Because we cannot see it, the power of sound is often overlooked; it is an intangible entity, difficult to imagine it as a force in its own right.
Yet, for those of us lucky enough to be able to hear, sound is all around us constantly, having an insidious, often imperceptible, effect on our behavior, moods and reactions. Sound can soothe and calm, enrage and incite, with these emotions being triggered by actual physical responses in the brain caused by various types of noise exposure.
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Researchers from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have created what they call “incredible levitation effects” by manipulating a natural law known as the Casimir force, which usually causes objects to stick together.

In the November 23rd Daily Telegraph, Roger Highfield reports that Ulf Leonhardt and Thomas Philbin hope to start by creating tiny machines with moving parts that levitate. If this works, they will try to move on to levitating larger objects, including people.

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