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One of the very rarest things that we see in the close encounter experience is a witness who actually has verifiable evidence of his claims. Such a witness is Paul Sinclair, this week visiting Dreamland for the first time, and talking not only about his own experiences, but about the extensive research he has done into some very eerie and disturbing events in the region of England where he lives. This is unique, absolutely fresh and new programming. You will never have heard anything like it before. And when, in the second half of the show, he gets into what his research has uncovered, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for one very, very memorable journey into some deeply hidden information.

The photo below is one he took of a UFO. We have analyzed it and can find no evidence that it’s a computer graphic or anything except what it appears to be, a genuine unknown–although that, of course, does not answer the question any more completely.


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  1. Some of them pics are similar
    Some of them pics are similar to ufos I’ve seen star like object by eck proper Yorkshire lad

    1. What pics?
      What pics?

  2. Paul Sinclair seems like the
    Paul Sinclair seems like the genuine article–forthright and unaffected. I like listening to that pure Yorkshire accent, too.

  3. I’m intrigued by lots of
    I’m intrigued by lots of things in this interview, not the least of which is that the witness to these extraordinary events is not only a man of Scots descent, but also has the last name ‘Sinclair.’ If Paul is part of the family line that traces from Henry I Sinclair, Earl of Orkney and down to William Sinclair (Rosslyn Chapel), he has a remarkable family tree. Paul Sinclair appears very sincere and down-to-earth, and not someone to put on airs or be interested in long-dead ancestors, but maybe there is some family connection that he is not aware of that he should explore in light of his own life experiences and incidents of high strangeness.

    I also find that the odd man that Paul met on the road told him, “You bring the light.”

    Is Paul a Mason, or is anyone else in his family affiliated with Freemasonry?

    Lux e Tenebris
    Latin, meaning Light out of darkness. A motto very commonly used in the caption of Masonic documents as expressive of the object of Freemasonry, and what the true Freemason supposes himself to have attained. It has a recondite meaning. In the primeval ages and in the early mythology, darkness preceded light. “In the thought,” says Cox, “of these early ages, the sun was the child of night or darkness” (Aryan Mythology I, page 43).

    So lux being Truth or Freemasonry, and tenebrae, or darkness, the symbol of initiation, luxe tenebris is Masonic truth proceeding from initiation. A Lodge at London comprising Brethren devoted especially to the welfare of blind persons has been given this appropriate name.

    – Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

  4. That Sinclair connection is
    That Sinclair connection is very interesting. I will ask him.

  5. Peace and blessings to
    Peace and blessings to Whitley and his testament to Anne’s strength and journey of enlightment regarding the Visitors. I will forever be grateful to Dreamland/Unknown Country for my awakening. Thank you Anne–and Whitley– for 15 years of truth and reality, which inspired my grandson’s sobriquet:
    TURE (pron. TOO-ray)–Truth within the Universe > REality.
    Anne shared her life with us and left a compassionate, down-to-earth legacy that will continually enrich my soul.

  6. I think Paul is right about
    I think Paul is right about the phenomenon being associated w/the location — and the strong possibility that it is a Bermuda Triangle type location — similar to the area in southern France. I think the reference “you bring the light” is referring to truth and healing.

    These kinds of areas seem to have powerful, natural, re-occurring portals. Not surprising that UFOs and other explained phenomenon occur in these places — either getting dumped there or just “passing thru”. These portals can be manipulated to attract both/either energies for good or for evil. This is why both Satanic type cults and groups like the Cathars are attracted to these kinds of areas. As for missing people — I think that a) people get sucked into a portal at one point and spit out at another (such as walk into one in the woods and walk out into the ocean) and, b) there are predators that traverse the portals looking for prey. This is why it is good/important to try and “heal” areas that have been desecrated thru evil acts and intentions. I used to take my recorder (a kind of flute) and play it during my walks w/my beloved Sheppa (now deceased) in the urban wood areas near where I lived. I came across some areas saturated w/evil doings and would play music w/the intention of healing. It worked. The energies which discouraged people from frequenting these places disappeared and the people and animals (and life in general) returned to these places.

    Natural portals seem to be a phenomenon that those who try to dominate/control our world do not want us to understand/accept. They smother the research that can lead to our understanding of these natural phenomenon, while at the same time pursuing technologies that create portals which they think they control much more than they actually do.

  7. Whitley and Paul, what a
    Whitley and Paul, what a marvelous interview.

    COSMIC…..Thank you for all the additional information…..I have NEVER been to Scotland but have always felt the magic when hearing the SCOTTISH ACCENT, reading articles or viewing photos…..

    There are numerous traditions and stories associated with the flag, most of which deal with its magical properties and mysterious origins. The flag is said to have originated as: a gift from the fairies to an infant chieftain; a gift to a chief from a departing fairy-lover; a reward for defeating an evil spirit. The various powers attributed to the Fairy Flag include: the ability to multiply a clan’s military forces; the ability to save the lives of certain clanfolk; the ability to cure a plague on cattle;

    Titania blessed the flag with powers which would manifest when the flag was unfurled three times. On the third time, the flag and flag-bearer would be carried off by an invisible being, never to be seen again.

    (IONA) Divine Dreamland…..A REALLY NICE VIDEO.

  8. Subscribers, the key to this
    Subscribers, the key to this starts at 50:00 into the interview. The man on the bench, did anyone notice Paul’s comment that at first the guy was sitting on a bench on a cold day with no shirt on. Now, when Paul returns he has ‘Some kind of jump-suit on’? Also, wrap-around sunglasses. We are not only being told a story but rather the experience is actually happening as we listen to this program.

    I believe what is going on is ‘meme creation’. Paul and Whitley are (unknowingly? well, not so much in Whitley’s part) involved in a perfect example of Jacques Vallee’s Control System. I feel this person on the bench was a hybrid and all of his statements centered around “You are bringing down the light; you must Stop!”. This is reverse psychology and the hybrid may actually mean the opposite.

    But more important is what is not said but rather inferred, and it is very subtle. I have been considering my own thoughts as I go about my day and I notice I am constantly evaluating and judging people I encounter. In summary, it’s like this:

    Person1 – “Wow, what a Hot chick!”
    Person2 – “Homeless guy, I wonder how he got like that. (probably his wife kicked him out for too much booze.)”
    Person3 – “Poor Guy, what a terrible scar he has, (maybe from a car-accident)”

    Now here is where the Control System activates, and like I said it is very subtle and shows a long-term program. What-if we start thinking:

    Person4 – Could this be a hybrid???

    Was it David Bohm or John VonNeumann who posited that there was a ‘trip-wire’ that once activated, would allow the cross-dimensional rift to open? This was based on our collective paradigm or concept of reality; if enough people start to consider that ‘They Are Here’ then maybe like a self-fulfilling prophecy, it will come true.

    As a quick thought-experiment, try looking at strangers and say to yourself “Could they be hybrids?” and see how your approach to them changes. This is how the visitors are educating us on a general level.

  9. You mentioned that the
    You mentioned that the majority of encounters have been among peoples of Scot/Irish, Native American, and African American cultures. It seems to me, all 3 of these cultures are among the most superstitious of all cultures. Its very possible those superstitions are based on fact, brought forward in time in the form of fables, stories, and ritual. Maybe they were all real.

  10. I’m missing this ‘extensive
    I’m missing this ‘extensive evidence.’ Where are these photos? I see one of something, unexplained/ambiguous.

  11. This one of the most
    This one of the most fascinating Dreamland interviews. Wide-ranging and insightful, Paul comes across as genuine and curious; a man on a mission to uncover some very real mysteries in his area. I was especially interested in his encounter with the mysterious stranger who kept telling him that he was bringing down the light and that he must stop doing this.

    Curious as to the possible meaning of the phrase “bringing down the light” I discovered that it is the title of a hauntingly beautiful instrumental by Robert Fripp and is also used by a eastern spiritualist called Mother Meera. An excerpt from a web site about her bringing down the light:

    “…by ‘bringing down the Light’ she means a particular activation of the inner Light that lies hidden in the depths of every human soul. Mother’s own divine Light acts as a catalyst that turns on our own inner Light, as if with a Divine switch, liberating it to shine into and illuminate all the levels of our being from the highest to the lowest….

    The Light contains all the Divine qualities: Love, Grace, Power, Bliss, Knowledge. . . Mother is simply telling us to allow ourselves to become open to it and receive its blessing. ….The more we open ourselves, the more we learn to allow the Light to shine through us, the more harmonious will be our individual lives and the whole of human life on Earth.

    The Light has never been USED before. Like electricity, it is everywhere, but one must know how to activate it.”

    Meera describes herself as an Avatar – someone who is bringing this knowledge to the world. I’m not an adherent of hers (never heard of her before today) but I’m thinking that maybe, in his own way, Paul Sinclair is doing the same thing. It seems as those some dark force is dwelling close to where he lives and exposing the disappearances and other strange phenomena is a way of doing that.

    Where can we find more of his photos or other materials referred to in this segment? I’m hoping to hear more from him.

    Edit: Many of Paul’s reports appear to be at this link

  12. Great interview with Paul
    Great interview with Paul Sinclair:)

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