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John Hogue has gone deeply into Hopi prophecy in his new book, and here he tells us some of the startling discoveries he has made, with special reference to the last blood moon of this era, which rises on September 28, a date when Christian fundamentalists, astrologers and many others are predicting great changes. But what does it all REALLY mean? Find out what John thinks in this terrific interview. And then go beyond and deeper with John, into rarely discussed Tibetan prophecies from 700 AD, and their chilling connection to the present era.

John Hogue’s website is To get Blood Moon, click here.

This program, recorded in late July, is the last one in which Anne Strieber participated.

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  1. Whitley,
    I just wanted to

    I just wanted to convey my sympathy for your loss. As you’re probably getting millions of people’s notes to tell you that Anne, though we only really knew her through you, is still watching over you, just from a different place. There is a Heaven and as a Jew, our Torah tells us that you CAN communicate with departed loved ones and friends and it says it 3 times. HaShem doesn’t usually repeat anything yet He says you can communicate with those who have departed before us. Jews are forbidden from contacting those who’ve departed, yet, the Torah tells us it can be done. THREE TIMES! Even most of the 10 Commandments are only given once.
    Stay as close with family as possible and strive to deal with what can only be an emotional nightmare at times
    May you and yours be Blessed and know that Anne is ‘upstairs’ with G-d and we will pray for you and yours even though Anne is still watching over you.
    Though I’m simply a subscriber, I wanted you to know you have a place to stay if you ever choose to visit Israel which is where we live.
    I am sorry for your loss.
    rob silverman

  2. There is much bright light in
    There is much bright light in you, my friend.

  3. The problem in Euramerica is
    The problem in Euramerica is a profound immaturity that’s been carefully cultivated by Western religion and governance. Euramerica is the reincarnation of Atlantis and enjoys the sense of false security and prestige Western religion and governments give to infantile believers.

    It took more than 100 years for Euramerica to accept the American Indian accounts of how Custer managed to lose every life in the battle of Little Bighorn in Wyoming. Archaeologists finally excavated the battleground in the 1990s after a wild fire burned the field and found the Indians’ accounts had been correct from the “git go.”

    Tune into Internet radio and bliss out with the ambiance of Atlantis and Rome reincarnated for another fun ride.

  4. I have never been a big fan
    I have never been a big fan of John Hogue, but there was a difference in his attitude this time around that I felt made for a much more interesting interview. In my opinion, this was the best interview with John in all of the years that I have listened to ‘Dreamland’. I think it is because much more of his true self came through, and less the erudite scholar, and also more warmth.

    The poems…Personal, lovely, and held deeply…’Forever and ever, Amen!’

  5. i once picked 3 major
    i once picked 3 major predictions by John Hogue. They were: some of the 2012 Olympic events would be rescheduled because of pollution in Beijing, Iran would attack the US by the fall, Hillary Clinton would win her party’s nomination and the presidency. 0 for 3. As it became apparent that Hillary was not going to get the Democratic nomination, Mr. Hogue hedged, but that was his original prediction.
    Regardless of his accuracy, his tone was off-putting. I agree, this time he is more palatable.

  6. Please would someone spell
    Please would someone spell the movie that Whitley & John refered to at the 57 minute mark?

  7. Koyaanisqatsi…. i, too am
    Koyaanisqatsi…. i, too am planning to watch it.
    John is a teacher and a scholar. He is quite learned and has much experience. I found this out years ago when i sent him a question, and he took the time to respond and answer in a few back-and-forth emails. He was kind and patient enough to answer my questions, and make suggestions where i might learn more. He exhibits a lot of humor as well. I think he really wants people to think for themselves, not just follow anyone or any idealogy blindly.
    Whitley and John are so comfortable together, and share so much similar background, in this Dreamland you get “the person” John. I am glad you did this, Whitley.

  8. I too am looking for the
    I too am looking for the movie you and John raved about and I’m coming up with nothing. Would you post the correct spelling? Koleonis Quotz (sounds like)

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