The public is about to be told that the US military has recorded far more UAP sightings, as they now call them, than has previously been admitted. It looks like they’re going to continue to say that they don’t know what they are. So where does that leave people who are in contact with the visitors? Will they continue to be ignored, or perhaps discredited, or will they begin to be more accepted as what they are: normal human beings who have had contact of some kind that does not fit the normal paradigm and is often associated with the same sort of objects that the government calls UAPS?

What we are going to do here on UC is to continue to follow along with the visitors, who seem to be opening the door to contact more  and more.

In that vein, this week Whitley welcomes radio expert Jimmy Blanchette to discuss and demonstrate radio-based methods he has used to engage in contact with these unknown presences. Radio is not the foundation of his relationship with them, but is the way he contacts them. It is used for verification, not communication.

He has provided us with video of the results of many of his efforts, which is available as a special in the subscriber area. (If you would like to view this and cannot afford a subscription, please email for access.)

Jimmy’s website is (His ham radio call letters) The image above is the self-designed deep-space radio transmission antenna discussed in the show.

A simple two-way radio called a Baofeng BF8RT is used in Jimmy and Whitley’s experiments.  (Other models or brands will probably work just as well, but this is the one that has been used.) In the US, if you are interested in transmitting on any band outside of the allocated family 2-way radio channels, you will need a license to transmit. You can get a license from the FCC here. Other countries have different family radio channels and licensing practices. Be sure to follow the rules in your country.

The software used to transform images into sound mentioned in the show is Photosounder. To use this to transmit text, create the text on your computer, then take a screenshot of it and transmit the screenshot with Photosounder.

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  1. Both Tesla and Marconi reported that they were getting radio signals from Mars. They were right about the signals coming from outer space but were off by a few light years. Maybe this simple technology is a method of contact/disclosure that would not be limited to governments.

  2. I would suggest that somebody who is skilled at making messages create them on Photosounder to share with everyone who has a radio and an FCC license to transmit. That way, we can all be sending the same message.
    I have another brand of radio and will try it. I think that any radio should be able to work.

    1. Author

      I am going to propose a message next week and open the floor for comments and thoughts. If the experiences of Mark Sims and Jimmy Blanchette are a guide, we need to be very specific about what we want.

  3. This is an eye opening episode. Guess I need to get one of these radios. Thanks!

  4. Just another example of how nonhuman intelligences are going about gradual disclosure through downloads to people (I.e. Jimmy’s sudden insight on the aerial) and contact with various individuals. Government secrecy is pretty much irrelevant as it becoming more obvious who is actually in charge.

  5. Author

    Those downloads like happened to Jimmy are very important. I think that the more we ordinary people do, the more contact is going to evolve. I very much doubt that contact with the Air Force and the intelligence agencies in the Navy is going to be all that much in the end. I think in terms of individuals in such organizations , of course, it will mean a lot to them. but it is looking to me like this is going to be very much a direct person to person business. I think this is probably one of the reasons the visitors are so concerned about personal freedom and about goodness.

  6. Thank you and Jimmy for what you have taught us in this interview. I listened to the show the night before and was woke shortly after 3 am and directed to watch the 45 minute video. I ordered the radio. Love to you both.

  7. A totally FASCINATING interview……..Thank you.

    Today I listened to the  Jimmy Blanchette interview then watched the 45 minute video for subscribers, “Jimmy Blanchette shows examples of his communications efforts and responses.” While watching and listening, what crossed my mind is the myth (is it a myth?) of ‘THE LANGUAGE OF THE BIRDS,’ (THE GREEN LANGUAGE) when I heard the chirping sounds. 

  8. Very good applied science.

    Cant wait to try the ascension science meditation from ancient Egypt

  9. The videos are great! Thank you!

    Great show! And I’m excited for the new meditation

  10. This is it! This is the stuff I want to hear, the time is now!

  11. Ok…much to unpack here…I’m a little behind this week!

    Without going into too much, gratitude and a good heart are the keys to this. The radios are helpful too, but…

    What I was intrigued by the most were the videos of the white, round lights in the sky, because I have seen them. One early morning about 4 years ago, I stepped out to pick up the morning paper. It was still dark, the sky was unusually clear and beautiful, and I felt so much love and appreciation as I gazed upward. In that moment, I saw one of those round lights in Orion dancing around within Orion’s ‘torso’, obviously ‘calling’ me to let me know that they were there. Out loud I thanked them, and then they disappeared.

    I’m on the fence about getting a radio, but I will become more mindful in expressing gratitude and love going forward—the last couple of years have been difficult for me, as they have been for many, many others.


  12. Great show! Question. When registering my Baofeng with the FCC to transmit in the 144.100 range, which service do I pick from the drop-down menu on the FCC website? GMRS? I already acquired the FRN. Just applying for a new license. Thank you, this is so exciting!

  13. Author

    You don’t need to transmit in 144.1. That’s for listening for response. It is little used is why it seems to have been chosen, so you’re less likely to hear interfering signals and static.

    FRS and GMRS allow transmission with the 2 watt radios in the 462 and 467 bands. If you want to transmit in 144.1, you need a technician class ham license.

  14. I find this absolutely absurd. I leave my computer speakers on while I work and they sometimes act up and produce the same kind of noises. Sometimes sounds which could be interpreted as signals (as in the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind). A microwave is not a Faraday cage and a perfect Faraday cage does not exist. There are signals leaking from cell phones, computers, power transmission lines, vehicles, 5-G, satellites,…

    So get a bunch of gullible people with powerful radios and have them all tuned to one frequency and then someone with a powerful antenna can easily false flag any message they wish and coordinate any evil activity they imagine.

    Made me think of this – regardless of the source: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING.”

    1. Author

      Lots of assumptions here. It doesn’t fit your experience and understanding so you assume it can’t be true. For example, a microwave oven is, in fact, effectively a faraday cage:

      Plus you can see for yourself in the videos a group of these radios all lined up, all tune to the same frequency, all of exactly the same brand even, and only one or two of them responding. You broadcast even a weak normal signal on that frequency and every single radio will respond identically. They don’t because something we don’t understand is happening.

  15. Whitley do not forget the ancient ascension meditation you got from ‘thems’. I’m ready to try it out….I wonder if it is much different than the sensing meditation?

  16. There are so many questions here which I hope will be addressed somewhere, and soon. How are the radio responses “vetted” as being authentic response transmissions from other civilizations? I ‘ll just stop right there to see if any responses appear. And to W.S.: I eagerly await information on your proposed meditation/transmission. With your body of knowledge you would be someone who could readily come up with an interesting approach. Thank you for this exciting story.

  17. Author

    No one can vet the signals in such a way that we can show that they are from an alien civilization or whatever. What we can show and have shown is that there is something abnormal going on with the way radios are reacting to whatever signal is involved. That’s all. We are hoping that there is somebody on the other end and we are reacting to this possibility as if there may be.

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