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You have probably never heard of the Mojave Incident–until now. An hours long, conscious abduction event researched at a very high level. One of the most amazing shows in Dreamland’s history.

Some years ago Elise and Tom Gifford had a phenomenal close encounter. They were both wide awake and side by side during the first hours of the experience. There followed a day-long encounter of great terror and power, during which they were made to relive the most difficult and intimate experiences of their lives.

Through author Ron Felber, who first heard their story from a mutual friend, they were diagnosed and evaluated not by UFO hypnotists, but at a prominent psychiatric institute. They were also given polygraphs. The verdict reached at the institute was the same as that reached by famed Harvard Psychiatrist when interviewing other such witnesses: they believe that this happened to them. It was no fantasy and no lie.

Prepare yourself. Listen. Learn. Wonder.

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  1. Wow, fantastic show. I gotta
    Wow, fantastic show. I gotta get this book! My heart really went out to you, Whitley at one point. Thanks for the Goosebumps… I think.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I think that the absolute
    I think that the absolute terror invoked was intentional so that Tom could experience what it feels to be “the hunted.” Perhaps a set-up to sample primitive actions and emotions.
    I wonder if Tom still enjoyed “sport” hunting afterward? I can only hope that the experience helped him evolve his empathetic capacity.

  3. If what was relayed to Ron
    If what was relayed to Ron from the Giffords is correct, then maybe the beings that abducted them are also exploring the capacity for love and compassion. What drives these feelings, and how can they be evoked in a human world that often prefers the easy route of warm, fuzzy, and cute? What does it take for us to be accepting of an alien presence when we still struggle with things like race and bias in so many areas of our day-to-day lives? Which deserves our love and compassion: The kitten sitting in your lap purring with contentment, or the tiger stalking its prey? That answer is really easy, but are we there yet as a species?

    Take humans out of it and just think about other living things in our world. Are you able to feel enough love for a spider to not squash it just because it’s there and frightens you? If you find a gecko scurrying across the wall in your living room, do you scream and run for the hills, or do you gingerly scoop it into a jar and place it outdoors?

    Can you actually look in your own mirror and feel love for what you see, regardless of the bad hair day, a thick waist, and even signs of your own aging and mortality?

    The opposite of love is fear, and we have to get past one to get to the other…And ‘death’ is in the equation too.

    The Giffords appear to have experienced an encounter with a few new twists than some we have seen in the past, including pinching themselves! Much food for thought in this interview…

  4. Whitley and Ron Felber. For
    Whitley and Ron Felber. For me, this week’s interview, ‘An Unknown Abduction Event Skillfully Researched’ was very disturbing. I feel Elise and Tom to be totally honest in all that was shared and I was grateful for the information; it just seemed such an injustice to this young couple and pretty much paved their future.

    I have been thinking about this interview for a few days and would LOVE to have other subscribers give their own ideas as to what they think happened in the Mojave Desert that night. For me and after thinking about it, this is what came to mind…..

    Something similar to the STAR TREK HOLODECK. Sound nutty? I would like to hear other IDEAS?????

    (They were installed aboard starships, space stations, and at Starfleet institutions for entertainment, training, and investigative purposes).

    Youtube clip…..

  5. Wow. What a fantastic
    Wow. What a fantastic interview. Whitely, you are such a powerful story teller, combine that with great interview skills and a very compelling author with research integrity and I am just blown away. While listening I was able to access some deep spaces in my psyche particularly with the discussion of visitation as a way of preparing our progeny for what is to come. Is this part of the evolutionary cycle? Having had an encounter with my siblings as children, I say yes. Having had an encounter with my son when he was a small child, again I say yes. I think this could be evolutionary. What are the ways I separate myself from the “experience” and the reverse, how do I know when I have surrendered to it? Awesome material to work with! Thank you.

  6. All the floods and trash
    All the floods and trash flooded into our oceans now and some believe this has no effect on climate, me mystified terrified yet many think all ok. How to find peace within is why I come here and PAY for the blessing. Seek and find or be your demography, this is our choice.

  7. This one hit very close (too
    This one hit very close (too close) for me – I feel tears coming from old memories – missing time and much more…. I’m 69 now – I was 15 then – Michigan – the 3’s are very important. The “weave” indeed indeed. Everyone here is part of it. We the subscribers to this wondrous place in cyber space at least have some place where we can “talk” and not feel so all alone. That is the true gift that Whitley and Anne have provided – we aren’t alone, you and I….

  8. I read Ron Felber’s book,
    I read Ron Felber’s book, “Mojave Incident” this weekend and I’m very open-minded to the idea that something quite “real” is happening and that we don’t understand it very well. (I already felt that way before hearing about the Giffords’ experiences.) I’m going to be digesting the specifics of the book and the Dreamland interview for some time, without question, but an initial big question that formed for me is, “If whatever these beings are have been here potentially since the beginnings of Earth, at least, which Mr. Felber’s book and many other experiencers (down through history, actually) have remarked is likely the case, why do these “watchers” claim they need to perform these actions/studies in order to understand human beings? Using the abilities and/or technologies they possess, over thousands of years, wouldn’t they know humans pretty damned well by now? If you take any human being through his/her memories of their life experiences, you are going to see similar emotions displayed in each of us, aren’t you? How many thousands of years and generations of humans do you need to “torture” in order to “understand” human emotions, even if you aren’t wired with emotions yourself? Something about that explanation just doesn’t make sense and I’m inclined to disbelieve it. And what’s up with the mining-type operation? As a former Mormon convert who was actively involved for many years and with access to LDS temple rites, etc., that part of the Dreamland interview and Mrs. Gifford’s remarks about God under hypnosis are also very interesting to me, considering the direct Mormon connection to God being a literal extraterrestrial from another planet foundational beliefs, as well as the church founder’s documented involvement in occult practices. As Whitley, Anne and others have remarked many times, there is no clear distinction, apparently, between the subjects we call “aliens/ETs” and spirits/souls and something/some being we call God. Cruel-to-be-kind is such a difficult concept for me to get my head around. Gratitude to the Giffords for being willing to share their experiences and for the author and of course, Dreamland and Whitley for creating the means for us to know about it. Lots of food for thought, to say the least! ~w.

  9. We ‘talk’ alot about what is
    We ‘talk’ alot about what is going on ‘out there’ we care and we share and we bare and then we compare. What happens NEXT?

  10. As always, Whitley, you knock
    As always, Whitley, you knock it out of the park- another great interview! I have a question- If the couple had a clear memory of everything that happened, why the need for hypnosis? I was partially hypnotised when I was 15 and my cousin took me to a supperclub where the hypnotist was the entertainment. Even though I am 65 now, I can still remember very clearly the vulnerable and suggestive state I was in. The hypnotist had me take a bite of half a lemon, telling me it was chocolate. I was told that I was a dog and was to bark, which I did. I did not go through the audience selling invisible newspapers, as I and the 4 other subjects were told to do, I came out of the trance at that point. {the audience LOVED it.} There is a HUGE margin for abuse with hypnosis. Don’t mean to get on a soapbox, just wanted to share my experience…thank you

  11. WonderFull’s comments pretty
    WonderFull’s comments pretty much express my own feelings about the Giffords’ experiences. Whitley, your interview has been on my mind ever since I first listened to it, and I keep asking myself – if this story is true, why are these alien beings torturing humans in this way? It’s certainly not the first time I’ve read or heard of anything similar to this (I read your book Communion many years ago and have read many others’ books since), however, this couple’s experience seems to have taken ‘the visitor experience’ to a completely new and terrifying level. Once again, if this story is true, I can understand why the couple sought solace in an organized religion. I honestly don’t know if I care to read the book or not. Perhaps I’ll gather up my courage and eventually do so.

  12. a completly different model
    a completly different model of existence or at least a totally different perspective. Try the triad: the active , the passive , and the reconciling! It works!

  13. thunderandlight
    The threesome

    The threesome you prescribe is only an antidote for a quick fix.

  14. Extreme examples, I know, but
    Extreme examples, I know, but just take a peek at some of the experiments that human beings have done in the name of science:

    When I was a little girl, I remember reading an article about a researcher that separated a monkey’s brain from its body and kept it alive for while. All I could imagine was the fear and terror that the monkey experienced and I found it horrifying and a nightmare.

    What if these beings are getting their ideas from us? As the old saying goes, “People in glass houses should not throw stones.”

    Maybe when we clean up our act, the visitors will too.

  15. C.L.
    Yes. I do agree with

    Yes. I do agree with you. All This Monkey Business Must Stop!

  16. I immediately read the book
    I immediately read the book and found it excellent as was the interview. I was struck by many things but as I told my husband about it last night he remarked: funny timing as I watched a movie on tv last night about a beautiful great big woman who was really an alien. I then remembered Elise saying something about the media being part of the weave…..

  17. Wonderful show. It’s
    Wonderful show. It’s important to share the range contact Experience; it’s not all so easy, or fun to digest. There lies so much emblematic, surrealism we are forced to communicate through with Other Life Forms. Could it be that until we master and break free of the Matrix and claim/evolve our SovereignSouls we will continue to be addressed and spoon fed through ‘terrifying’ encounters?

  18. Why was their last name Hess
    Why was their last name Hess in the TV version that I saw last night?

  19. Are the Giffords the ones in
    Are the Giffords the ones in the Mojave Incident? In a newer interview, Felder is referring to them as Hess.

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