Free Dreamland is on hiatus for the Fourth of July.

For our subscribers, we return to one of the great Dreamlands: our 2002 exploration of the mysteries of ancient South America with Edgar Cayce expert Greg Little. In this spectacular 2002 show, Greg takes us into some of the strangest places in the world, deep in the jungles of South America, where a now lost world once flourished.

Learn more about Greg and his work and Edgar Cayce at

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We reprise a vintage Dreamland from 2002, explorer Greg Little’s first visit to Dreamland! He reports on discoveries made in South America that support the predictions of Edgar Cayce. This remains one of our most fascinating lost history shows.

Find out more about Greg and his work at the AREFoundation website. Click here. To get Ancient South America, click here.
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1st Half (Free Dreamland)

Edgar Cayce was the first person ever to describe himself as a ‘channel,’ and he was one of the greatest channels of all time. His medical readings are legendary, his prophecies amazing.

But who was he, really, and how did he come by his knowledge? We talk to Mitch Horowitz, who wears a hat—among many others—as an expert on Cayce.

Editor in Chief of Tarcher/Penguin, Mitch has just republished the classic biography of Cayce: There is a River, the Story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue.
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