According to Anne Strieber, we assume that our souls are a nonphysical duplicate of our bodies because we have no “sense of the soul.” In her diary entry of August 12, 2021, she outlines a completely new vision of what a soul is and how the soul-body relationship works. In this unique edition of Dreamland, Whitley explores the implications of what Anne said, tells about how he succeeded, after many tries, in communicating with her–or rather, the soul that created her. As she said immediately after she passed on August 11, 2015, “I’m not Anne anymore but I’ll always be Anne for you.”

We don’t just disappear when we die, but rather return to what we truly are. In this show, Whitley also explores in depth the small figurine owned by Mark Sims that reveals with extraordinary clarity a very ancient concept of how the soul and the body are connected, and what is necessary to live a life that offers the soul rich food. He relates this to Anne’s amazing explanation of the soul-body relationship and suggests ways of strengthening and enriching the bond. He also explains why Anne chose the saying from Ecclesiastes, “Two are better than one and a cord of three strands is not quickly snapped” as the motto and guiding theme of their marriage, and the bond that their marriage has created between their souls.

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  1. Whitney – Thank you for your explanation of the triangular balance piece in the figurine video. The meaning of this part of the figurine has fascinated and perplexed me since seeing the original video.

    A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. Maybe you have not succeeded in changing the entire world (1000 miles) but your books and your unknown country podcasts has helped expand my understanding of the true nature of human consciousness and no doubt that of many others (1000 steps). I remain truly grateful for this experience.

  2. Wow! This was incredible. It really opened up my understanding of the past-life experience. I had no idea you could have multiple lives or entities at the same time. I’m still trying to digest all of this.

  3. Well, that was quite wonderful to listen to and certainly had the effect of mostly quietening my mind… But a few lingering thoughts remain. Regarding the relationship that was described to exist between the soul(s) and our physical body… where do the Visitors sit in all this? As the soul looks upward to ecstacy, helped by the enriching experience of the body, do the Visitors seek to use our bodies to hopefully do the same for themselves? And if so, is that helping or hindering our own soul’s ascent? I’m thinking, hoping, they are acting as facilitators, distillers, to the benefit of all… But I have my suspicions that their positioning is not selfless.
    The other lingering thought… When the Master of The Key suggested he was here on behalf of the Good, do our souls collectively represent the Good, or was he referring to a higher aspect, to which the souls themselves aspire?

    Anyway, regardless, there is much to meditate on here. Thank you, Whitley / Anne.

  4. A few more things to throw out there. I can’t be the only one to have noticed that the balancing ‘triangle’ on the figurine (that sits inside the head of the human body), has a face carved on it. Big almond eyes, a thin nose and tiny mouth, going to a pointed chin. Now, I would like to think that represents the mind, as it is in the head of the figurine, after all… But then my own mind pulls me to the pointed chin masks that I seem to remember the Visitors wearing in Communion…. (or did I recall that incorrectly?)… And then to the masks on the front cover of ‘Passport to Magonia’, representing, I assume, the various masks of the multifaceted phenomena of the Unknown.

    That was no simple triangle.

  5. If there is reincarnation (and i’m not saying there isn’t) but why do all the Abrahamic Faiths including the most recent, from 1844CE and 1863CE, teach that souls are created at conception and don’t come back to this world after death? Perhaps both can be true depending on one’s perspective?

    1. Wer den Menschen die Hoffnung nimmt, der kann sie besser beherrschen. Ein Mensch, der nicht daran glaubt, wiedergeboren zu werden und all die Lektionen, die er nicht annehmen wollte, wiederholen muss, der gibt sich keine Mühe. Wer nicht an Inkarnation glaubt, der zieht nicht in Erwägung, dass sein Nachbar, über den er sich immer so ärgert, im letzten Leben vielleicht sein Vater war, den er sehr geliebt hatte. Somit verhindert das Leugnen von Wiedergeburt vielleicht den Gedanken, dass man seinen Nachbarn lieben könnte. Die abrahamitischen Glaubensrichtungen haben ihre Anhänger durch Angstmacherei an sich gebunden, anstatt sie auf ihrem Seelenweg zu begleiten.

      1. For those who do not know German or know how to use google translate …
        ‎Whoever takes away people’s hope can control them better. A person who does not believe in being born again and has to repeat all the lessons he did not want to accept, makes no effort. Those who do not believe in incarnation do not consider that their neighbor, about whom he is always so angry, may have been his father in his last life, whom he had loved very much. Thus, denying rebirth may prevent the thought that you might love your neighbor. The Abrahamic faiths have bound their followers to themselves through fear-mongering, instead of accompanying them on their soul path.‎

        1. Thank you. I’ll have the next text translated myself and post it in English. 😉

          And on this occasion I would like to add an addition that occurred to me later: “Reincarnation is a fact. The fact that it no longer exists in today’s Christian faith is thanks to a power-hungry woman. She left all those passages in the An apparently small act with epochal consequences: How different the history of the last 2000 years would have been if people had always known that it is they themselves who are the fruits of their (mis-) deeds will harvest by having to scoop up the soup in a coming earth life that they have gotten themselves into ?!
          At the beginning of Christianity, reincarnation was one of the pillars in the whole building of faith. ”


  6. So since the spiritual dimension is outside of time, from the soul’s perspective all it’s lives are happening at the same time, is that it? Is it possible to then learn as much from future as from fast lives?

  7. Thanks! I found this so informative and helpful in so many ways. Also, it could be said it’s mind blowing. There is so much to contemplate.

  8. Whitley, this interview with Anne is a real keeper. I am going to invite Anne into my dream life and will let you know if something significant happens in regards to insights/messages. I won’t do it for a short period of time BUT plan to keep inviting her in until HOPEFULLY I feel she has arrived???? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS DREAMLAND.

    1. As a matter of fact and since I am not sure what form she might take, (if indeed she actually comes into my dream life), I am going to ask her to identify herself by first using/saying the number 6.

  9. We are evolving and this is what we need to know to keep going. Please keep sharing with us. Very heart-warming.

  10. This is one of the most pivotal talks about connected consciousness I’ve ever heard.

    Once other consciousness begins to make it’s constant presence known, the interconnectedness of consciousness becomes evident.

    With this also comes an acceptance that we share a common responsibility for the raising of consciousness, as there is no escaping the hive-like mind of our environment.

    We move forwards with an acceptance the the good heart of our Mother nurtures us and loves us very much. She is always with us and always will be.


  11. Just finished Ralph Blumenthal’s “The Believer” -posting some of your interaction with the late Prof. John Mack. This Dreamland reflects perfectly this Harvard professor’s ET theory: an outreach program from the cosmos to the spiritually & consciously impaired.
    He was the 2nd Harvard professor I’ve met personally(2003 UFO Congress), the first being Prof. Richard Alpert as Ram Dass in 1975.

  12. This stunning Dreamland is the first one that I have listened to twice, and I am going to listen to it many more times. My deepest gratitude to you Whitley for sharing these powerful insights and understandings with us. I am one of those aspiring souls. May our experiences expand and enrich All That Is.

  13. Very moving and thought provoking show. I agree what you and Anne are saying and hope more people get it! Thank you Whitley for all the good work you do.

  14. Hey Folks, Im a little late on this but though I’d toss my 2 cents into the fountain.
    I have 2 examples:
    1) A shelving unit with 5 glass shelves. A red die with white spots is placed on each shelf in the exact same position. You can see each from the side view, BUT if you look straight down you only see 1.
    2) my fav: draw a spiral. However many passses around doesnt matter. Now, draw a horizontal line starting outside the spiral and pass it thru the center of the spiral and out passed the other outer side. The straight line is time. YOU are the spiral. At every point the two converge, there you are… your existance. You exist in multiple locations all at the same moment IF your perception is right… like the glass shelves. I love this stuff. I think it also harkens back to the multiple facets of the soul aka Egyptian thought. I was trying to explain to my boy about the soul anchors and the spirit travels…. nutty stuff like that.
    Gobekli tepe

  15. ❤️ By taking on the limited human experience as God our true Being we have all given up our original divine bliss. God in His infinitely great Love willed that there be also other beings, our souls, who would have His perfect happiness. So He took on our human appearance via His Over-Soul, also now, thus experiencing being each one of us individually as a soul.
    Incarnating is like letting yourself be nailed to what St. Paul called “this body of death”, symbolized as the crucifixion of the Son of God, Who exemplifies Who we really are.
    Until we have let God our true Being come to Himself and His Life in us.
    By giving us Himself, God has given us His Self.
    It is God reading this now in human appearance.
    Much divine Love indeed.

  16. Thankyou , I enjoyed this week’s Dreamland very much indeed.
    Listening to Ann and you’re heartfelt lesson re -enforced what I feel in my core beliefs to be true.
    I have read you’re books Whitley and they have helped me make sense of some unusual experiences in life .
    It’s so great to know there are others like me , who feel there’s a better path than consumerism and self gratification.
    My Father passed into the realm of love and light 9 months ago and I felt I was abnormal , just because I,m not sad , I haven’t cried because I know Dad is in a place where he can use his lovelight to help those who are remaining on this earthly journey .

  17. Whitley, Anne, listeners, and ones who post:
    Thank you for your insights. We move with “deep connections” of which we may become conscious. There is “stuff” everywhere to help us… Anne and you, Whitley, along with others, have been guides, and wonderful co-walkers along this journey.
    I am deeply grateful for your openness, honesty, and service that provides light and love along the path. I am especially so because the service you do enlightens the rest of us and helps me know I don’t have to run to catch up or quit cause I’m too slow-i just need to keep going.
    It is a blessing to hear & be here today. May the breadth, depth, and height of Love continue to light the way for all. Thank you.

  18. Whitley, it was your experience with the enduring Consciousness that expresses Itself as “Anne” that inspired my subscribing; which are in many ways similar to my own experience with my wife, Karen, who passed away in 2006. Only, my experience with “Karen” runs in the opposite direction … as I journey to her by way of a shift in my consciousness, nightly (Out-of-Body Travel).

    My Inner Journeys confirm that my “Karen” is no longer simply Karen. She can be Karen for me, but to educate me to the reality she now lives within (because I had refused to let go of my attachment to the role she played as my wife); she has repeatedly allowed me to observe “her” as she shifts forms and personalities to interact with those Entities (people) she has connections to from other lives.

    This makes perfect sense if we accept reincarnation. Simply imagine passing from this world into the After-Life … where you encounter others who you loved in previous life-times. Of course, you would STILL Love them and since you hold the matrix of the forms you wore while interacting with them … you simply shift your form (and personality) to continue that relationship. We never lose anyone.

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