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Sonia Barrett has been on Dreamland and Revelations a number of times because of her articulate advocacy of the idea that universe is holographic. Now, this outlier of an idea is entering the mainstream as scientists begin to seriously consider that it might be true

Sonia returns with new and powerful information about the reality of the matrix and our place in it. Are we part of a great machine from which we can never escape? Or is there a way to live that leads to freedom? Listen as Sonia describes her latest thinking and research on these burning—and now mainstream—questions.

Explore Sonia’s past appearances on Dreamland and Revelations. She is just exceptionally articulate on this strange and powerful subject, which comes down to this: are we, in our natural state, conscious or not? And if not, is there anything that will enable us to become masters of our own destiny?

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  1. As far as the creation of AI
    As far as the creation of AI is concerned, I think it is just part of human nature to attempt to understand and replicate what is seem in nature. My interest for our future is the point at which one of our own creations becomes conscious…for the time being, I think this is more of a philosophical question, as how can it be proved?…and does true consciousness involve the attachment of a soul…or does it naturally evolve as a function of complexity?

    SPOILER ALERT…I am reading the second season of a book called “The Beam”, where our initial creation of networked intelligent nanobots, starts to expand beyond our control and understanding when they begin to design and create new versions of themselves. This intelligence and its associated communication links are then used as the basis of a pervasive, highly advanced version of the Internet called “The Beam”, which unbeknownst to its users has developed a consciousness of its own. Also there are different ways to interact with the Beam – some are purely technological but others are enhanced by drugs and are more akin to a trip…the question being whether interfacing with the beam in this more dreamlike / DMT-steeped way, separates one from reality, or actually assists the understanding of our true nature and potential. Is the bright light the end of a dark tunnel, or is it a train steaming our way? …an exciting yet scary future!

  2. I am finding it very
    I am finding it very difficult to concentrate on the information that Sonia is imparting, due to the audio quality being so poor…it seems to be constantly cracking on high(ish) volumes and indeed has been like this for the last few interviews. I will just try to be patient and wait until Whitley manages to sort it out…in the meantime I will use these episodes as an exercise in concentration and focus!

  3. It’s like Michelangelo trying
    It’s like Michelangelo trying to create ‘The Pietà’ using a sledgehammer.

  4. I love Sonia Barrett’s belief
    I love Sonia Barrett’s belief that we ARE SpiritIn[body]Form. I agree. As a Black women of this community since AM radio Dreamland, I get excited when a Black guest is interviewed. However, the show summary description of her “articulate advocacy” immediately caught my attention.

    Though no community of people is monolithic, ‘everyday’ Black people hear ‘articulate’ as dog whistle for ‘that person’s different from typical Blacks; they speak the King’s English well.’ While I believe NO slight was intended, it likely was subconscious (as we are ALL products of our environment).

    As we continue this phenomenal, exciting journey together, can I accurately say we’re ALL deprogramming ourselves from the negative impacts of our various environments? That’s what disentangling ourselves from the matrix is all about. When the veil is fully dropped, we are ALL SPIRIT, ALL ONE. I appreciate my UC community members who took the time to read my post, respond and even engage me on my observation.

    As a sidebar: Are the Message Boards still active or is Facebook our new salon?

    Care, share and be fair ~Lynne McTaggart

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