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Part One: Free Dreamland

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? That’s the question we ask George Noory today, as we get into the book he has just published with Richard Belzer and David Wayne. George, Richard and David have gone very deeply into this most mysterious of all airliner disappearances and concluded that almost NOTHING that the general media has told us about this flight is true.

Part Two: Continuation for Subscribers

George reveals that the 22 American engineers who died aboard Flight 370 were working on extremely exotic and powerful weapons technology. He also makes some new and compelling revelations about that technology. Was the disappearance of the flight an effort to kidnap them? If so, did it succeed? And what about Diego Garcia? And then there are the outliers–alien involvement, parallel universes, a Bermuda triangle like event? As the host of Coast to Coast, George is uniquely informed about these issues.

Listen as Whitley Strieber asks George a haunting and crucial last question: is Flight 370 still out there, and what might that mean?

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  1. I downloaded and listened to
    I downloaded and listened to this last Friday. Is this a time slip? 😉

    1. The show was briefly posted
      The show was briefly posted in the upcoming Dreamland section prior to the time it was supposed to appear there. This could be why some of you were able to see the post in advanced. If you heard it, though, that is odd, because the audio file was not uploaded at that time.

  2. I have been somewhat obsessed
    I have been somewhat obsessed over flight 370 due to so many synchronicities I began experiencing weeks before and after the plane disappeared (Starfire Tor was involved in one of the synchronicities). I also attempted to connect with the people on the plane within hours of its disappearance and I did not see the people as dead, but they were not alive in the traditional sense either! If you begin looking that part of the world in terms of geophysical activity and shifting magnetic fields, I feel something extraordinary did occur, I’m just not sure what it was. The closest I can articulate it is that the plane literally disappeared and ended up somewhere else, and not in our reality as we know it. Whether it was a ‘natural’ event, done by aliens, or perpetrated by some earthly conspiracy, I have no clue. All I know is that I have not been able to let go of it, and I have folders full of maps, flight paths, information about other plane crashes in that part of the world, geologic activity, and even photos of crop formations from a few years ago that look an awful lot like the logo on the airplane. Regardless, this was a seminal event and the story is definitely not over. I look forward to reading this new book. Thanks for this important interview!

  3. I also downloaded and
    I also downloaded and listened to it last week, then it disappeared from the site and reappeared this week. It was an enlightening interview. I always enjoy listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast and this was no exception. I feel this situation with Flight 370 along with the other disappearances and crashes were not accidents, and that important people on those flights have an integral part into what may play out in future events. Looking forward to more as this unfolds.

  4. My friends were over last
    My friends were over last night, and for a laugh I put on DreamLand.

    We were electrified to say the least! It was so cool to be able to listen to such a smart and exciting interview as Whitley and George had. Everyone was pacing around the room as we heard the evidence and talking all at once!

    I have to say I was the Hero when the free portion ended and I said I was a subscriber and we were able to hear the second part!!!

  5. Here’s another take…What if
    Here’s another take…What if this involved time travel and some kind of attempt to change the past in this timeline? Or what if this was kidnapping from another timeline in order to secure information and technology from some of those people on the plane? I have struggled with what I ‘saw’ in the first few hours after the plane went missing, and also been haunted by it. I told friends and family within 24 hours that the plane would never be found. Why did I think that, and why was I willing to state it out loud?

    I remember a novel by John Varley that I read over 30 years ago called ‘Millennium’. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the story, but never put it into the category of one of the best sci-fi stories that I have ever read, and yet it has stuck with me all these years.

  6. Oops! Regarding ‘Millennium’:
    Oops! Regarding ‘Millennium’: It was a story about time travelers abducting people just prior to their deaths in their own timeline, so that the natural order of that particular timeline is not disrupted. For instance, if I remember correctly, the book opens with an airplane crash. I just found the link about the book on Wikipedia:

    I know…Just another strange theory!

  7. Whitley,
    I like the new


    I like the new system – putting both parts of the show into a single file for subscribers.


  8. One thing I can’t understand
    One thing I can’t understand is why aircraft don’t upload their flight data real time via satellite? Surely this is possible in the day and age?

  9. Thanks, Whitley and George.
    Thanks, Whitley and George. This was one of the most enlightening interviews in recent months.

  10. Something VERY interesting
    Something VERY interesting happened JUST after the 24 hr broadcasting about flight 370 ended (rather precipitously ended, IMO). Remember, there were 22 Chinese computer programmers who worked in the US, returning to China for a visit (ALL of them? Visiting at the same time?). Then as soon as the 24/7 370 news saturation ended, the US *filed criminal charges against China* for hacking US defense computers. WOW. It immediately seemed obvious to me that the Chinese programmers had been interrogated and specific info was obtained to document and prove the charges against China. It seemed logical to me that Diego Garcia was the “landing” site, and the plane and passengers were simply eliminated.

  11. Another wonderful interview.
    Another wonderful interview. Thanks.

  12. I was excited to hear two of
    I was excited to hear two of my favorite people – George and Whitley! What would be a great round table is George, Whitley, Linda and William Henry! Great interview and the highlight of my weekend!

  13. Where is part 2 for
    Where is part 2 for subscribers?

  14. Fascinating theories, it was
    Fascinating theories, it was wonderful to hear George Noory ..mmm where is part two?

  15. Hi,
    Whitley, thank you so


    Whitley, thank you so much, as always, for the work you do – and to Anne.

    Whitley, and others, have you seen this? Any thoughts? The death of JFK junior was briefly mentioned during the show. Something I’ve always wondered about, from the day it happened. Thanks, please see the below link. It has several parts to it. I have no idea who produced this.

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