From Whitley:

I think that I got another communication from Anne. I have tried to reproduce it as best I am able. My impression is that she, or the soul who she is now, is available to anybody who wants to engage, and the brief diary entry below sets outlines what is on offer and how to take advantage of it.

This started with a sudden upsurge of people reporting communications with her. In particular, one individual who has had clear communication from her before now reported, during the time that other people were writing me about getting communications from her, that something had happened to her that seemed to indicate Anne’s presence. (The images above have a related history. The drawing on the left was a face seen by this psychic. She eventually drew it and sent the drawing to my Super Natural co-author Jeff Kripal, who didn’t recognize it. He sent it to Diana Pasulka (American Cosmic) who realized it was Anne. They then sent it to me and I saw that it was very close to a portrait of Anne taken by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, which had not then been published.

To me, this was a very powerful psychic hit. Anne was communicating very clearly!

Given all the people who were saying that they were hearing from Anne, asked this psychic to see if she could pick up anything from her. She soon wrote back: “I am seeing fairy lights, not like Tinkerbelle, but more like tiny, glowing moths.”

Then something quite amazing happened.

At approximately the same time that I read that email, I got a message from my bedroom surveillance camera that it had detected movement. (I was traveling at the time. That camera is not generally on when I’m at home.) I looked at the clip, with the result that you see here. A tiny, glowing white moth flies out into the center of the room, stops, and just disappears.  It would seem that the psychic had a direct hit with her email, and the timing was amazing. (This type of appearance and on-camera disappearance has happened a number of times.

But, given that, as she said while we were writing Afterlife Revolution, “I’m not Anne anymore, but I’ll always be Anne for you,” who wants to engage in this communication and why? If Anne isn’t Anne, then who is she?

To understand this, we need to think in a new (and very old) way about communication between body and soul. I think that a video I made about a little pre-Columbian statuette from Mexico owned by Mark Sims shows the relationship body-soul explains it well. You can watch that here. (4 minutes.)

Now, after that long introduction, let me go on to what I picked up from Anne—or rather, the soul that created Anne and now contains her life.

From Anne:

“I stand ready to teach and I can teach. I am not a channel, however. I will not be a spirit guide. I will not give you advice about your material life. But I will help you in your inner journey. Let me show you what I can do with an example.

“Yesterday, Whitley was thinking of himself as a ne’er do well. In his secret life, he has a desperation because he set out years ago to make contact with the element he calls this visitors. This has not been possible for him and he feels himself a failure. He sees what will happen to the world, and his vision has been very accurate most of his life, but all of his efforts—his books, his public appearances and so forth—have not succeeded in changing a thing.”

 “Now, I wanted to communicate with him about this. I could not make him hear me, so I tried to enter his dream life. To do this, I had to pull from his experience of life things that made sense to him that were related. But there was nothing directly related to what I wanted to say. I tried to talk to him about communication. This caused his dream to take him to memories of being an advertising man. When I tried to talk about his idea of being a ne’er do well, his dream turned him into an advertising man called Conrad. When he woke up, he wondered who Conrad was. Why would he call himself Conrad?”

“He is on vacation and has been reading a mystery in which there is a character called Conrad who is described in the book as a ne’er do well. In order to get him thinking in the right direction, that’s what I had to pull from him. Working with people’s dreams is like trying to draw a picture in water. It is very hard, working with dreams, to do anything that has a lasting effect. But when he finally understood that his dream was about what he regards as his ineffective communication, he also realized that his visitors cannot connect with you until what is necessary is more clearly understood.”

“There are still lots of people shooting guns at them. Talk about useless. Now let me talk about how it feels from our side to communicate with you. First, we have all done this many times before. The bodies—for that’s what we call you, “the bodies,” are facing into the stream of time. We are above that stream.”

“Whitley made a video that shows very clearly the relationship between us and you. It shows one of us—a soul—cradling one of you—a body. You are faced into the time stream and we are looking up into ascension. We are trying to take a journey toward the weightless state known as ecstasy. This weightlessness is not something physical. It is an absence of regrets. If there is nothing binding the soul, it ascends forever.”

“This is our aim, but we cannot fulfill it directly. We cannot participate in your lives directly. If we did, you would see beyond the time stream and could not live a spontaneous life. Your life would cease to have meaning and would be useless to our own journey.”

“You are not in the habit of understanding the true scale of being. Remember that each of you belongs to one of us, and sometimes more than one of us. We can have two bodies, three bodies, more bodies, and not necessarily on the same planet even or in the same reality, and not necessarily all intelligent creatures. We can build weaves of lives and live them all at once. Some of us are better at this than others. Some are beginners, with only one or two lives. Others are masters, with many lives over many eons.”

“I am a teacher, but how can I teach you? Get into a meditative stance and just open your mind. I can come to you because I know how to teach.  The soul that cradles you can also teach you, but not if you seek guidance or advice about you everyday life.  We will not be guides, but there can still be a change. You can become a richer source of life.”

“The little statue Whitley has shows the soul cradling the body. This is the real relationship. This is how it feels. You’re very close and cradling you in arms of love that extend into your lives from outside of time.”

“What I can teach is how to live so that your life experience, every moment of it, enriches your soul.”



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  1. Oh Whitley, you have made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many people. Trying to express your experience with the Visitors is like trying to build a two story house out of matchsticks and glue. It is a ponderous task but you have labored on it and that has made all the difference!

  2. In the section quoted from “Anne”, was this written by you or by one of the psychics you mentioned? I’m guessing it was someone else because of what the message says.

      1. I drove and flew all the way tho Wasta hoping for what i just received from Ann’s message..and especially how you referred to, “the soul that created Ann and now contains Her Life.”,.. that is the perspective i have needed to understand!.. I think you do quite well..getting information into the MorphoGenetic Field!..That is precisely how Consciousness is raised. Keep on Trucking’ 🙂

  3. I feel compelled to share with you, here. Some stuff really jumped out at me. First this one:

    “I’m not Anne anymore, but I’ll always be Anne for you,” who wants to engage in this communication and why? If Anne isn’t Anne, then who is she?”

    And this one:

    “You are not in the habit of understanding the true scale of being. Remember that each of you belongs to one of us, and sometimes more than one of us. We can have two bodies, three bodies, more bodies, and not necessarily on the same planet even or in the same reality, and not necessarily all intelligent creatures. We can build weaves of lives and live them all at once. Some of us are better at this than others. Some are beginners, with only one or two lives. Others are masters, with many lives over many eons.”

    I am a lifelong experiencer that has found a lot of kinship with Whitley’s experiences as detailed in his books. Over the last five years I began to think about this concept, that the above quotes shine light on.

    Any gamer would recognize that second paragraph. I had a sizable World of Warcraft addiction for a time. In the game, you can create many characters, of any gender, human, or fantastic race.

    I may be playing a Night Elf Druid one moment, and then playing a Dwarven Priest the next depending on my mood.

    Each character and profession have a set of special skills available to them appropriate for their profession.

    Here’s the thing: I still play them all in a specific style unique to me. Two Night Elf druids standing side by side in world of warcraft may have the same skills, or two different sets of skills, but to watch the two of them on screen, their individual play styles can be recognizable. A husband and wife can log in a different times with the same character, and each would play it in their own unique way. Some people only have one WoW character, and some have the maximum allowed on a number of different servers/realities, to a maximum of 50.

    I have come to believe this analog is an apt representation of what our reality may entail.

    We have a meat mind in our current life, and an energetic higher mind that is made up of one or more beings participating in the development of the character they are playing.

    Essentially, Anne’s second quote above.

    I’m 52 now, and I sent you folks a letter way back when i was about 19 and Communion was fresh ink… so much has happened since then but I am still learning and growing.

    Reading this entry today was quite an affirmation for me. Thanks for everything.


    1. Very well put, thank you for sharing! This made it so much easier for me to comprehend, and attempt to visualize!😄

  4. It’s good to know Anne is still around. I was beginning to worry that she had “faded” away into the ethers.

    I believe I had made contact with her about five years ago. I was in a state of profound anxiety and one night in bed I opened up and poured out my heart to her deep into the universe. Not long after that, I received an astonishing reply in the form of a book displayed on my computer screen, seemingly out of nowhere. It was such a shock to me, considering I had never heard of the book or author before, but the subject of the book was a perfect remedy to what I was going through — yet much larger in scope and more far reaching. So much so that the lessons I took from that book that Anne showed me I still carry today.

    While I was looking for help and guidance over a very dark chapter in my life a few years ago, I was given a some very strong words of wisdom that helped carry me through that awful time, but also tools I could keep and use for the rest of my life. Talk about true teaching!

  5. This is wonderful, Whitley – and Anne 🙂 !

    Interestingly, I have often experienced the sensation of being held (or perhaps “cradled”) during meditations.
    I wonder who else has felt the same…?

    1. The book that inexplicably appeared on my computer screen was Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Though she is a best-selling author, I had never heard of her. But the book was a perfect course of healing for me, not just for that period in my life but for the entire span of my adulthood. Whether I knew it or not, I had been mired in a cycle of behavior where fear had played a dominant role in certain parts of my life, letting it hinder my growth as a person, particularly my inventive and imaginative side, chaining me to a wall instead of having me be free to walk down a path of discovery I so chose.

      Soon after the book appeared on my screen, literally staring at me in the face, I found it at a used bookstore and purchased it. It was like a personal examination of my inner life. I couldn’t believe it. And inside it, thank goodness, was a key to opening up a passageway to a freer life. I vividly remember the figurative expression within the book of life is like driving in a car. You can empower yourself to take the steering wheel and force fear to sit in the back seat. While it may not be feasible to throw fear out of the car entirely, you can have a relationship with it where you are the one in control, driving the car. Fear is not allowed anywhere near the steering wheel.

      It was such a profound, yet practical, teaching to me that it led me to believe that Anne had facilitated this act of guidance. What started out as a desperate plea for help in dealing with a particular time in my life, though traumatic as it was, I was given the tools to empower myself to diminish the overwhelming effects of irrational fear going forward in my life. I have been transformed ever since. Every time fear pops up its ugly head, I remind myself of this powerful, practical lesson. Thank you!

  6. Author

    Thanks for letting me know. I’m gonna certainly have a look at the book. This is exactly the way this kind of teaching works. It’s just sort of pops up when you need it in unexpected ways. But you have to be ready for it. You have to notice.

    1. I’m gearing up for another lesson. Just taking time to gather my thoughts and form a proper request. I’ll post here if I receive anything. I think I’m due for another soul-enriching session. I feel like I hit a wall this year and need a good boost, shedding whatever is constraining me now, allowing me to clearly see the right path in front of me.

    2. “You have to be ready for it. You have to notice.” So say the Sufis – preparation is everything. And the first of eleven rules for Naqshbandi dervishes is: watch your step.

  7. Wonderful to hear from Anne again. Each of her entries is a wealth of knowledge, enough to engage a person for an entire lifetime. I’m glad she reaffirmed that the everyday and material aspects of our lives are not the centerpiece of our growth.

    And Whitley, I sincerely doubt that anyone on earth possessed the precise combinations of talents, capabilities and inner strength that you’ve repeatedly displayed in your efforts to connect humanity with the visitors. In other words, if there is fault, it is certainly not yours. Period. While I share your disappointment, I’ve thought before that each of the many lives you and Anne have touched are like the mustard seeds from Jesus’ parable. Because of you, each life was turned toward a greater consciousness, and each will grow into a tree with many branches. In time, that may be enough.

    1. I agree with you, about Whitley’s efforts. He is not responsible for the state of ones individual (or our collective) mind. That is a lot to take on. He has done a beautiful job at offering up the platter, it is up to the individual to choose to take the time to savor and chew.

    1. He is right Whitley. You have done a beautiful job at offering us all these gems. I could “hear” the truths ring out from your voice and spirit the first time I heard you speak. (Which was like 3 weeks ago, I watched your lecture from Ozark Mountain on ETs and your experiences. Great lecture, one of the best I’ve seen) I took your insight and teachings on meditation immediately and put them into practice. (They are powerful and I am having a lot of powerful and interesting phenomenon moments.) I was “waiting” (I am always “looking”) for sign posts on this invisible path and I saw yours in a half a heart beat. I have been on “the path” for years and I KNOW when something good comes along. You are very much it and you deserve to know that. I want very much to share you w EVERYONE. But I know not many are ready to hear it let alone understand what you give and teach and share. The ones that are ready and meant to find you and SEE you, will. TRUST. You are doing above and beyond you beautiful soul! I will share you w the people I come across who are open and ready.

  8. Whitley I’ll never forget the night soon after Anne passed. Mary and I were sitting around the fire pit at night in our backyard. You’ve seen it and been there. A white moth flew into the yard and flew directly into the fire. We thought it had died in the fire. But a short moment later it flew back out again unharmed. I often sense Anne. She seems to be with all your close friends. After all I spent a lot of time with you both and love you both very much. We all did and do. Even now I can see her looking at me and smiling as I write this. Because we have that true scale of being. It is huge. She was incredibly observant and self aware. I still remember the day she sat in our backyard in Northridge and reported to me the differences between the humming birds that lived in Santa Monica compared to the birds in Northridge.

  9. I have had an interaction with who I think was Anne. It was several years ago, not long after her death, that I focused intently on asking her a very specific question. The process for asking the question was laid out by Whitley in a post here on the site. The answer came in four parts, and it was so specific and unambiguous that it was almost frightening.

    My point is that my question was along the lines of what Whitley/Anne say here in this most recent diary post: “We will not be guides, but there can still be a change. You can become a richer source of life.”

  10. Trying to understand our soul anatomy with the template that Ancient Egypt bequeathed us, I would say that Anne is operating from one of the soul parts that is likely more “at home” in the radiance of the numinous than it is upon the earth.

    No matter which tradition you are observing “spirit contact” through, there seems to be a message that communication from that realm is difficult.

    Using words to describe this is a function of our intellect that works well on earth and communicating with each other, but may not work so well in understanding the numinous realm where the contact is emanating from.

    I think this is why the medu (hieroglyphs) is a symbol-based alphabet and the reason why the sages chose it as such. And as Anne was trying to explain, she needed to access Whitley’s dreams and memories in order to find the right way to make a point.

    My exploration of soul anatomy has revealed that thinking in terms of time, space, and everything related (direction, volume, etc) needs to be suspended in order to develop a full understanding of where we spring from. This is not easy.

    When Anne first passed away, I felt like I was in contact with her. I was at a point in my spirituality then where I felt I needed to ask her if the gods – specifically the Netjeru – were real.

    Her answer has stayed with me to this day, and is brilliant: she answered “If you know where to look”.

    Whitley: regardless of what you think your mission is you are a living icon of the literary field and you shouldn’t forget that. Your writing is sublime and that talent shouldn’t be underestimated.

  11. This was beautiful. Thanks Whitley and Anne. Really resonated and touched my soul when I read it this morning.

  12. Whitley has never been a failure, he taught me and many others. What a psychic friend told me was to stop reading and observing all the material and to participate in it.

    That piece of advice changed my life.

  13. In the cam clip the moth presented as three moths one above the other . It can be described as a optical effect of the camera but is it really ? Or was that the intent ?

    You can not UN-love and Anne can not ether , you both are joined to form the third , a new future of discovery . Where the moth was , where the moth is , and where the moth is going . Three views of the one that both of you have become .

  14. Her recent statements reminded me so much of Jane Roberts and her Seth material – or perhaps Seth and his Jane Roberts material then.. 😉

    I’d love to feel more of that cradling protection.. I do when higher energies come down coating my “higher being bodies” during inner work or just uninvited (but most welcomed). But the fact is we live in a rather dour reality, Afghanistan and all.. very dour. Gurdjieff’s “spiritual cynicism” seems more appropriate perhaps.


  15. Once again, I missed Anne’s Diary when it first came out! Whitley, you posted that drawing of Anne before, and the story behind it, but now I can’t find it.

    I am one of those people who have tried to contact her, but in a more fleeting way, by talking to her when I’m alone. I asked her why I am afraid to go through a nasty med taper again, and suddenly I am not needing to take the recommended dose every single day.

    I see white moths almost every day, even in large groups. They often come during times of deep depression and even swarm around me. If I see one, I always say “Hi, Annie!”

    I love that a spirit (or two) is holding me, and that I may have more than one body (life?). This helps my self-esteem tremendously and will help banish any fleeting future suicidal thoughts. I have a big responsibility!

    I’m curious. You said Anne had reincarnated as a small boy, but you only mentioned this once in passing. Is she in many different forms?

    Thank you for the beautiful diary.

  16. Author

    I think this diary casts reincarnation in a new light. Remember, “I’m not Anne anymore but I’ll always be Anne for you.” This means that the body that was Anne is now part of the soul that originally projected it into time. Anne has not reincarnated as the child, but rather the soul that created Anne has now created this child. This is why Anne is still around. The soul not only created Anne, but IS Anne now, and Anne IS the soul. This probably goes back a long time, and there are many others in this soul besides Anne. The soul aspect of human life is much, much larger than we’ve previously thought.

  17. Some are beginners and some are masters . Some are beyond the school and have completely become The one . The ones that have achieved it are rarely returned but when one is , all the earth feels it .

  18. Whitley, that is such a beautiful and profound explanation to my question. I understand it completely, which is saying a lot for me. Thank you! I am so very excited about this particular idea of Anne’s, and everyone’s, soul. I am feeling great hope for this physical life I can see. I dearly love my dreaming life and who I am in it, too. What is odd is that is always dimly lit or nighttime there, but very beautiful.

    I also think that maybe we are also part of the same soul?

  19. Mr. Streiber
    You have made a difference in many ways. When I was young and unaware of your work outside of fiction, your novel Nature’s End was a large part of what set me on a now 25 year vocation in environmental work. I think to portions of that book frequently and have over the course of my life. It was only recently that I became aware of the Phenomenon and your work in this area. Those books have also been transformational for me, woven into my memory of that Nature’s End.

  20. Whitley, Your writings have meant a great deal to me. Wisdom is a fractal seed that grows…

    I found the concept that words have already been spoken and now communication must be symbolic, images and sound, to touch us deeper. Anne sought symbolic communications. Ideas and wisdom transcend words. That said, we are creatures of words and so keep writing. Often there are higher patterns and symbolic wisdom in words beyond their linear topography. let it flow…

  21. Author

    It’s good to hear these words. I have a definite tendency to focus on what I have not yet accomplished rather than what I have. That’s why Anne used to call me Eeyore.

    I believe that focusing on success makes you more productive, so I’m going to try to do more of that. And I have indeed done something fairly unusual, which was to initiate mass contact with the book Communion.

    I have also stayed with it and evolved it, at least for those of you who participate here, into a method of exploring communication with the visitors and our own dead, and sometimes getting connected.

    Thanks for the very heartening comments I am seeing here.

  22. I keep thinking of the image of the pebble dropping in the water, creating ripples that go far and wide.

  23. Hi Whitley.

    I find myself wondering whether I have had a quiet visit from Anne as well. I can’t say I’ve seen moths, or any other symbol specifically linking me to her, except that something very interesting and energetically positive happened to me in early October 2015, which has continued to this day. It’s the timing specifically which makes me wonder if Anne had some input into this.

    I was involved at the time in an online community dedicated to research on a particular historical aspect of the UFO mystery, and was feeling full of fear and distrust because of the conspiracy overtones around the subject and the suspicion and divisions among the group of people working on it. The deep fear around the subject in my case goes back to the mid-1980s and to 1986 in particular – a year in which as a young teenager I experienced a deep sense of paranormal horror around UFOs, which was only amplified by seeing Communion in stores the next year.

    Anyway, in October 2015 I put out a kind of prayer for assistance to whoever might be listening, in the form of a hastily constructed piece of artwork, and I felt like there was a strong inner response. My mood around the subject of UFOs and the paranormal began to change greatly from that point on, and a kind of artistic collaboration with what I consider to be “unseen helpers” inside my subconscious also began which has continued to this day. The seed of art in my mind grew and developed over five years into both an exciting creative exercise and a positive and hopeful story, and one of the characters in the story has resonances with Anne.

    I suppose nothing in my story could specifically be called “proof” that this was an Anne encounter except that, looking back, whatever it was that triggered this deep and hopeful change in my perceptions happened a month after Anne’s death. So while I don’t know for sure that whatever changed in me for the better at that time had a link to Anne… I wonder, and I hope.

    Regards, Nate Cull

  24. Author

    When she was young, Anne aspired to be an artist. She had tremendous knowledge of art and took a great joy in at all. I sit here in an apartment full of art that Anne bought, paintings full of fun and wonder.

    I doubt that you could’ve known of Anne’s love of art, but it would seem that she knew of yours. Enjoy her. That’s why she’s here still.

  25. Dear Mr. Strieber: I note Anne’s description of teaching people through dreams, and how subtle and difficult it is. My dreams are extremely important to me. That is what I would like to do in my afterlife– guide people through dreams.

    When I heard of this offer, I asked Anne to teach me. A couple days later, I had a dream where, on a chaotic bus filled with refugees, a woman was trying to teach me a method of journaling that would invoke synchronicity in your life. I don’t remember what she looked like, or I never saw that, but I know she was a woman.

    Do you think that could have been Anne? Did she journal herself in life, or teach journaling? Just wondering. Thank you.

  26. Author

    Anne’s diary on the website was her journal. Her near death experience took place in what seemed to be a bus station. She was also a great student of synchronicities

  27. Whitley,
    I am compelled to write. “We are the oldest, and we are the youngest. We live here and we live there. The longer we live here the more we forget about there. The other’s have come to remind us who we actually are, to reconnect us with there and here. Our existence in all space has created a paradox. We can reunite with us and the paradox will heal. Remember, We are the Oldest, and We are the Youngest. There is no Time.”
    Peace and Balance,

  28. Oh my goodness Anne, thank you so much for this message to Whitley. With your explanation and Whitley’s video of the small statue representing the soul has really brought intense feelings of comprehension to messages I received last summer. The feeling of being protected by someone or something has followed me my whole life. Its possible I know who one of them is and may have met them in person a couple years ago while I was in the hospital. It was truly unexplainable but one of the most loving feelings I have ever felt. I am so happy you are still able to be there for Whitley as my messengers are there for me.

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