If you haven’t listened to this show yet, DON’T MISS IT, it is INCREDIBLE! Paul Eno is the popular co-host of the talk show “Behind the Paranormal”, where he examines multiple extraordinary cases of supernatural phenomena. This week on Dreamland, Paul joins us to talk about poltergeists, levitations and a unique take on what possession is – giving us a theory that goes far beyond the old religious belief in demons. Paul describes his own personal experiences with such strange apparitions (with multiple other witnesses), including witnessing and working with people who have levitated while being observed by him and by medical personnel.

Join Whitley and Paul as they travel through the multiverse, discussing the relationship between DNA and the paranormal, what ghosts think about God, and the ultimate source of “paranormal” effects. Do not miss this incredible presentation of a whole new vision of the nature of evil!


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  1. These interviews just keep topping each other! In this case there is confirmation that yours truly is not the square peg that my journey through life had left me thinking a large percent of the time. I can imagine there are many others out there feeling the same. Good to cozy up to this site where we likely feel most at home. Many thanks to you.

  2. I should also add that (personal opinion only of course) perhaps what is termed “paranormal” is truly just another facet of the Human Experience.

  3. The ancient Indians called these entities ‘asuras’ (anti-gods), and believed they lived in the (real or metaphysical) ocean. David Icke has similar theories about parasitical humans.

    1. david icke? please..keep david icke out of it-fuck david icke-my mother’s entire family were killed in the camps-they were a loving family of human beings-not shape shifting lizards

  4. Very interesting – thank you. I’ll start looking for the book now 🙂

  5. Good Lord, how does Mr Strieber and the DL crew keep doing it? Bravo. Wonderful guest, a guest jam packed with lived-in experience, peace found, moved on, kept on keeping on.

    Whilst initially not obvious, I was duly impressed to see this weekend’s offering from ‘toldinstone’ (a Roman period channel). Listening to Paul relate his experiences during Dreamland, I was stricken by mild feelings, albeit fleeting, of how often we feel abandoned by our cultural systems and then I thought of toldinstone. Just love this channel by Dr Garrett Ryan.

    It reminds me of both our impermanence and our readiness to give a name to phenomena. I really appreciated Paul challenging (on an inner level mostly) his ‘elders’ in what to think of many of these manifestations.

    Time and tide wait for none but we can still think for ourselves and move forward, despite the volcanic pyroclastic flow creeping into the kitchen..

    Dr Ryan’s channel:


    This week with chatting with Professor Bryan Ward-Perkins of Trinity College, Oxford.



  6. I’ve definitely had experiences with parasitic humans though most I think are not aware of how they affect the people around them. I can totally believe other beings or entities could possess the same abilities and be much more aware of how to use it to their advantage

    1. Totally. I call them “gobblers”. In fact, the whole social structure right now of the victim/tyrant game that blames and shames as well as the us-versus-them mentality is gobbling run amuck.

  7. This show was my favorite of all time! So much information that resonated with me. Have always leaned to the unusual from childhood to present day.
    Many ,many experiences of all kinds.
    This show just rang true to me!
    Thank you Whitley for all that you do!

  8. Brilliant! I am deeply impressed by Paul Eno and his decades of experience. I hope he is a frequent guest! I gained some more insight as well into the importance of keeping a light and bright heart and mind! My spiritual teacher always reminds us to stay positive, even “amidst the crash of breaking worlds,” and now I understand why more clearly!
    It’s a protection from low level Astral entities!

    1. Interestingly, it’s the same with psychedelics. They magnify any negativity, so detachment is vital. Which is also a (the?) central teaching of Asian spirituality.

  9. I’m intrigued by the statement that these phenomena are often associated with government-seeming officials, although they are not really government officials. Or are they? is it possible that they are agents of something deeper than government, a deep state if you like? Are there any arguments/evidence for or against this idea?

    1. You know, it’s a darned funny thing. When contact begins, so many people think it’s the Gvmt doing it.

      I wondered at first if I had had some kind of advanced mind control chip implanted! I chuckle at this primary assumption now, just as I chuckle at the value of my vote in national elections.. 0,0

  10. I have been listening as a free (loading) 🙂 Dreamlander for a while now and finally decided after listening to this session with the explanation of how entities feed on our fears and negative feelings, that I needed to get the full story each week. Thanks for including us on your amazing journey, Whitley. Sending you love and gratitude!

  11. I was lucky in my early metaphysical education that I went to a lecture by (and later befriended) the late David Hurst. Mr. Hurst was an ex Buddhist monk and teacher who spoke freely of his belief that all lives were simultaneous and that the belief or subscription to the idea of past lives had little benefit.

    I remember him quite clearly saying in one of his lectures at the Adelaide Theosophical Society Sunday evening presentations to “get off the wheel of karma and reincarnation”, and “the point of power is the present”.

    There weren’t a lot of others saying this at the time – except Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts (David was a big fan of the Seth material as am I) and frankly I don’t think he was invited back much thereafter!

    I loved listening to Paul echoing these ideas and it has to be said, also articulating ideas/theories of the “other” that were both intelligent and insightful indeed.

    The brief mention of the biblical Paul and his pagan version of Christ had an echo later in your show when the subject of the film The Exorcist was discussed. That film did an injustice to the deity Pazuzu – a Mesopotamian god ironically of exorcisms Himself. Portraying Him as an evil entity aligned to the Catholic canon with no reverence for how was actually perceived in Mesopotamia, I am sure the phenomena around the filming of the piece was that deity expressing His displeasure.

    This show really delivered, and I do hope that you ask the guest back on along with Jeff Kripal. That truly would be a great conversation to listen to.

  12. Important show for me, and very synchronous of course. Thank you.

    Paul Eno, thank you so much. Also Paul, please drink more water.

  13. Another great interview and I too hope for another interview with both Paul Eno and Jeff Kripal as guests interviewed together.

    Today in my e-mail, the Edgar Cayce thought for the day is about, “GOODNESS.”

    “Learn, or teach, or train the body – not only to be good, but be good for something. Let there be known there is a duty to self, and hope in service – for without service to another, one may gain little in this experience in life’s forces, for Life itself is a service.”

    ECRL 53-1

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    Please go back and try again or try a site search.” (Friday Afternoon Central European Time)

  15. This interview was fascinating and this hypothesis explains a lot of things like for example the necessity of sending out positive intentions to make contact and the importance of clearings/prayers to keep away from bad thoughts. It seems that the people of old were very much aware of that. Could it be that Jesus for example used positive intention to get rid of these parasitical beings and was therefore able to perform healings/miracles (like healers today)? Could the witches like shamans of other cultures have had an understanding of this and were able to navigate (or communicate with) the beings to people‘s benefit?

    Another thing that came to my mind when Paul Eno was talking about the frequent „overwash“ of similar worlds was the question if this could explain things like synchronicity and maybe even remote viewing. I have heard a remote viewer explain that the accuracy of viewings is generally higher for happenings concerning the past while future events seem to be more difficult to perceive. If similar worlds tend to „stick“ together they might share a common „past“ and then develop a different future like bubbles drifting apart after they stuck together for a while. Maybe remote viewers tap into these different overwashing worlds that are all happening in an eternal now and the ones with a similar past are somewhat closer. Because of the large number of probable „future“ outcomes, they are more distant (not sticking directly to us) in a sense and therefore not as easy to perceive. This many worlds theory also lines up with what other experiencers have come to believe. Debra Jordan Kauble for example also talks about this bubble analogy.
    Eno‘s „cosmic mosquitos“ are also pretty similar to the „bugs“ (that feed on negativity) that Tom Delonge talks about.

  16. This was a fascinating discussion between two men who have witnessed a lot and I think that one of these discussions will finally lead to us figuring out what this is all about.
    What I found interesting is that Tom Delonge talked about something really similar to the „cosmic mosquitos“. In the interview with SteveO Tom said there were beings from other dimensions that were feeding on fear and he called them „bugs“. Eno‘s hypothesis also explains how and why peaceful CE5/Hice contacts can be established by sending out positivity and why clearings/prayers are important. I also find it interesting that another paranormal researcher, Patrick Jackson, has also come to the conclusion that a lot of the phenomena are not explained by the traditional approach that involves the spirits of the dead. He has more of a nuts and bolts explanation that is featured in Ross Coulthart’s latest documentary.
    Eno’s concept of an “overwash” between different worlds or dimensions is not only interesting because it reflects theories by physicists but also because many experiencers claim similar things. Debra Jordan Kauble for example talks about connected bubbles as being the nature of our reality. Could this overwash explain things like synchronicities and remote viewing? One remote viewer stated that the accuracy for events in the past is higher than that for future events. If all worlds exist simultaneously in an eternal now maybe bubbles with the same/similar “past” stick closer together and are more easily perceived/accessed. Our future might be more difficult to predict because of the infinite amount of “future” possibilities. Maybe these bubbles are branched further out.
    I have no idea how common these negativity absorbing “aliens” are but could they be the reason for the miraculous healings in the bible as well as today? If people of old have known about these dynamics, could that be the reason why for example Jesus was able to heal (simply) by knowing how to repel these creatures with positivity? Could witches have had the knowledge to navigate these interdimensional “intruders”?
    Eno’s concept of god is also really compelling and logic in a way. If the creator has infinite power and love, the whole cosmos might very well be a multidimensional construct of infinite possibilities and outcomes.
    I really like being part of this community because of all these ideas I would never have encountered otherwise.

  17. I have been a subscriber of unknown country for years but never posted a comment until listening to Paul Enos web cast. It was Paul’s comment about these entities feeding upon you that got my interest. Back in 1985 I had a most bazar encounter while dropping an acquaintance off at her house. I to this day don’t know if it was a ghost, an alien or a Demond, all I know is that I had the feeling that I had to get out of there immediately. After not calling her back she called me to inquire why and then said “you saw it didn’t you”. When I asked her what it was she replied, “you don’t have to worry unless it decides to feed upon you”. Your guest comment about these entities feeding upon you reminded of that night.

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