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There is almost no sane, truthful information in the general media about modern Wicca and its deities, so this week we delve deeply into the story of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, mother, daughter, healer, warrior, goddess of magic. We talk to Courtney Weber, priestess, author, activist and practicing witch in New York City. You can find her on and

In the second half of the show, we learn about Courtney’s amazing discovery of the presence of the goddess Brigid in her life, and how it changed her forever. She was literally slapped around, forcefully awakened and brought into a new level of spiritual intensity.

We also explore spells, blessings and ritual practices that offer harmony, protection and much more.

This show is a journey into a religion that is ceaselessly persecuted in the media and entertainment by being portrayed as frightening, malicious and evil. The persecution of witches is an ancient, worldwide phenomenon. It is also wrong, both spiritually and morally. Listen to Courtney Weber and find out what’s right about her faith and it’s profound connection to the Earth and its powerful spiritual identity as the mother of us all.

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  1. In much gratitude for all of
    In much gratitude for all of you who have come to offer much needed help in healing our planet……

    AS ABOVE…..

    Sekhmet, as in EGYPTIAN GODDESS.

    Asteroid known as 5381 Sekhmet (HELLO SEKHMET) will pass by Earth on this Sunday, May 17, 2015. Although this other object will pass at a huge distance of 62.8 lunar distances, the 2.1-kilometer-wide asteroid grabs the attention of astronomers because it is binary, which means it is being orbited by a secondary space rock. The double space rock was originally detected in 2003 from Arecibo Observatory.

    SO BELOW…..

    So, as I was checking out Tolkien’s ’ENTS’ (Shepherds of the Trees), I came across this nice article.

    Ent Trees

    “One thing I do know is this. Trees are among the greatest messengers on earth. Wherever trees exist, a message can be delivered from tree to tree. And where trees are sparse, the wind normally blows and the message can be handed over to the wind. Trees interact with other sorts of carriers — birds and insects work above ground, and below, the practically invisible world of fungi network from tree to tree across the land. Even the very water rinsing over leaves and limbs can carry messages as it settles into the ground and penetrates the earth to move back into the cycle of regeneration. Perhaps the trees that sing are also distributing messages to the Universe.”

    According to Wikipedia, Tolkien took the Anglo-Saxon phrases orþanc enta geweorc = “work of cunning giants” and eald enta geweorc = “old work of giants” and applied it to describing the trees in his story, settling on the word “ent”. It’s a fitting word for them.

    Others who notice these sorts of things might call these particular trees “plant devas” or have other phrases to describe them. Or maybe most people don’t notice them at all. I suppose it’s one of my own peculiarities to notice such things, but I think anyone who lets their imaginations free can see at least these two tree-beings.

  2. I have noticed them all of my
    I have noticed them all of my life, the “plant devas,” as you so nicely describe them. The energy of Earth is expressed most directly through the living plants around us. Going near a tree–any tree–and meditating in the embrace of its shade will bring an immediate flood of energy and love. That’s your planet, after all these billions of years able at last to embrace in its love a creature that can be aware.

    We have been a long time coming, but we are here at last, her companions. We are passing through a deep and dangerous birth right now, but afterward will recognize our mother for what she is, and come to true joy. Earth awaits, Earth abides.

  3. Thank you very much for this
    Thank you very much for this incredible interview Whitley and Courtney!
    I’ve been a practicing Druid for a few years now due to the oaks calling to me.
    I’ll definitely be reading this book!

  4. Carollee, That was a great
    Carollee, That was a great post as well.
    Thanks for the link. I love it!

  5. as we are truly grateful for
    as we are truly grateful for the love, care and support of our human mothers, the love, care and patience of our earth mother shows as she waits for us at the end of our path of discovery. how many lifetimes has she waited? heart aching to enfold us to her breast. at last those of us who are her pagan children can come home and own our relationship with her and her consort our sky father. at the dawning of the age of aquarius what a family reunion. thanks whitley for another great show. also thanks for the links to courtneys website. i appreciate both carol lees and more lights comments.

  6. I can’t say I am a Pagan per
    I can’t say I am a Pagan per se, but I do believe in the power of nature, from a nice park all the way to a stunning wild vista that lights up the inner glow of awe in us all.
    Is it any wonder why so many inner cities aka ‘concrete jungles’ suffer from so much violence? Is it therefore any surprise that when greenery is introduced in some of these areas, crime drops? That hard/hot/cold/rough concrete is the epitome of ‘unforgiving’.

    When we completely disconnect with the ‘soul’ of nature, we disconnect with our own.
    I am so lucky growing up to have a nice large green yard with a few trees, and feel sad for those who never had any nature right there beside them, but thankfully even most cities in the west have Some greenery not too far away if you’re willing to make a day out of it.

  7. I wonder how she will feel
    I wonder how she will feel when she realizes, Brigid never existed. Cute delusion though.

  8. Oh Wise Ed, who contains true
    Oh Wise Ed, who contains true knowledge and just wisdom; You of McLaughlin who obviously possesses the Stone of the Wise; enlighten us on the Whom of existance so that we all may no longer suffer the attractions of Cute Delusions.

  9. Re: the currently listed
    Re: the currently listed title for this recording, namely, “Brigid: Goddess, Saint, Voodun Diety,” you might want to change “Diety” to “Deity.” 🙂

  10. Just FYI, the low bandwidth
    Just FYI, the low bandwidth file would not load for me.

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