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1st Half (Free Dreamland)

Edgar Cayce was the first person ever to describe himself as a ‘channel,’ and he was one of the greatest channels of all time. His medical readings are legendary, his prophecies amazing.

But who was he, really, and how did he come by his knowledge? We talk to Mitch Horowitz, who wears a hat—among many others—as an expert on Cayce.

Editor in Chief of Tarcher/Penguin, Mitch has just republished the classic biography of Cayce: There is a River, the Story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue.

How did Cayce’s medical readings work? Were they effective? Can they still be used today? And what about channeling? He coined the word to describe himself, and claimed to be accessing what he called the Akashic Record. But what is it, really? What was Cayce DOING??

Find out from Mitch in this terrific interview. Get There is a River at your local bookstore, from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and wherever ebooks are sold.


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2nd Half (Subscriber Continuation)

In the second half, for subscribers, we discuss Cayce’s prophecies, both those that were startlingly accurate and those that weren’t. We get into an important prophecy about our shifting poles that has been long believed to be among the inaccurate ones, but is coming true right now! Do not miss this important and revelatory discussion.

Also, did you know that Ronald Reagan had extensive occult knowledge? Well, Mitch is an expert in that, too, and here he tells us the remarkable story of just what the president actually knew about this hidden world.

PLUS an added bonus: Mitch, as editor of Whitley Strieber and Jeff Kripal’s new book Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained, tells why he feels it is so important. (Publication date: February 2016)

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  1. I wrote earlier to an old
    I wrote earlier to an old friend “Synchronicities abound!” as a way of reaching her ( after over 30 years) with the full intention of later explaining why I wrote. This was yesterday. I wanted to share the coincidence with her of my knowing her and a fellow researcher I have written to for years in Wigan, England.
    Today I listened to Whitley speaking with Jeremy Vaeni where much of the subject matter had to do with synchronicity and how experiencers in particular are sensitive to ‘syncho events flourishing.’ This is certainly true with myself. I’ve begun to think of myself as something of a cosmic conduit. As a researcher for over 40 years, this is a revelation.
    Maurice Desjardins

  2. Not sure what book this came
    Not sure what book this came from but I never forgot it.

    The shyest children approached him, and Cayce thought nothing of their friendliest overtures. It could very well be, he told himself with a smile, that he had known them before. One day, for instance, as he dropped into a Virginia Beach barber shop, a small boy casually climbed onto his lap.

    The father looked up from his haircut,

    “You mustn’t bother that man,” he said. “He isn’t anybody you know.” The boy’s arm tightened around Cayce’s neck. “But I do know him,” he said. “We were hungry together at the river.”

    This gave even Cayce a start. For a reading, that only his family knew about, he had seen himself in a previous life on a raft on the Ohio River, fleeing from a band of marauding Indians. The Indians finally caught up to their quarry and massacred them, which was probably just as well, for they were slowly starving to death anyway.

  3. Thanks, Carolee, that was a
    Thanks, Carolee, that was a Cayce story I did not know! I’ve always been fascinated by this remarkable and humble man.

  4. re: Whitley’s dream of being
    re: Whitley’s dream of being another person which correlates timewise with the crash of the plane in mountains of France just recently. To me, the experience/dream that Whitley relates supports my contention that advanced? souls on this world often times express themselves as more than one human. I expressed this point of view in some posts on the Discussion Board — one in a thread called The Blender Theory and another more recently which I cld not locate). Thus, I would interpret Whitley’s dream as the actual experience of a piece/extension of his soul as this other life was ending in a plane crash — rather than some kind of soul swapping experience.

    I agree with Jeremy that often the sole purpose for some odd/strange experiences is to answer a question or verify something we are thinking might be true. While it seems unlikely that Whitley has read my posts, others who have read them might benefit from this correlating event because it certainly provides some support for my statements.

    In addition, I think Whitley’s dream provides some comfort to relatives of the plane’s victims because the man who perished in the plane crash does not seem to have experienced much pain — his death seems to have been instantaneous. It also provides us a glimpse into a good way to die (move toward the light where one will be comforted by departed loved ones from our lives who help us thru the transition). This can be important because there some advice currently going around telling people not to move toward the light — and/or some people are afraid that they will be judged in the light and found wanting. Not moving into the light can trap one in a kind of in between world which is inhabited by creature beings who torture a person with his/her shortcomings thereby feeding off one’s soul energy. There is also a dark and evil technology which can bring a soul that has not “transitioned” back into the body. Be not a harsh judge of oneself — God has a very specific definition of evil — and most of us don’t fit it. In many ways the people on the plane were blessed at the last moment to know of their impending doom because a sudden, unexpected death can be quite confusing for a soul — as I know from having spent many hours helping such souls transition into the light.

    While I understand Whitley’s fear of soul swapping, I really don’t think he has cause to worry as long as he is not longing to escape his own body, be someone else, or be curious to experience such a phenomenon and continues to remain accepting and respectful of his own life/experience as it is.

    ps. I like the new audio format with Subscribers being able to access the entire interview with a guest all at once — and making the Subscriber Interview a separate experience rather than an extension. However, the page’s Comments section is still not separated. Is it possible to separate out the Dreamland comments from the Subscriber Interview comments?

    pps. I greatly enjoyed the Dreamland episode with Mitch Horowitz. I am a great fan of Edgar Cayce going back over 40 years. I found it refreshing that I cld not quibble with a single statement of Mitch’s regarding Cayce or the Cayce material. It’s good to know Whitley has such an astute representative/publisher.

  5. Whitley, thank you for this
    Whitley, thank you for this week’s shows. Great, as usual. I suggest there may be quite a bunch of folks who have had syncronicities with recent “the experience” and “dreamland” shows. Until i listened to you & Jeremy, i just figured it was enough to be aware of syncs, when they happen.

    Whitley, yours was a BIG deal! It rather demanded being noticed.

    Are we growing in our being? unified selves? encompassing more dimensions or realities? One thing seems to be true: we grow accustomed to the “more” and live within it eventually taking it for granted. Much like children learning as the grow, and don’t think about how to use forks, or talk so as to be understood. It means we are taking on/ becoming something more.
    We are not identical and thus appreciative of differences.

  6. with all due respect of
    with all due respect of course. but what if the bible stories are fiction. that is based on something that did happen but we are so ignorant of the truth! and have been lied too! possible!

  7. There’s some strange
    There’s some strange distortion during the story about the psychologist. A bit of skipping and jumping.

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