Dreamland this week: Dr. Robert Schoch, geologist, renowned professor and adventurer, is at this point a true living legend, so get set for a great discussion as we delve into the secrets of the deep past in search of what could happen in our near future. He reports on his latest findings, included in the greatly expanded edition of Forgotten Civilizations that we discuss this week.

We know that there was a tremendous upheaval on Planet Earth 12,000 years ago. It caused the extinction of thousands of species and very nearly eradicated mankind. But why did it happen and, above all WHAT happened? And why are there ruins around the world dating from before that event that cannot be explained? For the first time, Dr. Shoch offers a theory about how things like the boulders that were used in the construction of Sachsayhuaman and Gunung Pandang were moved, and by extension how many other ‘impossible’ ancient sites must have been built. Then we go on to explore the mysteries of the vast underground cities of Cappadochia in Turkey, why they may have been built and what kind of catastrophe might have caused enormous numbers of people to move underground so many years ago.

THEN we go on, looking into the future…and into the sun. What do the lessons of the past tell us now? Where are we going in terms of solar activity, the unstable magnetic field and the human future?

Take an incredible journey this week with Whitley and Dr. Robert Schoch!

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  1. Dr. Shock should be on the nightly news – but sadly the news isn’t news. This is mind-blowing stuff. Makes me want to throw out every textbook on ancient history. Or at least call it fiction, or theory.

  2. GREAT interview Whitley and Dr. Robert Schoch. I have been following Dr. Schoch for MANY years now and consider his research to be the very best.  

    THE GREAT QUEBEC BLACKOUT: They call it “the day the sun brought darkness.” On March 13, 1989, a powerful coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field. Ninety seconds later, the Hydro-Québec power grid failed. During the 9 hour blackout that followed, millions of Quebecois found themselves with no light or heat, wondering what was going on?

    “It was the biggest geomagnetic storm of the Space Age,” says Dr. David Boteler, head of the Space Weather Group at Natural Resources Canada. “March 1989 has become the archetypal disturbance for understanding how solar activity can cause blackouts.”

    “There were not one, but two CMEs,” he says.

    Check out the whole article at……. https://spaceweather.com/
    then click on Friday, Mar. 12, 2021.


  3. Just a quick comment about 144.100mhz on the 2M band.

    I’m in the UK and I too get intermittent signals on that frequency. Not sure what to make of it.

    1. I have yet to switch my radio on, which arrived the other day… But just reading a bit today about 144.05 MHz to 144.1 MHz and apparently it is CW only…(see the description I found of CW below). Also 144.0 to 144.05 can be used for CW, SSB, AM, Beacons, and Satellite.

      “Essentially CW refers to a Morse transmission using a radio signal – the abbreviation coming from the fact that it uses a Carrier Wave, or Continuous Wave that is interrupted. There is no modulation (apart from the breaks caused by the Morse characters).”

      So to be honest, I’m a bit skeptical at the moment of anything received on those frequencies. But the interest thing would be to see *where* they are received.

  4. I’ve just tried the radio. I am getting a constant signal at 144.0 MHz but nothing a 144.1 at the moment.

    1. The squelch has to be set high enough so that you just aren’t hearing static. I have experimented with a radio set to 144.100MHz and it seems like I get an infrequent signal even with the squelch set very high. I noticed that the other night I was getting a lot of signals on that channel, but not so much today. If you took off the antenna and we’re still picking up signals, then there is probably some unknown source causing the signals.

      1. Thanks QuantumJohnny. Regarding 144.1 MHz, I am getting nothing at all, with it set to Squelch level 3 (the default). I even left it set to that frequency all night – not a peep… And that is even after transmitting the audio ‘picture’ (liked to from the ce6.world website) on that frequency. There was also a standard channel frequency mentioned in the interview, that I tried the same with… But again nothing. I will see what I can get from 144.0 MHz, with the squelch level set higher, as that is the one I get a constant signal from on squelch 3. I will try that frequency with the aerial off too, as you suggested and see what I get. I might also try scanning the whole range with the aerial off. On the plus side, I did listen-in to two guys from the UK talking across some kind telephone-to-radio-node-to-internet link, to a guy from New Jersey. Project FREESTAR, I think they called it.

        1. Just an update on the radio stuff… Three days after I transmitted the sound picture, (after getting nothing but complete silence on that frequency) , I have discovered I am now getting a morse code type signal back. Interestingly enough, I have to position the radio in the exact spot that it was initially in when I sent the transmission. Any variation from that spot and I get nothing.

    1. The food supply is a very good question.

      Mushroom cereal for breakfast, mushroom burgers for lunch and grilled mushrooms for dinner would quickly become dull and boring. 😉

      I also wonder how, if a cosmic calamity struck, they would have the time or engineering capability to build such underground cities AFTER THE FACT.

      Similarly, how would they know they should construct the underground cities BEFORE the calamity struck?

      1. Hmm, I say this in jest, of course, but how about magic mushrooms for breakfast? Somehow I suspect that would be far from boring.

        Hopping on the bus to work, you sit down next to Sprinkles the Tree Fairy and engage in discussion about the Sprytes causing problems down in the magical Glen.

        Arriving at work, you sign in and ride the yellow spotted elephant up to the fourth floor. Realising there is no fourth floor, you spend 3 hours floating around as ripples of joyous strawberry sunlight embrace you in their journey into ecstasy.

        Finally at day’s end, you marvel at such a wonderful workplace and make your way home to enjoy a delicious mushroom omelette prepared by Twizzles, the Sylph.

        If only..

    2. KATDAN…….”What did under ground people have as a food supply.”……. Here is a Hopi legend.

      “In this legend the Ant People are portrayed as generous and  industrious, giving the Hopi food when supplies ran short and teaching them the merits of food storage. In fact, another legend says that the  reason why the ants have such thin waists today is because they once deprived themselves of provisions in order to feed the Hopi.”  

      Be sure and check out Sparticles Wood crop circle video on this site.  June 21st, 2019…..Number 2 is my favorite, it is a longer video. PANDEMIC WARNING?


  5. “I don’t want to preach…”
    Don’t worry about that, Robert.
    We need to hear it.
    Preach, brother, preach!!!

  6. “If our heart were large enough to love life in all its detail, we would see that every instant is at once a giver and a plunderer,” – Gaston Bachelard

    I feel like that after hearing revelations. It gives a spark but won’t let you light the fire. Is that true, maybe…who knows?! It’s like we’re wandering through dark caves sparking a lighter to see the way, but it’s run out of gas so we can only see by the flashes our flints make.

    I love dreamland! Truly nothing else like it. What fantastic flashes.

  7. Wow! Mind blowing show. I love topics such as this concerning ancient history. And I never heard of the solar angle on things quite like in this show. Only the usual meteor aspects. Great job Whitley with another great guest!

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