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This is the single best abduction story we have ever done. It is absolutely astonishing, sobering and brilliantly researched by Kathleen Marden and the witness herself, Denise Stoner.

Kathleen Marden is MUFON’s director of alien abduction research, with 23 years of experience in the field. She is also the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first abductees whose story stirred worldwide interest. Along with abductee Denise Stoner, also interviewed here, she offers us a cutting edge report on what is happening in the field, including incredible cases, information about support groups, and a general overview of where research has taken the field in recent years.

This is among the most powerful shows on abduction that Dreamland had ever done. Do NOT miss it!

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  1. If anyone tries to say
    If anyone tries to say abduction is “sleep-paralysis” they just don’t understand the latter. I’ve had several bouts of sleep-paralysis and it’s nothing like the abduction experience as I understand it. If you have any questions about my experience, I would be glad to help.

  2. When I drive my car at night,
    When I drive my car at night, once in a while streetlights tend to turn off or turn on. A light turns off, then at the next street block another turns off, then another, and then another turns on. I often dismiss it, but now, I don’t think I should dismiss it anymore…

  3. Denise Stoner’s account of
    Denise Stoner’s account of relating advanced theories about Black Holes reminds me of Betty Andreasson speaking in the ‘Star Language’ when she was under hypnosis. What a coup that would be to locate those tapes! I bet that they are ‘lost’ because they contained too much information.

    Regarding the ‘mistakes’ of some of the hybrid offspring, Whitley’s testimony leads me to suppose that these hybrids aren’t necessarily not viable but rather they cannot be used for the Visitor’s purposes. If their intention is to use these ‘Doll Bodies’ as a form of locomotion on Earth much like humans use automobiles for transportation, then they may not be able to migrate their consciousness into them to be used effectively. Possibly because at the moment of birth they become inhabited by human beings (reincarnated). That may be why they are “given to us to be raised” as Denise reported.

  4. Street Lamp Interference has
    Street Lamp Interference has been happening to me on a regular basis for years. When I first started noticing it, there was one light along a path I walked every night that would usually turn off whenever I got close to it. I started noticed other lights that would suddenly turn off right as I approached them.

    I read that the Soduim Vapor Lamps tend to cycle at the end of their life span, turning on and off more frequently. I started paying attention to the lamp I always noticed turning off and it was cycling. I attributed the light turning off to my perfect timing of approaching it right when it was about to go off. However, I began watching it from a distance and when it turned off I would approach it and then it would turn on again. If I stayed away, it would stay off.

    By that time, street lights were always turning off at night whenever I approached them. Once, I even saw four streetlights at an intersection turn off as I passed through the intersection. The traffic signals were working normally. I have had entire rows of lights turn off too.

    This stuff has continued to happen to me. I think being aware of it makes me pay more attention to it. I always say to family and friends, “did you see that” and tell them that the light just went off. Surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t aware of this.

  5. I get that effect walking
    I get that effect walking down my street sometimes… the lights go off as I approach them… the salt comment got my attention. I also crave salt in foods (result is sometimes twitchy/restless legs – knocked out in about 60 seconds with potassium)… I never think I am an abductee but last night I was just overcome with fatigue around 11 pm – early for this night person and when I woke up, I had dried blood in my nose and my gums bled when I brushed my teeth – something that almost NEVER happens. I’m also noticing my ear ringning at the moment… I definitely have had some weird experiences, makes me wonder… I wonder if we are really in the world the way we think it is or if this is all something like The Matrix… an illusion… hm.

    1. Keep the faith Lisa. I have
      Keep the faith Lisa. I have recently joined this site and happened upon your recent experiences. Well, I would share with you this, Your Instincts Are Correct. You are honest and Brave to share with others what you sense. I attend UFO conferences mainly to meet and share knowledge with those who have experienced this awakening.

  6. Here is a link to an
    Here is a link to an interesting article about black holes and entanglement.

    One of the hypotheses proposed in the paper this article is based on is that there exists an Einstein Rosen bridge (wormhole) between entangled particles. This is a link to the abstract of the paper.

    These are definitely some interesting ideas.

  7. A real waste of my time,
    A real waste of my time, despite that I listen to Dreamland at 1.5x speed because the speakers are ill-prepared and stammer a lot. At 1.5x they just stammer nervously over and over – try it.

    If you have a 30 minute show, prepare a bit and focus on INFORMATION to present, not just superlatives, blathering and tangential interruptions. There is very little actual information provided in this interview – what is there could have been presented in a few typed paragraphs instead. What little is there is just a few anecdotal stories, or really minor bits of them. And we all know the Betty and Barney story – that was decades ago!

    I suggest Whitley go through this interview and note any actual information presented and see what it adds up to, subtracting stammering, ego-driven congratulations repeated over and over, etc.

    I didn’t expect much when I saw “MUFON”, which is clearly hobbled by intelligence moles at its highest leadership.

    This level of discourse merely keeps the questions open forever so people can keep wondering, rather than moving forward in any intelligent way with real data and analysis. It makes me even doubt Whitley’s sincerity.

    If you don’t have 30 minutes worth of packed information, do a 5 minute show that simply says what you have to say, if anything. Respect your listeners’ time.

    I won’t be buying the book. The last book I bought at Whitley’s superlative-laced recommendation was This Book Is From The Future, a true waste of money and time as it reads like it was written by a grade school child doing a book report.

    Prepare some for these interviews, rather than just winging it. If you’re going to produce something, make it worthwhile, not just more static on the subject.

  8. Cheer up User1000, Christmas
    Cheer up User1000, Christmas is coming…

  9. Von Hausenberg, Thanks –
    Von Hausenberg, Thanks – Christmas is always coming. I’ve been a fan of Whitley for a long time, but this level of discourse is certainly not “among the most powerful shows on abduction that Dreamland had ever done”. There is nothing powerful about this show – it’s drivel. I’ll let you know when I see something powerful (as I have before).

    I think Whitley should drop the whole “oh you’re such a wonderful guest” routine that he uses on every show ad nauseum. Take off the gloves and ask at least a few hard questions, pressing the guest to demonstrate real expertise, not just bullshit. Focus on the material, if there is any in fact (the real problem here).

    “I saw a light in the sky” really doesn’t take us anywhere anymore, does it? If you have no new info, then admit that, go within and find something of real substance to share. I would rather just hear Whitley monologing on random stuff than this contrived nonsense. Just my opinion.

  10. I think what was most
    I think what was most interesting in this interview is not what was said, but what was NOT said. Several times Whitley asked Ms. Stoner direct questions about details of her experiences that appeared to make her uncomfortable, and she often side-stepped answering these questions. For instance, at one point Whitley asked her to describe the male being in her encounter. She never did answer this question, although at one point I heard either Ms. Stoner or Ms. Marden mention the word ‘Gray’ during the interview.

    I can only surmise that either Ms. Stoner wishes that the book be purchased to get the details, or that she is simply not at ease discussing details of her traumatic experiences with the general public. What I felt was discomfort from her. Considering her background, I would think she would be more forthcoming. The problem may be that she has more of a scientific bent and has issues discussing things that simply cannot be explained without going into her feelings, emotions, and personal perspectives of these events. I totally understand that, but if you acknowledge your experiences, and also include them in a book and on a website, you should be prepared to answer questions, especially about things as basic as the description of your abductors.

    On an emotional level, she may simply not be ready to “go there” and that is unfortunate for the listeners as well as for herself.

  11. > if you acknowledge your
    > if you acknowledge your experiences, and also include them in a book and on a website, you should be prepared to answer questions, especially about things as basic as the description of your abductors.

    And if you’re going to be interviewed, expect to answer questions and not just talk around the subject. I hear mostly talking around subjects on Dreamland, with actual new information being very rare. As a listener, how do I justify investing hours in this? It deflates to almost nothing. And I have to listen at 1.5x speed just to get a normal conversational speed from the audio.

    I should add that I didn’t listen to the subscriber interview – can’t imagine it being worthwhile after the dismal first part, despite the “Riveting information, don’t miss it!” advertisement (what Whitley or whoever says about every show and every book – kind of loses its value). I think some reformulation of Dreamland is needed, and some effort to keep interviews on topic and genuinely informative. Otherwise it’s simply uninteresting to those of us past the tittering stage.

  12. Also, I want to encourage
    Also, I want to encourage Whitley again to once in awhile have a monologue show -no guests, just a topic – or have someone interview you. Yes, you’re allowed to talk! Even pure speculation from someone as experienced and informed as Whitley is fascinating IMO. Skip the arguments over facts and use deduction and even intuition to fill in the gaps – this is true intelligence, regardless of how it enrages ‘skeptical’ blowhards who don’t want you moving forward. Enrage them! Let’s answer and confront some of these unanswerable, unavoidable questions.

    Obviously Whitley wishes he could talk more – so do so! It’s your show and frankly the guests often just get in the way of a brilliant man telling us what he sees.

    I much more enjoy Whitley the mystic than Whitley the scientist or political/social commentator. Let’s face it, there are very few emerging, useful hard facts on these subjects. Most of the puzzle pieces are on the table already. Start putting them together. I suspect they’re not going to provide any major new pieces until we process the questions they’ve posed thus far. And maybe we should pose some questions of our own, not using words, but by choosing our state of being, in that language they use. A mystical ‘knowing’, and not jumping up and down just because they twinkle some lights in the sky might be a good start – it’s time we grew up.

    Also, more of your insights on weather and earth changes would be most welcome – there is a real dearth of discussion on the weather we’re seeing. No analysis, as if they don’t even want to speculate or stir questioning.

    Finally, I recently reviewed some of the Zetatalk material. I wonder Whitley’s take on this Planet X, and what info he has seen from the visitors and their contactees. I find some of the Zetatalk material very insightful, while other parts of it indicate a mixture of truth and fiction/disinfo (very visitor-like at times – at the very least, clever).

    Thanks for your continuing efforts to explore the edge with genuine intelligence, Whitley.

  13. I never say never cause I
    I never say never cause I just can’t be sure, but it seems like both the Zeta talk and the planet x and or Nibaru scenarios are total scams. However, I always leave a door open for the black swans (as Whitley calls them) because they have and do come around in some form.

  14. I have to say that I had
    I have to say that I had really high hopes for this interview…however, the reality was, I nearly fell asleep listening to it. I was waiting to be startled by the stories but ended up wondering if the reason we were not getting any interesting information, was that they wanted us to buy the book to find out.

    But if the book is anything like the conversation and information presented here, I don’t think I will be bothering. What a shame.

    There is a lot of what has been said above by User1000 and others that I agree with. I would much rather hear some new insights of Whitley’s – maybe some information about what is going on with him at the moment and his reflections upon it?…or some details of his prior experinences that he would like to go into in more depth?

    …either way, quality counts.

  15. I liked the interview with
    I liked the interview with both women (guess I will always partial to the Hill case). Every case is one on to itself, and I like the individual details that make – well a new investigation! Every detail that comes out is paralleled but never exactly the same in each case and that’s why this book will be fascinating for us that are really into this! There doesn’t have to be a plot on these cases , there just needs to be pieces that maybe or maybe not we can make conclusions or perhaps a hypothesis on what’s going on. Anyway I hope to make part of my library.

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