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Whitley Strieber, Jaime Maussan and Linda Moulton Howe join together to discuss the controversial “alien body” slides that Jaime presented at the “Be Witness” project in Mexico City on May 5. Linda Moulton Howe drops the biggest bombshell in the history of the program.

Later, the Maussan’s slides were brought into question. A ferocious effort was made to debunk them. While three doctors had said that the creature depicted in the slides was not human, one of them later changed his mind. At the same time, the photo found by Linda Moulton Howe of what is clearly a nonuman body, has never been debunked by anybody. But the remains cannot be found, so there will be no final proof.

Before this all happened, Whitley Strieber published a journal entry cautioning that something along these lines was likely to occur, and giving his reasons why. Nevertheless, Whitley, who has taken a neutral stance from the beginning, has been heavily criticized for even entertaining the notion that Maussan had found a ‘smoking gun.’ Controversy has been so concentrated on the Maussan slides that what Linda Moulton Howe found has been ignored.

The image below depicts the slide of an apparent alien body presented by Jaime Maussan in Mexico City on the left, and the one Linda Moulton Howe discovered yesterday in researching the White’s City Museum where the body in Jaime’s slide was supposed to have been housed. In fact, they are both different bodies, and forensic analysis suggests that the body presented in Mexico City is not human. Clearly, the body in the White’s City museum is not. As yet, neither of these bodies has been located, and until that happens absolute certainty cannot be obtained, but the forensic analysis done on the body in the Roswell Slide and the unusual appearance of the one in the White’s City Museum photograph suggest that these may not be bodies of creatures from our world as we now understand it.

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  1. Whitley, this is an amazing
    Whitley, this is an amazing show. Lots of stuff to think about. It reinforces so much. Patience is not always easy to maintain. I don’t know how you have done it all these years. Of course, what else can you do?

    Once again, your courage is quite visible. Whether folks believe you (and your guests) doesn’t matter. You are walking your talk – for all the rest of us. A life lived in honesty, courage, and one who calls attention to what is. Truly a life of service and one of much pain. Whitley & Anne, thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You guys are very special people.

  2. Recently, a guest on another
    Recently, a guest on another show (Ron Regehr interviewed on The Paracast) claimed that the body in Maussan’s slide was supposed to have been at the old museum at Mesa Verde National Park, which (if correct) would explain why it isn’t the body at White’s Museum. The old museum was dismantled a few years ago, and all Indian remains that had been displayed there have been reburied. You might wish to investigate this.

    I don’t believe the mummy to be that of an alien; the arms are proportionately too short to match numerous descriptions of Grays. It looks to me, to be that of a malnourished human child (older than the purported 2 years, perhaps 4 or 5).

    1. Edit: By the way, Regehr
      Edit: By the way, Regehr also said in the interview, that he obtained a copy of the original digital photo directly from Don, and, using the same aforementioned deblurring software, was unable to deblur the placard. And yet the copy now available online is easily deblurred. Psy-ops, perhaps?

  3. Whitley, I listened to the
    Whitley, I listened to the entire conversation, and I still don’t know what to think. I can hear the reasoning of Eddie, that the slide shows a malnourished human child, but then it would still mesh with what you and Linda say about misinformation and the covert government role in maintaining the media’s derisory attitude to all reports of contact etc. You, Linda, and Jaime are dedicated to the truth. I hope it will out, and make us all free to understand the vast connections we have with intelligent beings throughout the universe.

  4. Good show. I urge you to
    Good show. I urge you to watch Destination Truth Season 3 episode 305 (24). They found a little body too in a mine in Chile. Very similar to the 12″ body.

  5. I am getting lots of emails
    I am getting lots of emails from rush to judgement types. Inevitably, they haven’t listened to the show and chose to believe instead the first thing they read about Jaime’s presentation, which was the business about the deblurred placard. They are blind to the subtleties and ambiguities that are inevitable with something like this. These nincompoops always assume that I’m unaware of things like the Deblur Program and the contents of the placard. It never occurs to them that somebody with 30 years at the cutting edge of research in this field might be well informed, and, in fact, far better informed than they are.

    The worst are the passive UFO researchers, of whom there are far too many, who sit on their duffs and read what others say but do no original work of their own. Such people abound in the community, and are one of the reasons it is so weak, just in general. For example, they’re confidently asserting that the body in Jaime’s slides is or was at the museum in Mesa Verde. Linda actually WENT to the museum and looked at the mummies there. No resemblance, as she points out in the show to which they also did not listen.

    There is also a psychological effect, which is related to the ghastly shaming frenzies that erupt all the time in social media: people are much more eager to rip others to shreds than to accept the value of their effort.

    Jaime Maussan is like all of us in this field: he lives out on a limb. Of course he gets into trouble from time to time. We all do. But this time I think he has something, and what Linda has found makes it even more provocative.

    Maybe we’ll all end up with egg on our faces, but if people don’t take chances in the field, there cannot be progress.

    1. The Star Child skull was
      The Star Child skull was discovered in a cave (tunnel?) back in the 1930’s. I feel that maybe we are going in the wrong direction. Maybe the body in the Mesa Verde Museum was an alien, but maybe it was also discovered in an archaeological dig back in the late 19th century by either S.L. Palmer, Sr. or an archaeologist by the name of Richard Wetherill. The Mesa Verde culture typically interred their dead in caves.

      Here is link from the National Park Service about the donation of the ‘mummy’ to the Mesa Verde Museum back in 1938:

      Apparently, the child mummy (if that’s what it was) was a very popular exhibit.

      Here is another link about the the Palmer family and other artifacts loaned to the museum. Note that this article mentions many artifacts and photos loaned to the museum in 1938, but no mention of a mummy:

      Also note that this article mentions that other items from the collection went missing, specifically the ground plans of the sites where Palmer and Wetherill discovered the artifacts.

      Mummy or alien, this is once compelling story. This little body ended up somewhere, and the second article mentions that the collection was split up in 1946, but since it does not mention the ‘mummy’, the assumption must be that the mummy was split off from the rest of the collection before 1946, but why and how?

  6. Bbaer22, thank you. I knew
    Bbaer22, thank you. I knew I’d seen that somewhere before! Very useful information for me.

  7. In 2007 a visitor to the
    In 2007 a visitor to the White’s City Million Dollar Museum was told that the FBI had taken the mummies a few months prior:

    “The Museum is still full of most of its odd stuff, but sadly the mummies and alien babies have been abducted. I asked the woman at the desk about them and she said that the FBI had come a couple of months ago and taken them for DNA testing. She did not sound hopeful about their return to the museum.”

    [Lex Thompson, 12/24/2007] – See more at:

  8. “Keep the question open.” You
    “Keep the question open.” You speak wise words, which ought to be heard by everyone in every context, but especially in the context of the Visitors. For my part, the kind of scepticism I practice does not require that I put the mystics and their God behind me, but rather that I keep their experience in mind (and also my own experience), as I examine both our connection with the “good souls” (the departed, who often accompany the Visitors) and the good angels (messengers of the Ultimate Good). I accept my own experience, of which I am duly sceptical, but I am rigorously sceptical about debunkers of all stripes, who think that their arguments can trump experience. Contra experientiam non valet argumentum.

  9. Well, for what it’s worth:
    Well, for what it’s worth: from the National Park Service, Region III Quarterly, Volume 2, Number 1, January, 1940; from an article entitled “Human Prunes”, by Don Watson, Park Naturalist, Mesa Verde National Park:

    “Another excellent mummy in the Mesa Verde Museum is that of a small boy of perhaps two or three. X-rays of the teeth have not been taken so the exact age is uncertain. The body is well mummified, but small patches of skin are missing and the lower part of the right leg has disappeared. The skin has lost all of its former color and is an uninteresting dull gray shade. Part of a small slip-over cotton shirt still hangs around the shoulders. Several pieces of cotton in which the body was wrapped are well preserved….”

    No picture is provided, but that does sound a lot like the figure in the photograph.

  10. FYI, the EMRosa comment was
    FYI, the EMRosa comment was deleted because it violated our posting rules by making a direct personal attack on another person, to wit, referring to Mr Maussan as a “creep.” We are free to express our opinions on UC, but personal attacks have never been tolerated, not since the site was created, and never will be. For the record, he did not think that anything about Jaime’s presentation was authentic.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! I was so
    Yes, yes, yes! I was so disappointed that the photo was debunked so quickly. Now we have a real mystery in our hands! Go Linda and Whitley!!!!!

  12. WOW!!!!! What a variety of
    WOW!!!!! What a variety of opinions but not at all surprised. So, I am going to add my two cents for what its worth.

    WHAT IF!!!!! After further study/analysis of the images, BOTH or ONE of the two “ALIEN BODIES” show signs of being the real deal? WHAT THEN?????

    Guardians of Ga’Hoole…..
    Bubo the Owl…..

    “Very possible! Possible, indeed. Maybe even probable, which, as you know if you study your arithmetic, can happen more often than possible. In other words, probable is more possible than possible. – Bubo”
    ― Kathryn Lasky, The Rescue

  13. Both of the descriptions
    Both of the descriptions remind me of a body that was in a case similar to the one Linda described in a tourist trap road stop on I-10 in Arizona between Tucson and Las Cruces in the 80’s. There were bill boards for miles saying “What is The Thing? Come to the museum and se it” My kids and I stopped to see “The Thing” and it looked like a mummified child holding a doll that looked just like it. It had no knees or elbows. I looked at it for quite a while trying to figure out if it was a doll or a real mummy. It was only about 18 inches to 2 feet long and the doll was about 6 inches and looked exactly like the mummy. My memory of it may be changed as the picture on this website does not look like what I remember:

    1. JahaRa, I posted about ‘The
      JahaRa, I posted about ‘The Thing’ on another thread here at UnknownCountry recently. I remember ‘The Thing’ too. You are right. The photo at wikipedia looks nothing like what I saw. Then again, your description does not match what I saw there either! Hmmmm…

      1. Cosmic
        Cosmic Librarian,
        Interesting. It was a long time ago that I saw it but my memory resembles what Linda described. It looked old and also looked native, I think the placard said it had been found in south america. It was definitely weird and possibly fabricated. What do you remember about The Thing?

        1. My visit there pre-dated your
          My visit there pre-dated your visit by maybe 20 years (of course, I was a child at the time. Really! 🙂

          My recollection is pretty clear because it made a big impact on me. It looked like a real female mummy, and while shorter in stature than a modern woman, she was not extremely small. The baby in her arms resembled a real human baby, but mummified. If I remember correctly, it was said to be over a thousand years old. As stated in my earlier post, it saddened me and felt wrong for it to be displayed this way. Was it ‘real’? It struck me as a real dead human being, but it looked nothing like the photo on wikipedia.

  14. I need to add that from my
    I need to add that from my recollection the Million Dollar Museum in Whites City, NM is the same kind of Museum that is on I-10 in Arizona with The Thing. They are private, for profit museums used to get tourists to stop and spend some money.

  15. Linda/ Whitley, I live not
    Linda/ Whitley, I live not far from Montezuma’s Castle in Arizona. Some links I’ve found. enter search for montezuma castle mummy
    Both have mention of mummies at the Castle. One in 1896, another 1927

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