There is almost no sane, truthful information in the general media about modern Wicca and its deities, so this week we delve deeply into the story of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, mother, daughter, healer, warrior, goddess of magic. We talk to Courtney Weber, priestess, author, activist and practicing witch in New York City. You can find her on and

In the second half of the show, we learn about Courtney's amazing discovery of the presence of the goddess Brigid in her life, and how it changed her forever. She was literally slapped around, forcefully awakened and brought into a new level of spiritual intensity.

We also explore spells, blessings and ritual practices that offer harmony, protection and much more.

This show is a journey into a religion that is ceaselessly persecuted in the media and entertainment by being portrayed as frightening, malicious and evil. The persecution of witches is an ancient, worldwide phenomenon. It is also wrong, both spiritually and morally. Listen to Courtney Weber and find out what's right about her faith and it's profound connection to the Earth and its powerful spiritual identity as the mother of us all.

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