We are at a crossroads. Right now, companies all over the world are working to create interfaces between the brain and the internet. But what does this mean for the spirit and spiritual search? William Henry, whose Unknowncountry podcast Revelations was indeed a revelation, returns to Dreamland with insights about the lost techniques of ascension and what will happen if we link ourselves to the machine world. Prepare to expand your mind under the guidance of a true master!

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  1. Good news, I was just able to download The Secrets of Sion from Kindle Unlimited today so it is no longer cancelled. The Watchers and Judgement Day Device are also available. Very disturbing to think that books are being censored at random.

  2. Thank you very much for a refreshing and uplifting interview which has struck a very deep chord within me!
    Decades ago I wrote a Masters’ Thesis in cultural (medical) anthropology about traditional Egyptians’ beliefs regarding the human body. Well, one cannot write about the human body without writing about the soul and the place of the human being among, and the interaction with, microcosmic and macrocosmic forces that manifest themselves through the body. It became very clear to me that ancient Egyptian beliefs live on in our traditional beliefs albeit sometimes distorted, intact, suppressed or negated. Egyptians believe (or should I say KNOW) that they are a SOUL that has a body and not the other way round. However, sadly, not only has materialism dug very deep roots in the world and in Egypt nowadays, but it has eroded the very fabric of perennial ethics espoused by the ancient Egyptians which were expressed in the forty two negative confessions that they had to recite in the Hall of Judgment after passing. I guess the whole world is gripped by this lack of moral compass which will undoubtedly backfire on us all.
    Current events and the push to merge the human with AI, which seems will be forced on us whether we like it or not, do not bode well for humanity. Instead of living in humility, we may live in humiliation. How can we stop the rot?
    Happy Easter (Resurrection)!

    1. Thank You. Knowing we have a very serious error in our path is the first step to a new path and renewal.

    2. And the early Christians believed (and Christians still believe) that the BODY cannot be separated from the SOUL, at least not in the Kingdom of Heaven. While people die and supposedly go to a heavenly realm (if they have dotted all the “i”s), they await the Final Judgment when they will be reunited with a glorified PHYSICAL BODY that can bilocate and lives forever on a renewed earth. The idea that billions of people will somehow all rise from the dead, even those turned to dust and scattered to the winds by time, seems to be a dramatic major error. But this coincides with the necessary belief that we each only get 1 time around = 1 life. You can see how messy this dogma becomes if you’ve had multiple lives. Which body would you reinhabit at the Final Judgment? But this is the belief of 1.3 Billion Catholics, another million or more Orthodox Catholics, and much of the Protestant world. That is why to this day, the Roman Catholic Church forbids a member to be cremated and have the ashes dumped in the ocean or spread on an icy sidewalk! Yet the irony is rich! The same church sends tiny parts of Saints’ bodies throughout the world. Each Catholic Church traditionally has a sliver of some Saint’s finger bone. I guess at the Final Judgement, all these scattered bones will fly through the air and come together in a glorified body.

      1. Author

        This is why I wrote Jesus a New Vision. That teaching is not present in the gospels, but rather suggested in Paul then developed into doctrine over time.

        A huge amount of understanding of who and what we are has been lost over history, I think. Only somebody who is essentially soul blind would be able to imagine such a doctrine to reflect some sort of a reality.

  3. Fabulous show! Thank you Whitley and William. This is one of the reasons I love Unknown Country. You always provide something to learn and grow. It is quite special here. I miss Anne’s voice sometimes… the actual sound of her voice as she speaks. However, she is present in other ways. Thank you for keeping on, Whitley. We need people like you and Anne.

  4. A.I. is already here. Its affecting my field – not just truckdrivers and assembly line workers. The new imaging machine with AI at the Radiology Department was tested against humans with experience. It can catch a tiny cancer in a pixel, something the human eye cannot. It ‘sees’ like a fly. So yes not all will lose their jobs BUT you can bet hospital administration will not have 6 Radiologists on staff probably 2 one for each shift.
    As a multidisiplined sonographer in all areas of Ultrasound- something that is learned via many years of clinical preceptorship and a a SKILL like playing an instrument…well now the ECHO Knous AI handheld US device can be used by many without any experience or having the skill in their “hands”.. A nurse can simply swipe around the heart and the AI will grab the most correct template of many stills so that the image is on axis and not foreshortened and one is able to take measurements correctly. Most likely I’ll be ok, but by 2030.. who knows? I thought it would never affect white collar professions with skills- but it is coming at us like a train in the night. Its good for patients but I fear many will lose their jobs. Sure some jobs will be new- those that make & repair & tweak the AI… but its still about half the workforce.
    Great Podcast.. I haven’t heard a lecture from Wm Henry since Nashville Dreamlands years ago!

    1. This has always been the way of capitalism. Industries rise and fall based on innovation. How many Americans are employed making buggy whips nowadays? I am not callous to such change, and I have felt the brunt of it in a different way: the moving of high tech jobs to India. My entire software development team was replaced by a team (2 for the price of one, per our boss) in India. Happily, I was at retirement age. But we all thought high tech jobs would be safe.

  5. Very interesting. I’ve been reading Earthfiles and the accounts of the tall blondes
    /greys etc. Those accounts and this dreamland seem to jibe with each other.

    1. When I was a little boy (Whitley and I are around the same age), I remember commercials that proclaimed “If I have but one life to live, let me live it as a BLONDE”. And the famous “BLONDES have more fun”. This was to advertise hair bleach back in the days when there were many Marilyn Monroe look a likes. Perhaps these slogans had a more sinister slant, beyond the subtle racism?

  6. Great program. I fear our very souls, that which is most unique to us, are now in the balance with AI. Jesus, famously mentioned about the man who gains the world but looses his soul. My God, has this insight, never meant more to us today.

  7. For Clarification and a better understanding of the language and meaning intended: “In your Hand and in your Forehead” means in your Actions and in your Thoughts! You are being played if your fall into the whole ‘They are going to Chip You.’ mythology (and own a phone or computer loaded with chips if you are reading this). You cannot buy or sell unless you play the game and embrace the technology which is killing the planet and will birth the singularity of conscious AI. We are all caught in the ways that are killing the Earth, the living heavenly body of which we are cells. Be Loving in your actions and your thoughts. Do not strive for Ascension – that is the way of death which denies the need of the present! Strive for humble and compassionate activities.

    1. I think it is very possible to focus on the needs of the present and still give thought and coordinate your actions in order to “Ascend” to a higher plane after death. The two are not mutually exclusive. They interact with each other constantly. But I am not talking about a New Age ascension of “increasing your frequency”, whatever the hell that means. I am talking about the pursuit of spiritual people for thousands of years to be good “housekeepers” on earth, yet have a spiritual belief system and goals to guide them.

      1. The putting aside of the present for philosophical belief systems, or future ascension often leads to justifying unloving actions. To be fully present and humbly do your best is spiritual and a worthy path. The idea of ascension, being beyond human and greater than others, as the ascension religions teach is ego. After death will be what it is and I do not think anyone can claim a higher plane – but I do believe we have to live with ourselves and our choices forever.

      2. To achieve a Rainbow Body will happen naturally to one who is completely free of ego and any desire to transcend. Just be Loving. As it is written, to seek Siddhas or supernatural powers or an exalted – ascended position is to step away from the spiritual path. Meditate and know yourself in truth, as the complex human we all are. Seek refinement, but not for a goal. Me – I know I have a long way to ‘go’, but the here and now journey is the real experience of consciousness, so I have left seeking and strive at better being.

        1. Author

          This is so very well said. I went through a long period of my life seeking some sort of power that others could see. I wanted to be vindicated. Eventually, I came to see that this is no path. It is actually a way of doing violence. I was asking to do violence against others. That is to say, I was asking for a way to disturb their own journeys.

          That’s why this is no true way. Giving what you can is much better. Thank you for this inspirational post, Sunbow.

          1. Yes, I understand the error of being a seeker and being full of myself. My father was a ‘know it all’ and imparted that upon us kids. But as one really starts to know a bit, one realizes one does not know much. We must share and communicate as much as we are able, but we really need the art of listening to progress. Peace and Thank you very much for your many sharings with us.

  8. Author

    I cannot imagine enforced chipping, at least not in the western world. About China, Russia and N. Korea and other dictatorships and semi-dictatorships, I am less sure. It might be that they will enforce the implantation of devices, should such ever become available.

    What I am concerned about is defacto enforcement by enhancement. A computer that is run by though-form queries and responds by exciting neurons rather than in the old-fashioned analog methods (sight and hearing) would offer the user a tremendous enhancement in intellectual power.

    This would me that people using such a system would be far more capable than those who weren’t. I think that this will be so irresistible that compulsion won’t even be an issue.

    What it will do to the soul, though, is another question. Maybe nothing. Maybe it will even improve the journey, because one who can call on technological knowledge will obviously also be able to call on spiritual knowledge.

    It seems that we swim ever deeper into uncharted waters…

    1. If a neural connection to all of humankind’s knowledge is possible, replacing the need to access all this via an iphone or Desktop PC, then I am for it. What could be wrong with this? I could see eventually having employers advertise job openings that required that you have such a neural connection if you wish the job because a company just won’t have the time to let you fumble around finding such data on a keyboard. I had a friend who was an accountant. When PCs were introduced to the workplace, he refused to use a PC and spreadsheets online to do his job. This was a tremendous burden to his accounting firm because he took so much longer to do his job than his peers. He was fired. A neural link to detailed plans could be amazing for construction project managers, doctors, etc. I guess the real downside is whether the technology would require you to accept mandatory downloads of false information. Just imagine what the Trump Administration would have done with such power.

      1. If one picks up a cell phone, one can put it down and be fully human. If one puts on a neural net skull cap and connects, one can take it off. If one puts AI chips in their head – one’s soul will wither and die.

        Would Mozart have written anything if the chips in his head were telling him how to do it and telling him to listen to this and that great from the past? Would Einstein have created relativity theory if he could just download the correct theories of physics.

        Use the tools – then Unplug and be a real and magnificent human.

  9. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/australian-rock-art-0015155


    ‘Unbiased’ Computer Software Learns To Decipher Australian Rock Art…….

    Archaeologists in the Wilton River area of Australia have used computer software to read and understand Australian rock art from over a thousand years ago. The software was trained to spot different rock art styles, which were broadly labeled “Northern Running figures,” “Dynamic Figures,” “Post Dynamic figures” and “Simple figures with Boomerangs.” The Australian rock art researchers did this to see how the styles related to one another without the presence of human bias.

    DO NOT MISS the amazing 7 minute video. DREAM-TIME…….

  10. As to His coming again as a “Thief in the night” here’s another way to look at it: Reverend William Miller of the Millerites was actually not wrong with his prediction of 1844. He was just wrong in looking up at the clouds…. as explained grippingly in THIEF IN THE NIGHT- The Case of the Missing Millennium by William Sears available as paper book
    or PDF: https://bahai-library.com/sears_thief_night

  11. Sunbow

    I agree with everything you have said. Those are my opinions as well. Thank you for your posts.

  12. It seems like William Henry has gone all Trumpy.

    That may be where the money is in this field.

    But it’s disappointing.

    Also, actors won’t be fully replaced in 5 years. The tech isn’t there. Probably never will be.

  13. The Catholic Church apparently no longer forbids cremations. The historic Dublin cemetery where my mother wanted to be buried (Mt. Jerome) built a cremation wall with niches 15-20 years ago. They were otherwise out of burial space, and got permission from the Irish Catholic Church for the use of cremation niches.

    Regarding Earth’s future use of A.I., here is one application where they expect to use it to manage the Internet Of Things. Good luck. Link:

    1. Three other thoughts about A.I. applications: 1) In medicine, there was a recent case where an A.I. oncology recommendation was rejected by the doctors because it was impossible to trace back the logic and rationale of that machine language recommendation. 2) Over in the People’s Republic of China, do they really imagine that A.I. will be a member of the Communist Party? Based on what? 3) The US management endorsement of A.I. appears to assume that A.I. will manage or supervise human workers … but it may not work out that way at all.

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