Following last week’s mind-opening interview with Andrew Collins, on this week’s episode of Dreamland with his co-author Greg Little, we go deep into the issue of how transdimensional intellligences have operated to change human civilization in the past, and how they are still at work.

Greg is an experienced psychologist, author and researcher with in-depth knowledge of a vast range of areas, including Native American mounds, metaphysics, plasma anomalies and the secrets of ancient knowledge.

Greg and Whitley discuss the secret relationship between the Native American peoples and the mysterious “others,” and the unforgettable story of Cheyenne shaman Lou White Eagle’s experiences with the so-called “little people”.

This show takes listeners on a rich journey into our forgotten past, part of which is still remembered by native tribes today. Greg and Whitley unravel the threads of time to look back at how the people of the deep past actually thought, and the hidden knowledge they had access to in order to make their miraculous feats of engineering possible.

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  1. So much going on in this conversation, I do not know were to start.
    My first observation was that Greg Little was one of the best listeners to Whitley’s questions I have seen in a long time.He did not play the one up game at all. A very thoughtful and knowledgeable fellow. The reason for his demeanor was answered in the last part of the show.
    I just want to add a couple of ideas.
    When Greg was describing burial practices of some Native American tribes he said they cremated the dead in a stone circle and then they pulverized the
    bones. That happens to to be a practice that Tibetan monks use.
    Lastly when he described the shamans being taken into the sky for a trip of enlightenment. My memory went to
    Matthew 17: 1-8, Mark 9: 2-8 Luke9: 28-35 and finally 2 Peter 1: 16-18.
    The Transfiguration of Christ.
    Thank you Greg, great author and guest. I think you sold 3 books that I absolutely have to acquire.

  2. Fantastic interview! one of my favorites this year. Just bought the book on Amazon, can’t wait to get it.

  3. This guy is a living legend. Fascinating interview absolutely loved it. Thank you.

  4. Goes a little too much into clichéd tropes about idealization of Native Americans and denigration of the lost/deluded/evil Westerners. Native Americans fought each other for control of territories and raided for captives before Europeans arrived – despite not having a “concept of land ownership”. Similarly, land ownership was hardly strictly a Western concept – feudal systems – where the nobility owned everything, including land – have existed in Africa, Asia, the Near East since at least the time of Babylon if not before. I find a bit of contradiction in those who lament how our species behaves but yet continue to indulge in its “ill-gotten” comforts.

    1. It’s part of the bizarre self-deprecating suicidal mentality of the current generation of Western Europeans and those of Western European heritage. And everyone else (whose ethics were rarely any better and sometimes worse) is only happy to take up the advantage and play along.

  5. I want to thank Greg Little and Andrew Collins for these two great interviews. There is a lot of information here that is new for me. If anyone wants to follow Greg Little and sometimes Andrew Collins, here is a website updated at the beginning of each month.

    Thank you Greg Little for mentioning Edgar Cayce. A few years ago, I was in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the birthplace and childhood home of Edgar Cayce. I went to see where (HE AND HIS WIFE GERTRUDE ARE BURIED) and to visit the Pennyroyal Museum where there is a nice Edgar Cayce exhibit.

    Much to my amazement there were news articles and illustrations depicting a UFO incident that happened on August 21, 1955. If I remember correctly, this was not part of the Cayce exhibit.
    Included is a short video.

    The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter-UFO Casebook Files.

  6. Who’s voice is at 12:26 or 12:27? And what did they say? Including where?

    1. I don’t hear an out of context voice. All I heard around that time was a discussion about an octagonal shaped mound in Alabama.

        1. One person’s bout of insanity, is another person’s skydive 😉

    2. Wouldn’t it be fun if you heard the voice of a trickster right about the time they were talking about tricksters? That would be a lovely piece of irony, would’t it? 🙂

      1. During one podcast, Whitley was talking about something the Visitors had communicated to him…and he said the word ‘circle’. The podcast time caught my eye, so went back and checked…Indeed Whitley had said the word ‘circle’ right at the 31.42 mark (as in π (pi) to 4 significant figures 3.142)…I thought that was pretty trippy!

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