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There are dark energies abroad in our world. Why, for example, did Islamic Jihad start as soon as the Cold War

Was this just an accident, or is there somebody behind the scenes at work who has an interest in keeping our world in a perpetual state of conflict?

We go deep into the occult and demonic side of modern underground Nazism, moving beyond literally anything that has ever been discussed before as experts Joseph Farrell and Peter Levenda pool their insights.

Monstrous activities such as pederasty and occult child abuse are discussed. The Epstein Black Book, which is integral to that discussion, can be read here.

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  1. I was living in Omaha when
    I was living in Omaha when the Franklin Credit Union scandal started to unfold. It was surreal, and so far out of the scope of daily life in that area that it was hard to even grasp.
    This discussion sounds a lot like what Alex Jones has found at the Bohemian Grove, where he asserts that government leaders are coerced / invited into indecent sexual situations as a form of blackmail or control. I encourage anyone interested to check out his documentaries on the topic. If Jones is accurate, Bohemian Grove may be the functional execution of the root process these researchers have discovered.
    As an aside, I would add that, when the incidents on 9/11 occurred, George W. Bush disappeared into a specially designed fallout shelter just south of Omaha. Bush has stated that he always felt very at home in the area. Probably just a coincidence, but with his Bohemian Grove history, having one’s safe place in the home of Boy’s Town and the Franklin scandal gives one pause to think.

    1. excellent points Charles.
      excellent points Charles.

  2. I have to listen on big HQ
    I have to listen on big HQ external speakers or earbuds/earphones. Peter’s cell phone is unintelligible on laptop speakers.

  3. I found Ivana and Ivanka
    I found Ivana and Ivanka Trump in the Epstein document but not Donald.

  4. Whitley,
    is the school you

    is the school you are referring to, “The Secret School” that you wrote of? I have your book on that subject. It seems not, but not certain – The Secret School seemed to have existed in San Antonio (not in Mexico). Can you speak to this please – is there a linkage?

  5. this was a great show. It’s
    this was a great show. It’s weird but the week before this show i was thinking about an occult connection to child abuse too. Have you ever talked to catherine austin fitts about this stuff. Do you think pedophilia groups like NAMBLA or PIE (pedophile information exchange) were set up by the CIA or MI5 or get covert government funds?? Might there be NSA involvement in the child porn trade, how deep might the history of child porn really go?? Im also curious of there is any link to tantra and the child goddess concept like what we see in india.

  6. I looked up a picture of
    I looked up a picture of Jeffrey Epstein. He looks very much like a bit younger Jerry Sandusky. A story came out in the local Centre County newspaper regarding a sex ring but no one commented on it at the time. It would make sense why Sandusky was brought to trial with little allowed time for preparation. Makes you wonder what Gov Ridge was involved in. I really wish I had saved that article. Someone tried to open the can of worms to expose in the media and it was snuffed.



  7. surprised you did not know
    surprised you did not know about Jeffrey Epstein…he was all over the MSM about a month ago….


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