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This very extraordinary edition of the show features entrepreneur and scientist Mark Sims, who, like Dreamland guests Deep Prasad and Ed Belbruno bring their science backgrounds to extraordinary experiences and lives. As Mark Sims will describe, he had one of the most powerful communion experiences ever described–but who it was with is REALLY going to surprise you! (We will be going way beyond alien contact here!)

But prior to that, Whitley and Mark will introduce you to one of the most unusual phenomena involving radio communication with the unknown that you have ever heard about–and in this amazing show, you will actually SEE it happen as Whitley’s radio erupts live on the show with a very mysterious signal.

Happy Dreamlanding and enjoy this fun, inspiring and enlightening show!

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  1. One of the top 10 all time Dreamland Podcasts. I am now going to watch the video and attempt this.

    In fact isn’t it time for the TOP 10 Dreamland episodes?

  2. I’m hoping this is about the Long Delayed Echo phenomenon, which has interested me since the story surfaced in the early 1970s. I was once a radio engineer, so I have some background. I still think the LDE is one of the highest probability instances of real contact. Now I remember the name of the writer…Duncan Lunen.

  3. A foolish mortal, letting a hungry ghost into his body is not communion with a celestial being!!!

    Note that EBEs are mortals in the middle realm where we also journey our lifetime; some are wise and loving, others cunning, manipulative, and willing to take advantage of you.

    Keep your boundaries and keep your sacred vessel pure: live to increase awareness of your light (source consciousness) in relationship with the natural sentient mystery.

    1. It’s also my question, how can one be sure that such a spirit is in fact from a higher plane and not just a spirit from a lower plane lying about being from a higher plane?

      1. As an ancient powerful evil sorcerer who is either afraid or unable to get another human life to grow in, who do you think will own that body: Mark or the hungry ghost?

        1. I agree that we must be cautious yet not shy away from good knowledge.

    2. Everyone should read the book The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts: A Riveting Investigation Into Channeling and Spirit Guides
      by Joe Fisher and Colin Wilson

      1. Wow, I read that book years ago and I never forgot what happened to the author who was driven to suicide by the forces he called into his life. You have to be really careful and disciplined about these encounters,

        I used to get frightening encounters, mostly in the night, but, they’ve gone years ago. Now, I get mostly complex and multi-layered visits into a world, similar to our world, but, physically it’s different, its material elements are more alive and this world and that’s what gives it a greater “sense” of reality than our world.

        There is nothing, otherworldly or spooky at these places, I can visit. They are human worlds, there are people and animals there, but, their reality is more vibrant than our world. They are more intelligent and funny too and my mind becomes more lucid and real around them.

        You, see, I think our world/universe is at the low end, and, I know there are multitudes of these other human worlds beside us, they’re different, more alive in their mental reality, if that makes sense, and there is much more fun, wit and intelligence in them.

        I do wonder, why we are here, in this reality. It seems so dense and obscure to the others, we all know, but, mostly forget when we awake.

    3. Before they make such a harsh judgment, you should know the whole story. The communion lasted about 14 days and had nothing to do with possession.

      Since the book is not yet published, you can use this lecture first:

  4. I ordered a radio similar to the one mentioned, so I will hopefully see what happens soon. I just hope the volume goes loud enough, so I can hear it in the microwave oven!

    Regarding Communion with a being in the manner described by Mark here (and Whitley at other times)…Nope – Not happening – Sorry.

  5. Can someone write down the exact model number of his 8 W Baofeng radio? Might have been mentioned at the very beginning but i missed it and don’t have a lot of time to go back and find it… thanks in advance. Can the same frequencies be used in the EU (Germany)?

    1. I own a Baofeng UV-5RTP Dual Band Way Radio but here in the UK an operator needs a Ham licence to transmit using these radios.

      You are permitted to own a radio to receive signals without a licence but you must not transmit as there are serious penalties. The Foundation licence is an interesting and attainable route into the world of Amateur Radio.

      Currently in the UK you can study for the Foundation licence exam by attending an online course which is usually three 2-3 hour sessions. Very worthwhile getting involved. Maybe we could shout CQ to Art Bell in his otherworldy travels?


  6. Only 1000 paid subscribers, and 70,000 free dreamlanders, unbelievable. This site is an incredible bargain. The amount I have grown and learned from dreamland is worth thousands. This podcast with Mark Sims is just yet another example.

    1. 100%agree. Dreamland/Unknown Country has been my alchemical reagent, since 1999, 2000– in the beginning. 🙂

  7. I became very familiar with Mark Sims at last year’s ‘Harmonic Convergence’ presented through ‘Unify’. So I have heard him speak and I participated in the virtual CE 6 as well. (Also listened to Whitley at the event too.) He’s a welcome addition to ‘Dreamland’, and the communication via the radio is compelling.

    I, too, would advise caution in sharing one’s physical body with disembodied beings from this realm, or any other realm.

  8. P.S. YOU MUST KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE, before you allow them in. That is important.

  9. I was very moved by this amazing interview and the ancient Tierra Del Fuego channeled being may or may not be what we think or know – but Mark ‘s sincerity intelligence , and the commonality with Whitleys visitor experience shouldn’t be judged, trivialized or discredited by those of us that have not experienced such phenomena – “ who feels it , knows it “

  10. In fear is failure and the forerunner of failure, and courage is the beginning of virtue.
    Have Joy! Cultivate Joy! See it in all Creation!
    As above!
    So Below!
    As Within!
    So Without!

    Love Compassion Humility

      1. Of course you are correct my friend. Fear serves a very important purpose and is a natural part of our survival.
        We are all mostly here because Whitley was willing to confront his fears on a primal level and then let everyone who wanted to, read about it. We also reaped the reward, as much as we are willing to engage it, of his profound courage by joining him on this really weird journey. Had he not made this titanic effort, there would be no Communion or Unknown Country.
        My response was to what I read as mostly caveat, knee jerk reactions to this body sharing experience. They are valid but also full of assumptions that are connecting dots where they probably shouldn’t be in a permanent fashion. Fears can keep us living in our guesses like they are facts.
        The list of caveats grew until Cosmic Librarian’s boldly stated phrase “You must know and understand who you are”. That is the crux of whether this body sharing is of benefit or descends into a negative schizophrenic state.
        If we let our fears prevent us from fully understanding who we are, then we leave this life with only caveats in our pockets, and the potential for joy and creative ecstasy remains unfulfilled.
        Like the brothers and sisters above, I am also not ready for such an experience. I don’t discount it though and I am open to the possibility of it in my future.
        For now, like you Sherbet UFO, I will probably just stick to the radio communications.
        I have my suspicions also that, through the use of the sensing exercise, that the radios may quickly become irrelevant. After all, Anne told Whitley “I can see you when you sit in the chair.” (sorry to talk like you aren’t in the room Whitley, I just don’t know how to phrase it otherwise.)
        Thank you Mark Sims and Whitley for your courage and willingness to share.
        Everybody should download and read the first three chapters of Marks book from his website. It is a profound taste of what is next and may help to assuage some of the fear within this startling subject.
        I’m with James. This is among the top ten Dreamlands to date. That is indeed saying something.

  11. I was listening to this podcast while lying down with my eyes closed. When Mark, or was it Tezjbar, said his name I just about jumped out of my skin. At that moment I felt sheer terror and when Mark said the name again the terror was magnified. I’m not sure if Mark was saying the name in a way to replicate the way he heard it or if it was Tezjbar coming through. Either way it was not a voice that would make me want to engage with it.

    If these supposed entities really want to engage with a human being in order to experience our earthly existence then maybe they should incarnate here. If they were here before then sign up for a second term. There is no substitute for the real thing. Sorry, hitchhikers not allowed on this ride.

    Rickety Man

    1. Sometimes souls survive the body when they are quite ignorant or unwisened. Give them a break, please.

      If every surviving soul in the universe HAS to be a sparkling shining light of inspiration then maybe we’d all be living in paradise?

      Cut struggling souls a break. It may be considered discriminatory to judge souls who are still struggling.

      For the record, ‘woke’ culture makes me want to…🤮

      Work all this out, then maybe cut souls who didn’t get a good chance in-body a break. That includes KKK, Nazis, Gengis Khan, and Al Qaeda. They all got suckered so why add to the darkness in judging them?



      1. I was sure Mark said that Tezjbar had ascended several levels higher than the earth level. If having an earthly experience is so highly desirable then why wouldn’t he to chose to incarnate here again?

        As for those souls who are unwise or ignorant, I can only offer them my sympathy. As for engaging with them, I leave it up to others who are stronger and more advanced than this poor soul. In the past I received a clear message that this is not an area I am to engage in. Something to the effect that there is great deception out there. I have enough trouble in trying to advance my own soul. I try my best to work with those who are earth bound at this point in time.

        Rickety Man

  12. This comment really is an aside to the context of the show and should be treated as a brief excursion into alternative aspects of these radios.

    I own a Baofeng UV-5RTP and have used CHIRP software to reprogram the device to open up many more frequencies.

    It’s worth adding that I have disabled TX (Transmitting function) using the CHIRP software to avoid potential accidental TX key-presses. Effectively, I have reprogrammed my 2M and 70CM handheld Ham radio into an extremely versatile scanner with no fear of being fined for transmitting on unlicensed frequencies. I have no interest in saying hello to airline pilots or being fined £10,000 (I’m a Limey).

    The Baofeng radios can also scan ultra low FM frequencies and at the moment I can scan as low as 65mhz FM and aim to tweak the software to go lower. Why? Why not?

    Energy is everywhere and it IS detectable. Military and Police frequencies are encrypted and, frankly, if I put my mind to it, then I see no reason why I couldn’t piece together a bridged cross-band scrambler to listen in. It CAN be done! You CAN break the chains of mental slavery but I’m not interested in stirring anyone up on any level, just highlighting my own ethos.

    Please sit back and enjoy this tune/video from the early 80’s.. listen to the lyrics..

    I love all of you very much. We see ourselves in harmony yet hear different voices, in love. A love that rejoices in playing games and dancing the light.

    (I re-read this after posting and it makes me sound much more intelligent than I am. Fiddling around with software with a glass (bottle) or two of wine and a healthy sense of humour can open doors or close them, I get it.)



  13. I add quickly that there is a shadowy branch of TX-hackers known as ‘Satellite Hackers’.

    Reprogramming your Ham radio can indeed open up frequencies used by satellites and the ISS.

    Naturally , I say it again, listen in by all means but disable TX in CHIRP config.




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