps things casual, rater than being rigid and stuffy. If something is bothering you that much, perhaps it is mirroring something in your life that is supposed to come to your attention and bring the gift of awareness. Please don’t take that as personal criticism, or condescension.. It happens to me all the time. It’s a mysticism thing.

    1. Please David, don’t take this
      Please David, don’t take this as a personal criticism but the people complaining about Anne’s interview are correct! “Mirroring something in our life that is supposed to come to our attention?” What poppycock! We only want to actually hear what the person has to say and not the interviewer. You had difficulty doing interviews because you were not good at it. Perhaps it was because you were mirroring something in your life that you sucked at. There is no mysticism about that.

      1. If you think the basic
        If you think the basic foundation of spiritual evolution is “poppycock”, I’ll leave you to that. I maintain that you are entitled to your opinion, but personal attacks are not necessary. This isn’t an AOL chatroom, or a sleazy forum. There are more courteous ways to respond to posts you don’t agree with.
        This is Anne and Whitley’s site and most of us do want to hear what they have to say. Incidentally, I did great interviews. I just said that it isn’t as easy as people think. At any rate, I’m not trying to start a battle here, so I’m not going to post further on this. We, as subscribers, are here for a reason and a certain level of decorum and respect would be more productive, considering the nature of Unknown Country.

      2. I think, David, people might
        I think, David, people might not be so perturbed if it wasn’t for the fact that they PAY for this website. People generally gripe when they don’t feel they get what they pay for, and any responsible business owner, after hearing the same complaints over and over, eventually takes those complaints into consideration.
        Ever heard Terry Gross on NPR? Now that woman can do an interview. Sadly, however, I have yet to make a contribution to NPR. Perhaps instead of renewing my subscription to this website, I’ll send the money their way.

  7. Linda’s report is astounding!
    Linda’s report is astounding! I have been keeping up with this story at Earthfiles, and I am also a subscriber to her site. What is so remarkable isn’t just the idea of a pyramid buried in Alaska, but that her reputation and integrity have allowed her to attract some real experts, scientists, and military personnel into becoming actively involved and engaged in getting to the bottom of this intriguing story. This speaks volumes about the influence of her site and her character.

    We need more sites like No frills, no ‘gee-whiz’ graphics, just great reporting on topics that most main-stream news organizations will not touch. (And no ‘cheese’ factor either!)

    Whitley, thank you for your continued support of Linda and her work, and for including her as part of your Dreamland team.

  8. Linda, thank you for this
    Linda, thank you for this intriguing report…..Someone out there must have more input to this mystery…..If you do, be brave and come forward…..

  9. I second Carollee’s statement
    I second Carollee’s statement – be brave! Someone out there knows something. I wanted to comment about Camille’s interview. I relate very strongly to her statement about needing the emotional support of a regression therapist when delving into suppressed memories. I’ve only had 3 sessions – and with a Tibetan healer who asked absolutely no leading questions. She had me write down an incident from my past that I wished to explore further, and then she would start with paraphrasing the sentence back to me (once I was regressed). Her input from then on was mostly “go on” or “where are you?” “what do you see?” Interestingly, one session turned into a very vivid and emotional past life recall. Long story short……beware of regression therapists who are strictly on the “alien trail.”

  10. So now there is a giant
    So now there is a giant pyramid in Alaska. Why? Because 1 guy says so. Bring on some evidence or more witnesses please before I will believe in another Philadelphia Experiment. I’m really surprised Linda reports such a story.

  11. Well, just curious if Linda
    Well, just curious if Linda herself, in checking her facts, bothered to look at this location in Google Earth? I mean, she doesn’t need to rely on others to provide these images, right?

    1. Also, regarding Anne:

      Also, regarding Anne:
      Her interview technique doesn’t bother me as much as her attitude that only the Striebers are authorities on the subject. Nobody is an authority on this subject, and many, MANY people have had these things happen.
      I felt bad for the interviewee who–brave in coming forward and sounding as if she was being truthful about her experience–was repeatedly told that certain things “don’t happen that way” simply because Anne Strieber never read it in a letter. Blood type doesn’t have anything to do with it, but being of Irish lineage does? Come on. People have had encounters in every part of the world, for a long, LONG time, and most of them don’t have a drop of Irish blood in them.
      I also heard her remark once that these beings only come in threes. So, if you see only two, or perhaps four, then something else must be going on, right?
      There are many commonalities in these experiences, but I think it foolish to discount anything that may diverge slightly from the typical, especially when we’re talking about encounters with beings from another realm, or space or what have you, because the whole subject is atypical to begin with.
      As much as I respect the Striebers for their bravery in being so public with all of this through the years (Whitley’s written accounts have been very important for me, personally) , they do not have a patent on the phenomena. I think it’s important that people realize the Striebers, collectively, are just one voice, not the final voice.

      1. hi piscean,
        I def agree with

        hi piscean,

        I def agree with your comment, think what you have written is perhaps what some people have thought for quite a while, but have been perhaps a bit reluctant to offend.

  12. Yes, this is a tough topic.
    Yes, this is a tough topic. Of course, I am a subscriber and have the utmost respect for Anne and Whitley. And, I don’t mean any of this negatively. But, I do wish there was more space given for the folks being interviewed to finish their thoughts before the person doing the interview interjects their point of view. I hope these comments are read by Anne and Whitley, and, again, I don’t mean them in a negative way, I know they are truly passionate about these subjects and their experiences are of course very, very valid as are their points, but, it just seems like their interview timing could use some thought. Interviewing is a technique, and, like music or anything else, if practiced in a certain way, that’s how it will always be until its practiced in a different manner. You play how you practice. I do feel that the interviewees get cut off too much….even though that is not the intent I am sure….but, I feel it is the reality. Still, I love this show and the web site:)

  13. I have been very critical of
    I have been very critical of some guest hosts regarding their irritating interview techniques and hope these will be remedied. But I have to speak up for Anne here.

    First of all, I don’t think Anne is given the respect by some commentators that is due to her. She is hosting and contributing because years of committed scientific work and unique access to abduction accounts qualify her as one of the foremost experts on the subject.

    Second, the guest, although having had abduction experiences, is grappling to find an understanding of them with the help of all kinds of interpretational assistance. I think it is absolutely appropriate that, given Anne’s expertise, she questions and provides critical comment regarding some of the third party claims and their techniques. That this might be done in a passionate and maybe impatient manner is understandable because Anne is trying to preserve the seriosity of research in this field.

    The only thing that I see as a real problem in the interview is that Anne and her guest are incredibly pressed for time to hit the salient poits in roughly 30 minutes. Why not extend the time for interviews in the subscriber section if a guest is agreeable and the subject warrants it? Anne and Whitley, you already have done all the work for the interview. Why cut it short? All involved, including the subscriber section as an enterprise, can only benefit from an extended format. It would be really great if you would comment on that thought and even better yet if you would take it to heart. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  14. Evo, the problem is that this
    Evo, the problem is that this is supposed to be an interview eliciting someone else’s contribution for the audience to hear, and not a general conversation or a therapy session. “Camille” didn’t call in to hear Anne’s story, but the other way around. Anne repeats her own story in every interview, which we, the audience, have heard in every interview. There are surely new subscribers from time to time who haven’t heard it, but there are plenty of archives for them to resource. I for one don’t need to hear how many hundreds of thousands of letters Anne has read any more. Nor her near-death experience – which is not, after all, a contact experience. So, actually, having read an increasing number of comments from people who feel the way I do, I don’t think I need any more incentive to just not listen to any more of Anne’s interviews.

    Oh, and David L – if you don’t think that was condescension you were dishing out, you should go look it up in a dictionary. It’s a hubris thing.

  15. I think this site is very
    I think this site is very inexpensive and well worth what I pay as a subscriber. I think Anne’s interviewing skills are evolving for the better. The only point I was in disagreement with her on, was when she said we can’t know and that is why we have to keep the question open. I agree that an ideology is growing up around the abduction phenomena and taking on a life of its own, whether substantiated or not. On the other hand, we do know a lot about it. We can and do know that people have screen memories, waking memories, missing time, shared experiences. There is some form of contact going on. Researchers like John Mack (and Ann and Whitley) show that it can be studied. I think we can know and we must know.

  16. @Thea, I did not hear Anne
    @Thea, I did not hear Anne talk in this interview about her near-death experience. But such experiences seem to share some similarities with abduction experiences at least in the presence of the same type of entities. So Anne’s experience would be somewhat relevant even if she had mentioned it.

    On your general point of interview technique and repetitive statements, I can agree that there is some room for improvement. I just think that this criticism can be provided in a constructive, respectful fashion. However, I also see that part of the frustration of commentators might be that Anne or Whitley very rarely post reactions to subscriber comments. That gives subscribers who care enough to voice their opinions an impression of being ignored. That is hard to understand because, with their reactions, the comment section could be a mainstay attraction of the site.

  17. The many points of view
    The many points of view mentioned here all have some truth to them. I have had the honor of meeting now many times both Anne and Whitley at their conferences, and I can assure you that Anne in this case, and also Whitley for that matter, are humble enough people to admit to failures in interviews, writings or conferences – and frankly far more than that. After watching and listening to both of them on stage at this years dreamland festival, where they discussed the book they are writing together (I want to read that one) and unloaded an incredibly personal and tender account of Anne’s illness some years back and related NDE information, along with Whitley’s deeply moving experiences in helping her – not to mention their financial hardships years ago that have played havoc with their minds, as much as their bank accounts, and let’s not forget Communions account of Whitley’s probe experience, and later humiliation from it – these are people that can take jibes, criticism and even admit at times when something didn’t come down right by their hand.

    While I can’t speak for Anne, I can tell you my opinion of Anne’s interviewing skills may not be as high as I rate her as a person, not even close, but for what and who she covers, she’s quite good, getting better like someone else said in here, and like most interviewers that are at all interesting, knows her subject matter well, tries her best to get as much as she can out of people that most often are struggling with themselves to even talk about their experiences. She is opinionated at times, and very passionate, I like her laugh and she will cut-off BS there and then, and to coin a term I heard Marla Frees use, when guests start talking like they went to MSU (making shit up), Anne’s right-on, for not wasting hers and our time with it.

    A few years ago, I had at times wondered about Anne’s claim of reading 250K Communion letters – (i heard it’s really more like 500K, by the way) and information she draws from it, like people of Irish descent being a large % of those with experiences. I mean really, show me the damn case study, show me the numbers I asked myself? After listening to her and thinking the many different issues through, while she may use that as a tool at times, show me someone that has done that, show me anyone that has done anything like that, that can then discuss it in real and comprehensive detail. Anne can. So there is no case study, and there are few, if any, in any of all this anyway. Read Dolores Cannon – and her vast accounts of her recall and experiences from regression sessions. We were not there, we can’t hear what she did, but read and cross reference and be the judge yourself. Anne blows me away at times with what she knows. Those letters in my view, to this day still contain one of the best sources of witness accounts and what they experienced on this planet. While Whitley went through and then wrote of the actual experiences, then there on the other side was Anne reading each and every response – can you only imagine what that must have been like? Anne is there working her butt off for us all – and I for on, accept her just as imperfect and being short in interviews at times, as she can be. She’s not perfect, but she is the real deal, and I’m sure she will likely reflect on some of the comments, after she calms down from wanting to poke you with a cattle prod :-), but folks, it’s 2012 finally, and it’s time we take down the shields and throw the guns away along with our snarky attitudes, and get on board with the Higher Frequencies that are penetrating deep into our Souls.

    Hell, I’m a snarky jerk at times, I admit it – but that’s not really me, and I’m done with feeling that way. Like all of you, I have dreams enough for one and love enough for three. Let’s be constructive and try and help dreamland. It’s easy to find fault, yet hard to have love and compassion for those you oppose. The Strieber’s need our support, our love and yes, even a small amount of our money. So I say stop, and maybe buy a subscription to dreamland for a friend, or better, buy it for someone that you think, possibly doesn’t like you.

    If we want to get passionate, let’s talk about Linda’s Pyramid in Alaska and why we even cover-up and classify such wondrous finds, why Sacred Geometry is not taught to our children in school, why adults generally do not understand what it is, nor the role in plays in everything and in ways that might actually Stun them, as it does me every day, as I read more. Keep up the great work…and stay frosty and patient with us subscribers.

    We know not what we do, and we do not what we say, and we live in a Dreamland every single day.


  18. I have to agree with so many
    I have to agree with so many others… MORE INTERVIEW TIME PLEASE!, why cut special inverviews at only 30 mins if both subject & host agree? I’m sure the vast majority of guests would love to chat for at least an hour!!

  19. Yes, yes, Anne has been
    Yes, yes, Anne has been through a lot, as any of us have been, really. We’re not here to cut her down as a person, just hoping the interviews will improve. I don’t think saying that is not showing her the respect she deserves. That’s why were here, for the interviews. I get excited when I get to hear a new person’s take on all of this, note the use of the word “new.”
    I don’t think this woman, “Camille,” is looking for validation, not from Anne on this podcast, anyway. It seems like she has a pretty good idea of what has happened to her. I didn’t get the sense she was waiting for Anne to say, “Yep, you were abducted.” But I did get the sense that Anne thought that, and it just sort of gets in the way when she does that to her guests. It’s not being “ugly” to bring that up, unless truth to you happens to be ugly. It’s just something to work on.

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