Joseph Farrell returns with an in depth discussion of the countries that are being hurt by the coronavirus situation and the ones that are benefiting from it–and yes, there are some. So, does this mean that the virus IS a bioweapon? The evidence is actually much more complex than the conspiracy theorists would have us believe, and as always, Joseph explores the situation from his unique, and uniquely informed perspective. Bioweapon or not, it is changing the geopolitical balance and possibly even destabilizing the regimes of some hugely powerful international players. Don’t miss Joseph’s unique insights!

Then, he and Whitley go deeper into something that troubles Whitley deeply, which is whether or not the dark rituals that are associated with some of the figures in MK-ULTRA right up through Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express have any real power, or are they simply the conceits of powerful fools? During this discussion, Whitley discloses something that happened to him as a child that he has never spoken of before, and Joseph understands INSTANTLY what the mysterious event means.

A great show that touches on many fascinating topics. Get ready for a mesmerizing listening experience.

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  1. The virus could also have been spread by a lab employee selling exotic animals from the lab to the Wuhan animal market?

  2. Author

    That’s what the Chinese have said, but the fact remains that the labs are there, and they would never admit that the virus escaped.

  3. So I just bought and listened to Whitley’s new audiobook “A New World”.

    It tied so many loose ends together for me!!

    I have contact often and I get frustrated a lot because I get the instruction over and over again to “picture it” when I have a question.

    I always thought, “we’ll clearly you can hear me and answer me in my own language so why do that?”

    It’s not that I’m a jerk, it’s just that when I have a complex question; “picturing it” is not exactly easy or immediately obvious. And…why don’t I receive pictures back?? Just audio?

    For example, I was asking if I had any predispositions given to me in this incarnation. How exactly do you “picture” that? Yet the request comes calmly and repeatedly every time. “ picture it” they ask.

    Also, on complex questions, the answer can be rather funny. For the question above, which I asked for 2 weeks solid before and answer, the reply was “YOU SEEK ASCENSION. HELP IS HERE.”

    I was a bit confused. I mean, yeah, ascension would be great but how is that an answer???? Lol… not to mention that the reply came into my head in audio and with a German accent. YOU ZEEK AZENSHUN!” came the loud and shocking but unmistakable reply.

    For those of you that don’t have audio sensitivity, I realize that I sound crazy or schizophrenic, but I assure you, I am a business owner that works a full work week at decent pay with a business coach and shrink on board. I have no signs of mental illness, save occasional workaholism, and a high empathy for others….think caregiver without the martyr complex and a sharp intellect. I’m responsible for over 3 million dollars a month in client accounts. I do a good job. I’m responsible and accountable. I doubt I’m crazy, well, completely crazy anyway.

    So Whitley, I have one burning question for you. I have had encounters my entire life and only a handful have been terrifying. Why do you suppose some of them are so damn scary? Like hair on the back of your neck hurts, tight chest and you want to vomit/run/scream/kill scary?? I feel like a wild animal when that type of fear takes hold…

    Clearly the visitors mean no immediate harm so why the fear parade? I’m guessing I may have not always been in the best mind space when they wanted to communicate? Or is it that, we that are connected, emanate 100x our current emotions when they are around like a reflecting bowl and it’s really just our fear/state of mind bouncing back???

    The best I can figure/intuit is that the expectation is that “I maintain” a calm headspace because there are limited “time/space” points that they can come through, so the expectation is that we “remain clear and ready to receive” at all times? That feels impossible lol. Who can do that!??

    Anyway, they call me “Nikius” and not Stephanie for some reason (it sounds like NEEK-US). I asked them why, and they said “that is you!” Very effusively and repeatedly. It’s the only answer I get. “That is you!”

    However, when I dream, if they want me to wake up, it’s always “STEPHANIE!” (Which is really quite scary, as I can hear this even after waking up for a few seconds and it rattles me every time. My heart pounds and I wake breathing heavily.)

    But when communicating at an expected time, the greeting is always started with “Nikus…..” I was wondering if anyone had some insight there into that name. I’ve looked it up ok google and gotten nowhere…

    Anyway, your last podcast that mentioned hamlets mill was really cool! I bought that book and read it about 5 times about 6 months ago.

    It was not an easy read lol, and agree that it pointed to a reoccurrence or cycle. The wives/sisters/slaves that “push” the “mill” fascinate me the most. Almost like, “the will” of the cycle?? Reminded me of samsara…

    Your meditations are so welcome and I am practicing them with you. I thought about sending this to you privately because I know I sound ”Lonely toons” but private messages would not bring openness to the forum.

    I hope my candidness is a help and not a hindrance here. I feel like people are becoming more awake, but I get nervous because I hear how your sales are still affected and you publish your own material because of that.

    For what it’s worth, I bought a full year of access because the material is so honest and I love to support authors/journalists/reporters that give back at their own peril. Gregory Palast, Linda M Howe, Whitley Strieber etc.

    Linda recommended I come here BTW, after I inquired on her live show about authors that had “truth in fiction and non-fiction” publications ready to go. She nailed it! I hope you two are still close friends 🙂

    Love Nikus??? Lol 😉

  4. Thank you much for sharing the information. Better be safe than sorry.
    At the same time to remember the spiritual aspect beyond it all.
    Our true Self witnesses experience without changing and without being affected.
    The Self that is our true Identity, Who and What we really are, is invulnerable and immortal.
    Here are some videos that might be supportive to those of us who are open to the spiritual view on this crisis:

    English mystic John Butler: “Who’s afraid of Coronavirus?”
    “Tina Rasmussen – Pandemic Edition – Guru Viking Podcast”

  5. While all this these recommendations about protection are useful practical and sensible, speaking only for me, I think if you are to die so you will regardless. None of us will avoid the angel of death and now that I am old my concern/fear is the dying not death. How long and painful might the last days be? I help with care of my 90 year old mother-in-law who is in dementia and has heart disease. Without her daughter caring for her she would be in a nursing home and much more likely to get the virus.

    Fear, unreasoning fear, will help to kill many because once we get on the other side of this virus then how will we live in the great economic depression that is developing worldwide? Transformation and change, birth of the new age, death of the old structures of control and manipulation, awaken in the dream is not feeling very warm and fuzzy of late.

  6. Whitley did I hear you mention video chat at 10am today ? Yet newsletter emailed said 11am pacific?

  7. Thank you for the factual information on COVID19 since we cannot trust a word Trump says. This is not a political slam on him but simply the result of observing this man in action during this crisis and the last 3 years. I am a caregiver for Alzheimer patients and I see so many indications of early stage dementia in this man. Nonetheless, thank you again.

  8. Whitley, in regards to the shortage of face masks for medical staff, I wonder if coffee filters with elastic and maybe pipe cleaners to fit at bridge of nose would work? I tried, and seemed to work well. Don’t know how to get idea to right people, maybe you do?

  9. Whitley, thank you for telling Joseph and your listeners about the mind-manipulation / programming you endured as a child, and the Russian bear toy they gave you secretly as part of the training. The “Stalin is bad / Stalin is good” dichotomous messages you heard seem relevant today, as we face extreme uncertainties about how to navigate through the upheavals in the basic institutions many of us naively assumed would always keep us safe — “too big to fail.” Now, how do we decide whom to trust with the political, spiritual, economic, and medical options that we’ll be soon offered?

    Joseph said the programming you experienced was designed to make decision-making difficult. That programming is happening now to so many people on a wide scale, on so many levels, including with new tech. I hope Catherine Austin Fitts will address that in your upcoming interview, as entrainment is one of her fascinations.

    Does this programming make decision-making hard only about the specific topic or life-realm it’s focused on (e.g., is Stalin good or bad?), or does it more generally diminish our capacities for observation, discernment, motivation, will power, follow-through, and other important skills needed for . . . [oh crap — I can’t remember what all this thinking is for. Where was I going with that thought? I think I’ll just take a nap now.] Yeah, like that. Scary.

    Thank you for being so bold and strong, Whitley. Amazing how you survived all you’ve been through, and have turned rotten straw [an extreme undertatement] into spiritual gold. You are a true alchemist.

  10. FYI—-Putin has been boasting that there are very few Corona Virus cases in Russia.
    He says the only cases are from Westerners who have visited Russia.
    On top of that he says that his Country has plenty of medical equipment and supplies. He has offered to “share” them.
    Knowing Russians there is a very large hook on his offer.

    1. There are no cases in Russia because Putin says there are no cases. Therefore, any real cases are diagnosed as something else. This is the power Trump craves, the power of a dictator.

      1. The Moscow Times is based in Moscow and has been called a “militant anti-Putin paper, a digest of the Western press with extreme bias in covering events in Russia”.
        Today it reports:
        “Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | March 22
        There have been 367 cases of coronavirus infections reported in Russia so far and one death.”

        1. Author

          Notice the date: January 30. We should have done the same at that time.

          1. Yes, but we would’t want to do the same as Putin now would we? That would be worse than letting the population die.
            ; )

      2. More fake news from the Kremlin on orders of Putin. Obviously the videos were made in Russia. Or were they?
        “WATCH Russian Army deliver medical aid at airbase near Rome as Moscow rallies to help coronavirus-ravaged Italy”
        Reuters: “Russian army to send coronavirus help to Italy after Putin phone call”
        I can understand why Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said “Yes” to the offer. He would have been linched in his own country had he refused and the conversation was leaked or published openly.
        They don’t shake hands, but not for religious or unfriendly reasons:
        “Russian military planes with medics & supplies land in coronavirus-hit Italy (VIDEO)”

        1. Oops, I hadn’t come to see that yet, but hands are shaken by the Russian commander and the Italian one after the 7 transport planes landed. Friendliness -love- won from fear. But the Italian medical personnel offered their excuses for not also shaking hands. So Russian commander gives them the military salute instead.

          1. Not seeing my post, deleted??? Or ?

  11. All of you listeners in Quilting Clubs, this is your chance to help big time.
    There are patterns on line for face masks.
    There are estimates that over a billion face masks will be needed.
    So Quilters get your sewing machines going and start pumping out face masks. Please.

    1. It would be so much easier if Trump would use his war powers authority to just retrofit industries to create the masks. For some inconceivable reason, he won’t do that.

  12. Whomever has seen both sides of the news outlet coin, including the reports from alternative sources of information, not just one side which is most of the corporate MSM (the same MSM that lied us into the Iraq war and other wars with millions of maimed and dead civilian including children) recognizes easily which MSM reporting those giving opinions on politics have been following.
    A good judge hears both sides, not just one. Otherwise he or she cannot come to a well informed conclusion. Reason I not only watch the MSM, but also RT. So I can compare and draw my own conclusion, based on a larger picture, instead of listening only to one side of the story. The side that says “Don’t watch RT! Its all Kremlin lies!” While the MSM never show what RT reports, RT always shows what the MSM have reported.
    But the globalist “elite” don’t want people to find out what RT reports, just as they don’t want people to find our what Wikileaks reports, including an enormous amount of Russian documents leaked by Russian hackers. The “elite” via their corporate MSM want the public to believe Wikileaks only publishes dirt on US politicians and government. Which is a lie. One of so many lies.

  13. Great info on the virus. Its “shelf life” on different surfaces was particularly interesting. Amazing that essentially a protein coat encasing genetic material can be so resistant.

    I’m not sure viruses can be classified as alive. Them seem to be evolutionary genetic remnants. Their purpose, one could speculate, but at times I think they’ve certainly driven evolution beyond environmental factors.

  14. The Iranian Vector was a large Chinese Pilgrim group to a Shrine in Qom where they all kiss the Shrine. I believe i saw that on News just a day ago. “DR. MICHELE BARRY: Oh, Iran. Iran was the perfect storm of — and let’s talk a little bit about that also, but it was the perfect storm of religion and politics and public health. And this had to do with the fact — because it’s kind of an interesting — why would you think Iran — and I don’t know — I have a slide with the curves, if that could come up, of how fast that curve went up. And you might wonder why it is that Iran sort of exploded. Well, it had to do with the fact that they have a very holy shrine in the town of Qom. And what happened, according to my Iranian colleagues that I’ve been talking to, is that there was a group of 700 Chinese pilgrims that were there from the Hubei province. And part of how one gives homage to this shrine is by kissing it or licking it. So you can imagine how that was a very easy way to immediately disseminate it. My understanding from my Iranian colleagues also, it’s been very hard to actually even barricade this shrine off currently, even in the midst of this epidemic. And we’ve seen how religion has also played a role in South Korea. The earliest cluster was in a church, where you have large gatherings of people. And even in New York City — and please correct me, but I’ve been following your epidemic, as well — that there’s been a real problem in the early Orthodox Jewish population, where that outbreak in the Hasidic population has occurred.”

  15. What scares me about Iran is that they may use it as an excuse to kill all the Bahá’ís (the largest religious minority in Iran).

    1. It will be easier now for nefarious actions of all sorts to occur in all our communities, with little or no repercussion, while so few people are now outside to witness and report.

      1. PS: Of course I hope with all my being that only kindness and goodness lead everyone’s actions!

  16. To some of us who are open to it this message might be directed for a practice of accepting Jesus’ invitation to “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me”:
    “God in human appearance:
    Detached behold the human experience;
    for none of what the human is, has, wills, or does You are, have, will, or do.”
    (That also goes for everyone else we see.)

  17. I have not listened to this interview yet but did read some of the posts. “There are no cases in Russia because Putin says there are no cases.” 

    (IF) this is true, I was wondering about RUSSIA VODKA and came across this article THEN remembered reading about the strange DRONE incidents in Colorado and Nebraska. Potatoes were reported in the website below. I am NOT advocating people start drinking VODKA only wondering if this particular POTATO VODKA and the unique ingredients/soil/location are helping the Russians avoid illness. IF SO it must be the combination of ingredients that make up this product? Probably nothing to this observation but wanted to comment on it anyway.  

    Russian and POTATO VODKA

    In one of the stranger exchanges found in the 90th Security Forces Group release, a participant in the email chain writes that some eyewitness reports state that the drones were dropping what appeared to be “potatoes” and that the Perkins County Sheriff’s Office collected some of them for analysis:

    Several of the emails in the 90th Security Forces Group FOIA release mention AF/A10, the office of the U.S. Air Force Air Staff that oversees Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration. “AF/A10 reached down asked for confirmation that we (AFSGC) [Air Force Global Strike Command] are not flying the drones in question,” one email reads. 

    In one of the stranger exchanges found in the 90th Security Forces Group release, a participant in the email chain writes that some eyewitness reports state that the drones were dropping what appeared to be “potatoes” and that the Perkins County Sheriff’s Office collected some of them for analysis:

    In an email dated January 2, someone else in the email chain added that “The “potatoes” have an agricultural purpose and are used by farmers with their large center pivot irrigation systems.” The Denver Post identified the “potatoes” as SOILPAM Tracklogs, a tool used to help fill the ruts left by wheels on large irrigation systems.

    The War Zone reached out to both the Perkins County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI office in Denver for comment on these “potatoes.” The Perkins County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment, while the FBI issued the following statement:

    From mysterious ‘potatoes’ of interest to sheriffs making detailed reports of drone swarms to redacted images of aircraft, we are left with more questions than ever. But at least it seems the Air Force was just as puzzled as we were with these bizarre events…

  18. You and Joe never fail to rock my world Whitley … Thanks for the tip on the Cathy O’Brien book – off to get it now.

  19. Regarding Mr. Trump’s recent meetings with Mr. Modi in India, a number of media stories documented the military-related deals made there by Mr. Trump:

    Regarding the above UnknownCountry member suggestion about using coffee filters as DIY face masks, be aware that with an average of 20 μm pore size, coffee filters are ineffective against most aerosols.

    Homemade face masks would be even more ineffective against most aerosols … don’t go there.

    As confirmed by virus research professional Larry Brilliant, MD, MPH, PhD, N95 masks filter out particles of 3 micron size (while the 2019/2020 novel coronavirus is 1 micron in size); in the field, multiple viruses typically try to enter a certified medical face mask at once, and are thus blocked from entry. Dr. Brilliant’s recent WIRED magazine interview discusses this in much greater detail.

    Unknown Country user KOLYABAHAI is on the right track… look at cultural factors in Iran to explain the hyper-rapid spread of COVID-19 in that country. In addition to Islamic religious practices that greatly favor viral transmission, many traditional homes in Iran have no running water.

  20. There is no time. Everything simply IS. We are not solid, we create our reality, we work within certain frequencies, and this makes it easy for the visitors, or for our own ‘other’ selves to move our awareness around in this supposed time. You cannot approach time as something solid – IE block time… reality does not work that way even though it seems to be real and concrete, so playing with time is playing with energy, and for those very advanced in consciousness, time is fluid and very malleable.

  21. Since not many posters (any?) have mentioned it, let me just say how much I enjoyed Joseph Farrell. He is a great historian, and helps clarify so much that has gone on in the past, and bridges it all to NOW. He has done the research, and gotten the facts. I’ve been listening, reading, and researching much on my own with what he says for a long time, PLUS it helps to have a memory like I have (…and a pretty long one at that. Just sayin’…) I was watching the world and even reading the newspaper at a very young age. What he talks about IS very relevant…So, thanks, Joseph and Whitley! It’s not just about COVID-19.

  22. Yes, yes, yes to an app!!! Then I could download as many shows as I want and listen to them in the woods! And if I couldn’t finish listening to an episode, I could come right back to where I left off without having to fast forward to wherever it was.

  23. An interesting element from the interview with Joseph Farrell is the news that Belgium is not going to implement 5G. When you look this up in English, that is what is being said.
    However when you look it up in Dutch, the government announces that the first 5G network is going to be implemented in Hasselt in Flanders.
    When you look it up in French you will see that people are worried that Begium is behind. Moreover, the company Proximus, a telephone provider, is going to implement 5G Belgium wide.
    I live in Belgium and I am surprised to see that English Language media tell us that Belgium has refused to implement 5G.

  24. Author

    I’m concerned, too. It looks like we bought into some misinformation. We will correct the record.

    1. By pure ‘coincidence’ the alleged symptoms of COVID-19 are virtually identical to those caused by 5G!

  25. China locked down it’s citizens by force, all at once. We are not at all locked down. I work and live in Idaho and we’re 4th on the list of least locked down. Politicians don’t want show some real leadership and make the tough, unpopular choices. Look at Florida and California beaches last week. Idiot’s. I think it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. Will listen to rest of it now

  26. I posted this on ‘LATEST NEWS’ but thought I would post it here as well.  The information came from a friend today……..

    “The final design will be shared with any hospital or university across the country so it can use its own 3D printers to make them.” 

    ROLLA — On Saturday morning, the head of Phelps Health Medical Center called the chancellor of Missouri University of Science and Technology and asked if the school could make protective masks using 3D printers.

  27. I really don’t make commits here only second time…But this kept hitting me…Back in the early 1990’s I read a book called: Crash at Corona: how the government recovered a UFO and its operators and then covered it up, which was the second crash i think in 1947 in New Mexico near a ranch called Corona …the name Corona and this new virus code name Corona is this the real reason the governments of the world that knows is in a mad panic over it…when the Flu kills over a 100,000 people worldwide yearly and its called normal??

  28. Certain Republicans plainly do not believe that we are all interconnected and attached to each other. They instead endorse a strict individualism that they adhere to in virtually all circumstances. Along comes the virus, to reveal we are indeed a world community at the core and we are all reliant upon each other in critical manners. Interconnection and cooperation is a very high level of vibration. We discovered that our actions, made in fearful circumstances, can have consequences for the whole of mankind. If we amass toilet paper, the shelves will be empty of it, and other people cannot obtain it from the stores. If we withdraw too much money from our banks, it can affect other people’s accounts. If we don’t wash our hands, others can catch the virus. There are many other examples. The ripple effect is very much evident, being broadcast throughout the collective . Not supporting each other can have consequences, for ourselves and others as well. Not supporting the Environment, on which we all depend, can have dire consequences for all of us. I hope there is enough Political will to transform our world into a more supportive and nurturing place. Sailing through life without a safety net is clearly not advisable and is dangerous. The primary safety net that humans depend upon is interconnection. Community, interaction, Environment. To attempt to escape interconnection is impossible. Those who persist in using a criminal psychology of corruption and prevarication shall not escape their fate. Interconnection is everywhere and is inevitable. Could it be that Republicans were wrong about Socialism being detrimental?

  29. I am so upset reading this:
    Additionally, if there was some man-made microorganism/bio-weapon (or nanobot?) invented by Bill Gates, (or others), and could act in some lethal (non-contagious) manner, it’s possible that millimeter waves (or microwaves) could be used in conjunction with a bio-weapon as a delivery system to ‘activate’ it in some way by delivering it deeply into the body.

    1. I wouldn’t be too upset over the contents of that link, considering its author’s conclusions are essentially fiction derived from their own assumptions and other leaps of logic; simply because a given set of circumstances happens to fit someone’s personal beliefs doesn’t mean that those circumstances are actually connected to said beliefs.

      Millimeter waves can’t penetrate the skin, hence its choice for use in the full-body scanners used by the TSA and the Active Denial System: neither system would work as intended if their transmissions could actually pierce the body to any appreciable depth. From my own research into 5G last fall, I’ve come to believe that it’ll probably be safer than 4G, and there’s no hard evidence that 4G was causing problems to begin with. 3G would be far more capable of delivering signals into the body’s tissues due to its greater penetration depth, provided anyone was bothering to go to the expense of developing health-affecting nanotech.

      Digging through the studies presented in Angles Don’t Play This HAARP and elsewhere, one pattern started to become apparent: for EM radiation to cause the health effects presented in the experiments that they cite the transmissions have to be modulated at extremely low frequencies (this modulation is a separate phenomenon from the EM frequency itself, more akin to flicking a flashlight on and off to send a code), something that would be impractical in the case of broadband transmissions, and more suited to low-frequency devices like HAARP.

      But do be aware that TPTB will be able to weaponize 5G to affect the health and mental states of the population, via internet-based psyops. Why go to all the effort and expense of developing and deploying some sort of insidious and complex sci-fi nano/biotech-based weapon when there are far simpler, cheaper, and more effective means of doing so. Case in point: that Falsification of History article upset you, without the authors having to beam microwaves at you.

  30. For those who constantly bash Trump: did you EVER bash Obama in his 2 terms?

    1. Mona, it would be appreciated if you didn’t bait the other board participants like this.

  31. Author

    I think that it’s important to see past momentary politics as much as possible. The political world is always in a state of turmoil, but one’s inner life need not be.

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