Andrew Collins joins us on Dreamland to discuss recent findings relating to the evolution and history of shamanic practices, as depicted in his new book Origins of the Gods (written with Greg Little). He sheds light on the discovery that shamanic practice dates back over 200,000 years instead of the 20,000-30,000 years as previously believed, and also discusses the shamans’ relationship with the stars – in particular the constellation Cygnus, long thought to be the location of heaven and the source of powerful and strange radio and x-ray sources.

Whitley and Andrew explore the mystery of conscious plasmas, ancient gods and strange creatures, and their relationship to our origin, way of life, and evolution. Then Andrew describes his experiences at the famed paranormal hotspot, Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.
What secret did the past know about human consciousness?

Who really created us, and what is our destiny?

Listen to Whitley and Andrew tackle those enormous questions in this remarkable interview!

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  1. For me, this is one of the BEST interviews ever. Thank you, Andrew Collins and Whitley. I wish it could have gone on for another hour. So much information in this interview and being a subscriber, I was able to hear/view it all. WONDERFUL!

  2. This is one interview that left me wishing you did long-form 3 hour discussions! I would have willingly kept watching. Have him back soon?

  3. This was indeed an extremely fascinating interview. As I sat listening, I found myself rearranging thoughts in my mind, regarding the subject. I will listen again and sit down and write down my perspective. Having grown up in Texas, I find the conscious connection between those special places like Marfa and the Middle East intriguing. I’ve met so many seekers of knowledge,in my life, which planted the seeds of understanding in my mind. It begins to make so much more sense with every piece of the puzzle. As one friend put it, “it’s like layers of an onion”. The deeper you go the more concise the the answer. Thank you for this wonderful source of thought called Dreamland.

  4. Plasma being the impartial glove by which consciousness might enter is a new concept for me and find it very intriguing. I think this is how it was explained?

    1. Me To: very intriguing. There seems to be something in this way of looking at phenomena which do not seem be ET; or if ET, then so advanced that we cannot grasp them. Either way advanced beings or some other form of sentient entity might, through consciousness alone, manipulate space-time and plasma does seem like a fluid medium to work with.

      An Outstanding show.

  5. I can’t access this. No link to the interview appears…just the headline banner and written intro.

  6. Was there a change to the process for listening? I can’t seem to be able to find a way to listen to this podcast. It looks interesting.

  7. Large sections of the website are not accessible at the moment, not just this Dreamland podcast.

    1. I found that also when logging on with google, used Firefox instead and working perfectly

  8. Wheres the subscriber link for this podcast. previous weeks work but this one doesnt

  9. Author

    We’re still working. Should be back to normal shortly.

  10. Except in the video meeting room, the link to watch the recording of the “Anne Tyler Answers Experiencer Questions” is still missing. I wrote an email about it last week, but it’s still not been fixed. At least on my mobile. Haven’t tried from a PC yet.

  11. P.S. this interview is great! I look forward to next week’s part 2!

  12. Oh Wow!! Gone is my naive hope to have answers to these mysteries in my lifetime!! At least I have learned that “infinity” “forever” “eternity” probably is a reality…..or is it? Whitley I love this podcast and I have one question for you today. You remarked about being privileged to attend a “highly secret” First Nation’s Shamanistic event and could never divulge the happenings/visions/sightings etc that occurred. You said that is ordered by the “Beings” during the contact. So am wondering how is it that you are “allowed” by those Beings to divulge the highly strange paranormal contacts you have had/are having? Which reminds me I have to get another copy of Communion as regretfully I gave mine away years ago along with my UFO Collection.

  13. Earlier today I had a flash run through my thoughts of this scene from Superman. Perhaps ONLY because of the idea of Plasma still on my mind. The square looking glass with imprisoned individuals inside gave me an uneasy feeling.

    General Zod gets banished to the Phantom Zone | Superman – YouTube

  14. Great interview, Whitley. I was intrigued enough to purchase the book and in looking at the mysterious image taken at the Skinwalker ranch, the image of a Navajo Thunderbird instantly came to mind, and given that this was at one time land that they had occupied struck me as synergistic symbology.

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