Everywhere you look in the general media, the mantra is the same: there is no such thing as a conspiracy and anything suggesting that the conventional explanation is not sufficient is a “crackpot conspiracy theory.” And yet, more than a few close encounter witnesses and UFO investigators have had direct experience of things like the much joked about men in black.

But this show isn’t about those fairly benign figures, whoever they are. It is about a group of assassinations that changed our world and the loose ends that just plain have never been tied up.

James Forrestall, Dorothy Kilgallen, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon: the deaths of the group of people effectively changed our world. Between the first death and the last, we went from being a free country to a country that only appears to be free.

What really happened and why?

Dreamland’s old friend and frequent guest Nick Redfern has some ideas…

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  1. The last part of the interview with Nick is unintelligible. Something must have interfered with the broadcast. Concerning given what was being talked about.

  2. Author

    It sounds fine on my equipment, at least it did. If it still does, I’ll repost it. If not, I have a sound man who can try to repair it.

    1. Oh good. It must havebeen a glich on my end. I’ll mark your well being off my worry list.

  3. Author

    We reset the sound file just in case. It is definitely working normally and sounds clear.

  4. Seymour Hersh reported that Dick Cheney had an assassination team that was responsible for killing American citizens after 9\11. I saw him report that story.
    I have not heard any of his reporting since. That story was squashed.
    One thing that these evil assassins use are airplane accidents.
    The reason for that is the FAA investigates each crash as pilot error or mechanical failure, never murder.
    In the State of Missouri we have had two politicians die in plane crashes. Carnahan and Litton (who was a popular presidential prospect)
    Alaska had a very powerful Senator killed in a crash.
    Another very powerful politician was taken out in a major airliner crash after the Russians shot the plane down.
    In Poland a jetliner carrying the President of Poland and a Bishop (I think ) of Warsaw along with a bunch of other dignitaries crashed. All were lost. A video of a Russian Spietznitz squad going through the crash shooting anyone alive used to be on YouTube. I guess that has been taken down.
    Paul Wellstone was deeply afraid of plane travel. He would not fly in bad weather and owned an airplane that was impeccably kept up. He also hired the best pilots.
    When his plane went down, it was a clear, cold winter day without a cloud in the sky. His plane crashed shortly after takeoff. Over a hundred garage doors opened and closed in the area off the crash at the time of the crash.
    Panamanian strongman Torres died in a crash.
    Let us not forget the Washington Madam who went public in an attempt to stay alive. She stood with her lawyer and showed the list of Politicians that used her services.
    Strangely they found her hung in the garage of her mother’s s home. Her lawyer did not know where her madam book went.
    Sonny Bono crashed into a tree skiing( with help) He was going to open an extremely embarrassing investigation in his Congressional committee when he came back from vacation.
    The last one is Ken Lay of Enron who threatened to spill the beans. The next week he had a heart attack and was cremated before anyone could investigate.
    I guess it is time for Mr. Redfern to write another book.

  5. Author

    It’s playing again now. Hopefully no more problems!

  6. “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain. But still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception.” – Crabwood Crop Circle Message
    Who are these “bearers of false gifts and broken promises” and what can “we oppose deception” mean if the phenomenal world truly was from the start but Maya, an illusion? Only through Maya’s antistrophe, its twin – Yama as catastrophe, as death – comes the unveiling? We don’t even know what to fear. “Much pain.” The truth hurts…like Hell? Can we take it?
    “Still time” to what…still time? Isn’t time in perpetual motion, though? “Believe. There is good out there.” Therein lies the key to unravel this tangle of thoughts. We are being told to believe in, to nourish our own inviolate “timeless” Soul that lives in incorruptible goodness, beauty and innocence…within us. Because as above, so below…as within, so out there.

  7. Years ago I knew a fellow from Rochester, NY who was a NDE and his name was Tom Sawyer. To give you a nutshell description of his experience he recorded 400 hours of the life of Christ. That was just one insight.
    One afternoon he was talking about Tibet and the atrocities the Chinese government committed against the Tibetan people. He said the army wanted it for it’s high altitude areas where they intended to install EMF weaponry! He said they were able to release low level frequencies not heard by the human ear. These frequencies influenced humans by states of severe depression, despair and associated illness.
    Your wanting to commit suicide Whitley, out of the blue is HIGHLY suspicious of malevolent actors.

  8. it was fine until the subject changed near the very end then everything went silent.

  9. Author

    Given what happened to the man downstairs, I have also thought that malevolent actors may have been involved. I bought a tri-field meter and will use it if I ever get that feeling again. I am not the suicidal type, although I have contemplated it at a few dark times in my life. There was nothing at that time to justify depression, though, and I wasn’t feeling depressed. The desire just came out of nowhere.

    1. This is very interesting to me as a shamanic type person who has noticed this type of thing and experienced it. The “man downstairs” aspect seems like a confirmation to me that there were nefarious others there. I don’t think it was a targeted wave. It gets really crazy sounding here for me, and I don’t have any proof, but I feel certain that the leadership use dark magic invocations, just like they have always done historically. I appreciate your mentioning the Jeffrey Epstein situation. It is very dismaying to me that this has “gone away.” Those poor children. . .

  10. Good morning Whitley! I love this site!! I am listening to an archived interview you did with Jose Arguelles. I participated in Harmonic Convergence although I had no clue what I was doing at the time. I remember digging my feet into the earth and declaring my commitment to being a better representative of this planet. So very long ago but I find I’m thinking about our perception of time as so many of us are homebound due to Covid. It’s interesting as I’ve heard so many people comment on how time is changing. The interview feels very “timely” if you will. It’s also giving me a sense of hope as I remember all the make or break moments we’ve experienced over the years. Thank you for all you do!

  11. I had a dream that nuns were running in pink hall ways, running frantic to keep a curse working. I know the curse is broken now.

  12. I appreciate your passion and insight, Whitley. This was very thought provoking. I’ve observed the current Administration using chaos magick practices, much to my dismay, as the traces of them, like Snapchat, are impossible to track in the current clime; but the devastating effects for the rest of us will be seen for a millennia I think if they are not stopped. That, combined with the traditional stuff, is a very unpleasant dark side to the power brokerage. I don’t know what to do about it as I try to stay off of their radar personally, but it is nice to have some confirmation here. This show is a great example of why I am a subscriber.

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