Dr. Robert Schoch is the famed geologist who first established the true age of the Sphinx. As such he is among the world’s leading experts on our lost past and why we have forgotten it. This week, he and his wife Katie Schoch explain what the incredible upheavals of 12,000 years ago did to the planet and to mankind, why we have lost knowledge that once enabled us to move 200 ton blocks of stone and build incredible monuments like the Great Pyramid and Gobekli Tepe, and the role the sun played in the upheaval.

Then he goes deeper for our subscribers, explaining how this relates to the rapid changes that are taking place in Earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s current period of inactivity. Find out if this is the calm before the storm.

Dr. Schoch is involved in the creation of a new documentary about Gobekli Tepe. Watch the trailer here. You can visit him on his website RobertSchoch.com. Robert and Katie Schoch lead some of the most extraordinary tours in the world, including an upcoming journey to Gobekli Tepe. Find out more here.

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  1. Hi Mr Strieber,

    A while ago you said that when we used this planet up, we would go and do this elsewhere, in another ”soul factory”, as Anne called it. However, several weeks ago on Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks, you said in reference to us soon not being able to be in the physical anymore: ”We’re not going anywhere else. We’re part of this planet. …..We’re not going to be able to do this on another planet, it’s not going to happen. It will all unfold for us here as part of the body of the Earth.”
    ”….When we use this planet up we’ll go and do this elsewhere.”
    ”…..We’re not going to be able to do this on another planet, ”

    Could you help me understand what you mean? Seems contradictory.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Author

    I meant that the physical side of the human species will not go anywhere physically. Also, we are not going to be able to generate physical bodies on another planet.

    When we lose our planet, we lose our bodies. What we do elsewhere will not involve physical bodies like these, therefore “we are not going to be able to do this on another planet.”

    When we lose this planet, our only alternative will be to go to another one if we wish to continue soul development. We will then be like the visitors, who are vicarious participants but not an actual, physical presence here or, I suspect, anywhere. When they appear to be physical, I think that it is, for the most part, a sort of technological or perhaps spiritual trick, or part of both. But they are here for the sake of their souls, I think that is clear. Thus “when we use this planet up, we’ll go and do this elsewhere.”

    I hope this clarifies. When talking on the radio about subjects this complex, it is all to easy to be less clear than one would like.

  3. This was a thoroughly delightful interview with Robert Schoch, and I’m glad Katie Ulissey (Schoch) added so much to it. It could have gone on for another hour as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Mankind was so much more alive and aware. I see so many people who never look up or watch nature. I think we’re extremely vulnerable too. Sadly many younger people have little survival skills, mentally or physically. Deep time, I like that. Haven’t finished yet but great so far.

  5. Whitley, I keep this quote on my desk: “I will not participate in the lie today,” John Trudell, Santee Sioux Medicine person/poet said this. And what has been written in history is just that. Stone is one way to keep the truth visible.

  6. This being a virtual reality, a collective dream, everything in it has a symbolic meaning referring to a reality beyond it. Just as our dreams consist of images in forms that refer to things in this world, things we see when we wake up and open our eyes.
    Not that all things in dreams actually exist in this world -like unicorns for example- but we have seen horses and horns, and even pictures of unicorns. So even when we dream of a unicorn, that image still refers to something known in this world outside of the dream.
    Ice symbolizes lack of warmth and life: paralyses. While the sun symbolizes warmth and light: love and consciousness: life.
    When we awaken from a dream, especially a nightmare, we are glad to see the light and become conscious of this world, happy that the nightmare is over. We come to what we consider being our real life.
    That also is a symbolic reference in this virtual reality to how things really are. That we can awaken from this dream, first turning it from a nightmare into a happy dream of awakening, and from that awaken to full Self-consciousness. The Self- consciousness of the Source of all life, which has also been called “God.”
    It is our divine dreaming Self that is awakening to Itself. We are awakening to Who we are in truth beyond the appearances of this virtual reality.
    As that Self is still mostly unconscious of Itself in us individuations of Itself, it is as if as such It lives under the surface of this world, as if in underground dwelling as a for us subconscious advanced civilization. A civilization that is making signs appear to us in this dream referring to itself, meaning to our true divine Nature as living extensions of God.
    Yet the light -consciousness- and warmth -love- of Who we really are will “as in the twinkling of an eye” awaken to Itself in us. Bringing with it the ending of the world as we knew it before, glad the nightmare of experiencing being but humans is over. Bringing the light, love and happiness of our true Identity also into the souls of those who seemed but earthy creatures.
    It is God reading this now in human appearance.

  7. It’s still annoying you can’t delete a comment, if it happens to be a duplicate for example…[steps off soap box] .

    Anyway, this it what I was going saying…

  8. It seems that the instability of the Sun has had a huge impact on previous civilisations…forcing us to adapt but I wonder what kind of impact these Solar ejections may also have had on our own DNA. Could it have corrupted or mutated it… and if so, could it be that this periodic injection of cosmic rays is actually the major force behind evolution (punctuated equilibrium)?

  9. This was a totally fascinating and delightful interview with a couple who are themselves delightful and fascinating. Thank you for having them on! I so want to know what is under that lioness’ paw!

  10. It would seem that looking at human existence with the backdrop of the solar cycle that extinction is as natural a process as anything else. Perhaps this explains all the rumors of tunneling and underground bases? The procession of the equinoxes goes in a circle like the growth rings in a tree and we are just a speck of sawdust in the grand scheme of things.

  11. I seem to remember Edgar Cayce indicating that the Atlanteans used large crystals as power centers, and that they were responsible for their own downfall. Might they have somehow triggered or directed the outbursts of the sun?

  12. The “underground city” reminded me of a story about a cave that was found by some explorer in the Grand Canyon years before the Hoover dam. He never found it again and it was assumed that the water flooded it and covered the opening.
    It was supposed to be like what was being described with a central hub room and tunnels that trailed off. Supposedly, there were all manner treasures there.

  13. The subject of ancient history and cosmic disasters has fascinated me for many years. It was fun listening to the podcast and saying, “I have that book! And that one! And I need to get this other one!” The more I learn, the more i want to know. I’ve followed the discoveries and theories of The Thunderbolt Project, subscribed to Suspicious 0bservers and learned about solar novas, and now here you are talking about this same subject. The stickmen petroglyphs really drove it home for me- so many similar figures around the world- that must have been terrifying to see in the skies.

    Many people still subscribe to the idea that a comet impact was the source of this catastrophe, but more and more evidence- including certain elements that only come from stars, not comets- points to a solar micronova. And if Suspicious 0bservers is to be believed, we’re about to enter an area of our galactic orbit that will trigger another one. As Ben Davidson, who runs the site and has a daily Space Weather report on YouTube, always says, “Eyes open. No Fear. Stay Safe.”

    That solar satellite was launched to look for signs of another impending micronova. I say, go and get Gobleki Tepe’s symbols translated, that’ll tell you what to look for.

  14. Author

    Thanks for this post. I did not know about that website. I’m going to look it up and get into contact with the man running it immediately. I’d love to have him on Dreamland.

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