Whitley Strieber, Jaime Maussan and Linda Moulton Howe join together to discuss the controversial "alien body" slides that Jaime presented at the "Be Witness" project in Mexico City on May 5. Linda Moulton Howe drops the biggest bombshell in the history of the program.

Later, the Maussan's slides were brought into question. A ferocious effort was made to debunk them. While three doctors had said that the creature depicted in the slides was not human, one of them later changed his mind. At the same time, the photo found by Linda Moulton Howe of what is clearly a nonuman body, has never been debunked by anybody. But the remains cannot be found, so there will be no final proof.

Before this all happened, Whitley Strieber published a journal entry cautioning that something along these lines was likely to occur, and giving his reasons why. Nevertheless, Whitley, who has taken a neutral stance from the beginning, has been heavily criticized for even entertaining the notion that Maussan had found a 'smoking gun.' Controversy has been so concentrated on the Maussan slides that what Linda Moulton Howe found has been ignored.

The image below depicts the slide of an apparent alien body presented by Jaime Maussan in Mexico City on the left, and the one Linda Moulton Howe discovered yesterday in researching the White's City Museum where the body in Jaime's slide was supposed to have been housed. In fact, they are both different bodies, and forensic analysis suggests that the body presented in Mexico City is not human. Clearly, the body in the White's City museum is not. As yet, neither of these bodies has been located, and until that happens absolute certainty cannot be obtained, but the forensic analysis done on the body in the Roswell Slide and the unusual appearance of the one in the White's City Museum photograph suggest that these may not be bodies of creatures from our world as we now understand it.

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