For years, a theory has floated around that the visitors might not be aliens at all, but entities from a parallel universe or even time travelers. In this extraordinary adventure of an interview, Dr. Michael Masters lays out a brilliantly conceived case for the time traveler theory.

Can we actually travel through time, and if so, why might we want to do it and, above all, HOW? Dr. Masters addresses all of these questions as he weaves together the many threads of his case. You will be left wondering, ‘is he right, and if so, then what does it mean and why do they appear to be clustering at this particular moment in history?’

Then, in the last half hour, Whitley describes some of his own apparent movements through time, and Dr. Masters responds with eye-opening analysis. At the very end, Anne Strieber, who has not intervened in the show for over a year, suddenly makes herself known with a short, deeply insightful statement that seems in a few words to perfectly sum up this mind-bender of a show.

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  1. I’ve pictured this Universe as a block for a long time, especially when trying to understand how beings that are outside time might perceive it…and that leads into a whole raft of discussions about fate and free will… But if the Universe is a block, then attempting to go back in time (to another slice of the ‘Big Ham’ ) to fix the present (or the slice you just came from) is an exercise in futility, is it not? As this is a fixed structure. If everything has already happened, including you going back in time, then the present, the bit that you might be trying to fix by going back in time, is already a ramifications of that… so it, just, won’t, work. Damn.

    So if you could, why would you bother? Certainly not to fix where you came from… but maybe to be the seed, the instigator, of the things you left? To be the creator of the bubble, that expands into the beautiful future waterfall you left behind you?

    Or maybe to create a better home on a different island in time? Knowing that doing that would help create the place you were trying to escape from… oh my word, what a mind-****.

    Anyway, I guess the block Universe idea gets rid of the Grandfather paradox…as I assume something would have to always crop up to prevent you from doing the deed… or fate would conspire against you, so you unwittingly kill someonelses Grandfather instead?!

    Now back to listening to the next hour!

  2. This Dreamland interview with Dr. Masters knocked my socks off because the subject matter of time travel struck my curiosity just a couple of days ago and I wrote a separate post on the message board speculating on the very topics Whitley and Dr. Masters discuss on this show — including the concept of consciousness, memory and even Whitley’s time travel back to 19th century NYC (!).

    See the post yourself: Whitley’s Books > General Discussion > Say, D’Ya Got the Time?

    As you can see from the time stamp, I wrote and posted the message a full day before the Dreamland show was up on the site and I can attest to you that I had not seen any prior announcement of the show or the subject matter.

    It’s funny. Did I travel into the very near future and see this show in order to write the message beforehand and verify the legitimacy of their discussion? Ha! (I wouldn’t be so bold to tout about any special abilities. My God, I can’t even perfect the making of a grilled cheese sandwich!)

    A couple other notes I’d like to address regarding this show:

    – At the 1:04:00 mark, while Whitley is describing his slip back into 19th century New York, he mentions bending down to pick up a scrap of newspaper and when he does he gets a chilling feeling, as if ice water was being poured down the inside of his body. He said it was an emotion of immense loneliness that he had never experienced before or since. I don’t know if that is accurate, however. I vividly remember another story Whitley has told perhaps just one time, another time travel incident. In this one, he is taken into the future and is met there by someone he has known before, a materials scientist who had died but somehow had lived in this future and was operating a time machine which had somehow “beamed” Whitley into this future scenario, told him a few things, and then transported him back to his present time. Soon after, Whitley had the opportunity to prove that what happened to him was real because while he was in the future he was allowed to view an old article on the internet and when he returned to his present he immediately to the internet to find the article. But when he did he got that same icy feeling of immense loneliness, as if what he was about to do would have some serious repercussions. I don’t know why Whitley hasn’t brought up this story more, since it’s such an awesome incident to speculate upon (you can hear him talk about this time travel episode by going to Whitley’s Room and click on Unpublished Close Encounters: Part 3, April 1, 2006)

    – Back to his time travel incident in NYC. Whitley mentions his location in the city as being at the northwest corner of Houston and LaGuardia Place. As happens often when I am listening to a podcast and a location is mentioned, I went to Google Maps and found the very exact spot Whitley references. When I found it I saw something peculiar across the street, on the northeast corner: a historical landmark consisting of a plot of land bearing the natural stages of forest growth for that area. The name of this place: Time Landscape.

    How ’bout that?

  3. Should be a great show!

    Also, Whitley, your latest youtube video is superb. A perfect direction to explore in my opinion. I loved it. I had an intense experience immediately after watching it, thank you.

  4. I really recommend Terry Pratchett’s book Thief of Time. I mean, I recommend everything by him, I swear he’s either a prophet or an alien, weaving everything involved with time travel, unusual states of being and sharing his ability to look at the world without our ordinary perceptions clouding the view.

    In Thief of Time he talks about the History Monks slicing through time, very much like the ice of the past and he makes it feel so accessible, so well described that even if you haven’t experienced non-ordinary reality, he gives you a taste of it.

  5. This is the interview that I’ve been waiting for! The vast majority of my strange experiences have revolved around time, from UFOs to actual time-slips and even time standing still, messages from other beings, the dead, my future self, etc. Thank you Michael Masters! Regarding your recent meditation on Youtube, Whitley, I missed the’ live’ version, but wasn’t worried about it, because all I had to do was put myself ‘there’ earlier today and participate. No limits…

  6. Hybrids do not need to be between future humans and modern humans. Any technologically advanced species could splice genes into either a fertilized egg or even remove an embryo, alter it, and replace it.

    IMO: The future is a multiverse, not infinite verse, and the closer to teh present the more probable specific events are of falling through teh present and the past is like threads, every one woven by a consciousness and them all forming a fabric.

  7. In my opinion, the visitors cannot be relegated to time travelers any more than they can be relegated to being beings from other planets in this solar system, galaxy or universe. Our science and physics simply cannot account for the complexity of the realities that we interact with. I am not saying that there can’t be time travelers. I am not saying that there can’t be aliens from other planets. I think we would be wise to listen to Whitely as he relates his experiences and then go deeply into that. Whitely is a gateway.

  8. Wow what a great interview! Too much for me to really even comment on except for the Netflix series Dark! I remember when I first watched the trailer about people disappearing not where but when that I thought I have to watch this. It’s a really fascinating look at not only the phenomenon but also how it affects the main character’s personality but also their families and loved ones. I did understand the reference to close encounters and I wanted to point out to in the start of the film, when they found the World War II airplanes out of the middle of the desert, the characters were saying they were just like brand new. How could an airplane from World War II sitting out the desert in the 1970s start up and look like they just came out of the factory? Obviously some form of time travel or coming through a portal Wormhole whatever. In the movie I think they reference that one of the airplanes was one of the ones that went missing around the Bermuda Triangle area . Anyway fascinating show and I’m really looking forward to David Paulides coming on the show. I got his one dvd about hunters who had gone missing and it is really terrifying. Also the footage in part of it with the sounds of what we’re possibly some group of entities that do not speak the way we do having a conversation. Based on his interviews Etc a lot of what he talks about reminds me of the malevolent answer to use that were on the Skinwalker Ranch. Plucking a person straight up Bowser clothing and then finding partial skull and one tooth on a boulder 10,000 feet up higher. It’s as if those presences are saying look how helpless you are against us. Anyway fascinating interview tonight and thank you for all the really wonderful guess you’ve been having on!

  9. Another great interview. I’ve tweeted with Dr. Masters a couple times and look forward to reading his book.

    Whitley, I’ve been thinking about your book The Secret School lately, among my favorite of yours, and would love for you to do a podcast or video looking back on it and discussing it through the lens of where you are now and what you think of the subjects you were exploring in that book.

    1. YES…what a wonderful suggestion. Wonderful hearing from Anne! …Michael was an intriguing guest.

  10. Mr. Strieber states “I think there is another way to look at it and that is that consciousness is outside of time..” It makes sense.
    In Yogananda Paramahansa’s Samdhi there is a part where he explains that he is indeed above time..
    “Present, past, future, no more for me!”

    In a block universe all would be static. Why would entities come to warn us if nothing can be changed. Alas, one thing we know from the universe is that its endlessly creative.

    Yogananda’s epic poem:

  11. I had to go back and listen to this one again. The comment the visitor gave you Whitley seems to be very different from the concept of block time. The analogy that time in the future is like water, energetic, fluid and in motion , and therefore not fixed is not block time in my mind, and that we compress it into ice seems to be even stranger yet. Liquid water for all intensive purposes is incompressible. For water to turn into ice we need to reduce or remove energy from it. So if the future is like liquid water, then it should be energetic. Ice, being a solid crystaline structure, is in a less energetic state. No matter how hard one tries to compress water it will not turn into ice, it will only give you a sore back. One way of reducing the energy of water is through the process of refrigeration where a gas such as Freon is compressed (inputting energy) in one stage and then evaporated at another stage, which draws energy out of its environment as it evaporates. Remove enough energy and the water turns to ice. If the visitor is suggesting we are a compressor, then our actions, which by their very nature are energetic, would be having an affect on something that at the same time is removing energy from time. I think that conventional physics tells us that energy is neither created or destroyed, it only changes form, so I’m not sure were this energy we remove from time ends up. So would the “state” of being be what transforms the energy of the future time into past time making it fixed. It would be interesting to think about where that energy ended up. Now on the matter of ice, the only way to melt it is to apply energy to it and therefore if the the past is like ice one could selectively apply energy to some point in “past time”, thereby making it fluid and therefore be able to be interacted with. This thought came to mind when I recall observations about interactions with the visitors or with other phenomena such as kundalini where energetic elements are reported such as electrical energies or frequencies that buzz and pulsate or change color and cause bodily sensations and interfere with our electric appliances. I wonder if these energetic observations are related to someone or something, or even us, manipulating energy in time to gain access and interact with it.

    I also want to comment on Ann’s interjection at the end of the podcast – “Reality is a song sung by consciousness”. A beautiful idea indeed. Makes me think of the story of the saxophone player who wanted to join a band and after his try-out was told they wanted him to play tenor. He, being exited, began to unpack his music when the conductor said no, we want you to play ten or more miles away. Sometimes everything in reality is in harmony, at other times, not so much!

    1. Author

      Interesting about the issues surrounding the time concept. When I got that input, I would not have been able to understand the much more complex explanation that an accurate representation of the physics would require. I saw this communication rather than heard it. What I saw was water flowing into what looked to me like a compressor on a refrigerator, then becoming ice. I think that this was probably meant to symbolize the extraction of energy from the water.

  12. I think I remember Whitley saying that the creatures a billion years from now , would be evolved from insects and will have hands of some sort? And there would be no evidence of us whatsoever.

  13. Whitley one of your past life-memories you mention here is as a tutor in the 1870s with an oil lamp leading a student to a school, and you mentioned you were a slave. Was this the United States? Or elsewhere? Slavery was of course abolished in the US by then. I *do* however recall you mentioning a while back perhaps in a book that in one of your past lives you were also a tutor in ancient Rome to the man that became Rome’s first emperor, Octavian Augustus, with a similar description…was this the same memory though confused (in this interview) in terms of time?

    1. Author

      There’s some confusion here. I recall an apparent journey back to the 1870s that was very brief. I was simply standing on a street corner in New York. The recollection of being a tutor dates back to Ancient Rome. They are two entirely different memories. If they are memories…

      1. Well, I vividly recall the one about you going from 1983 (New York City) to the late 19th Century. I’ve enjoyed and been mystified by that one for years! (Especially as a decade long subscriber and decades long reader of your works.) Then there there is the one about you as a tutor in ancient Rome. I must have misheard the date on the tutor memory here or there was a date misspeak by accident.

        1. Author

          I had both experiences, certainly, but the New York one didn’t involve me being a slave. That was the ancient Rome experience.

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